Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Robin's Back!

What are you doing here?
No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow!

From the ABC GH Blog:

Sam and Patrick are on a mission to find evidence against Nina at Crichton-Clark. Sam works on hacking into the computer records while Patrick runs into someone very unexpected...Robin!

Enjoy today's episode below!

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  1. Saw yesterdays episode. Didn't like the way it was written. Liz stayed at Wyndemere when she should have left after she dropped off Spencer. Nik should never have invited Liz, Cameron, and Emma to stay for ice cream at the expense of his son. Nikolas would never have done this. What were the writers thinking????? Spencer does not want Liz and Cameron in his life, he has made that known to his father, and why would he Liz doesn't care about Spencer if she did she would have suggested to Nik that they make the ice cream another time and allow Father and Son to talk. I do believe that Britt does really care for Spencer where Liz always puts her snotty, smirking, underhanded, brat first. Nik should try doing the same. I wish the writers would finally let that little brat Cameron get caught pulling his nonsense instead of always letting Spencer get caught. At least with Spencer and Josslyn what you see is what you get. With that little brat Cameron he is a liar and a sneak and tries to portray otherwise. I hope soon it will be Nik who catches the brat and sees what Spencer is talking about. This fan wants Nik to be back with Britt (who hopefully behave herself) and not with Liz. I don't think Liz loves Nik the way he cares for her and I think he knows this. Time to forgive Britt and let her clean up her act and let Nik, Spencer, and Britt be a family and let Liz and her brat Cameron (the sneak) go be with Rick. They all deserve each other.

  2. I'm hopeful Ric will be back when Luke returns and that he and Liz will reconnect!


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