Monday, August 25, 2014

Scribner & Dunkleman

Hey, it's Coleman!
Today's Show - 

Dante goes to see Sonny at his office. He tells Sonny about Lulu and Maxie being kidnapped. Dante says he wants his helping finding the girls. Dante explains that Levi was after Felicia's jewels. Sonny says Coleman could be involved based on things he's heard about jewelry fencing. Meanwhile, Ned and Olivia go to The Floating Rib for a drink after their movie date. They talk Bensonhurst, Lois and Connie in the old days. Olivia asks about Ned's youth so he brings up his affair with Monica. Later Coleman makes a appearance and tells Olivia he's filling in for Mac. He explains about Mac getting shot as well as Maxie and Lulu's kidnapping. Olivia can't believe it, but then Dante storms in and throws Coleman on the pool table. Dante demands to know what Coleman was up with Scribner & Dunkleman. 

Britt and Liz find Nik at the PCPD getting involved with the search for Lulu and Maxie. Nathan comes in and expresses his frustration over the situation. He and Britt take a moment in the interrogation room and Britt let's Nathan vent to her. Nathan tells Britt about his feelings for Maxie. Britt advises him to channel their mutta and not back down. Meanwhile, Liz tries to assure Nik that Lulu will be okay. He mentions that Britt spent the night with him at Windermere. After Britt makes sure Liz knows that she and Nik almost had sex. Later Nathan heads to The Floating Rib after getting a text from Dante. When he arrives, Coleman tells everyone that he wanted to make some money and didn't know about the kidnapping. At the end, Nathan and Dante take off in search of the girls and Olivia tells Coleman off.

Maxie tries to untie herself at the cabin where Levi is holding her. Then Levi comes in. Maxie demands to know where he took Lulu. Then Lulu and Agent Scribner arrive with groceries. Lulu manages to grab Levi's gun when he's not looking and points it at the guys. Maxie gets herself untied, but then Levi pulls out Scribner's gun and points it at Maxie. The boys get the upper hand and tie them up again. After Maxie cries to Lulu about how sorry she is and reminders that it's Georgie's birthday. She wishes that she listened to Nathan's warnings. Then Levi asks what their talking about. Maxie takes the opportunity to tease Levi about his poor performance in bed. Then Levi informs the girls and Scribner that he's got no intention of letting Lulu and Maxie go. At the end, Nathan and Dante find the cabin and are shocked at what they see inside.

At GH, Kiki and Michael discuss going to Ava's for dinner. Michael isn't thrilled with the idea, but says he will try for Kiki's sake. However, he's uncomfortable going to Ava's penthouse since AJ was shot there. Kiki feels bad and says they can cancel. Michael tells her not to and says he's ready face it and hopefully get closure. Meanwhile, Ava and Julian discuss her security at her apartment. Julian doesn't like Ava leaving alone, but Ava explains that she had to go shopping for supplies for her dinner with Kiki and Michael. Ava shows him a vial of Oleander that she plans to put in Michael's dessert. Later, Kiki and Michael arrive for dinner. Julian makes a polite exit and after they sit down to eat. Michael and Ava talk about her baby. Then AJ's shooting comes up. Ava apologizes for Carlos's actions. At the end, Julian goes to see Sonny and Ava brings out dessert for Kiki and Michael.

End of show!

Nice to see Coleman again, too bad he was the bad guy today. I use to love watching him with Skye back in the day!

Have a great night!

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