Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Prize Pig

Help me!
In this episode Nathan gets over powered by a fake Aussie, Maxie continues to deny her feelings and Jason lives...sort of!

Today's Show - 

Levi points a gun at Nathan and demands he give him the Aztec necklace in his Haunted Star stateroom. Then Levi reveals that he's not really Australian and says he's been after Felicia's entire Aztec collection. Nathan tackles him and they start fighting and grappling for the gun. Later we see that is Nathan knocked out and tied up on the floor with a gag in his mouth.

Patrick and Sam discuss who's after him at her place. Sam tells him that she'll investigate the case for him, because they hurt her family by using Rafe. They talk about how they've been there for each other and Sam's failed relationship with Silas. Then Sam says she never got closure in Jason's death and sometimes she feels like he's out there somewhere. She talks a little about her history with Jason, but says she has accepted that Jason is gone. Patrick sees that Sam is getting emotional and they hug. After they talk about Robin's loyalty toward Jason. Patrick says his marriage to Robin is over and he's made peace with it. At the end, Patrick leaves and Sam looks at a picture of her, Jason and Danny.

Maxie and Lulu discuss Nathan in her dressing room at the Haunted Star. Lulu thinks that the news of Nathan's feelings should effect Maxie's desire to marry Levi. She makes Maxie look her in the eye and admit she doesn't care about him. When Maxie does she ends up saying, "I don't have feelings for Levi." Maxie gets frustrated with Lulu questions. Then Felicia shows up and interrupts. Later Felicia and Lulu head off to start the ceremony, but Maxie takes a detour. She knocks on Levi's stateroom door and asks if he's inside. She thinks of all her moments with Nathan, but decides to head off to the ceremony when she doesn't get an answer. However we see that the sound of her voice starts to revive Nathan inside. 

Much to Robin's dismay, Victor injects Jason with her new formula at the clinic. Jason's heart rate starts to drop and he flat lines. Victor thinks he's dead, but Robin tries to shock him back to life. Victor gets frustrated and has his security guards turn the power off when Jason doesn't revive. However, Robin sees on Jason's monitor that his brain activity is returning. After Victor decides he doesn't need Robin anymore and thanks her for her service. Victor explains that Jason is his prize pig and he just used Robin. She's outraged and screams at him so Victor has his men drag her out of the room. At the end, we see Jason's hands raise up from the cryogenic chamber. 

Felicia, Mac and Dante compare notes on Nathan, Levi and the Aztec necklace on the Haunted Star. Then Lucy arrives to officiate the wedding. After the immigration agent shows up to make sure everything is on the up and up. Felicia leaves to find Maxie and then Levi enters the room. Dante asks him where Nathan is. Levi says Nathan was out of sorts and wanted to make trouble regarding the wedding. Levi claims that he told Nathan to take a hike. Then Lucy notices blood on Levi's collar. Levi says he must have cut himself shaving. At the end, Nathan wakes up and struggles to free himself. Meanwhile, the wedding begins. Dante gets suspicious and excuses himself while Lucy reads Levi and Maxie's vows. Dante walks past Levi's stateroom and hears a noise. Nathan yells out to him for help.

End of show!

What are they calling Nathan & Maxie? Natie, Maxthan...can someone fill me in? lol

Have a great night!

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