Friday, August 1, 2014

Mutually Beneficial Arrangement

Let's work together!
In this episode Sam and Patrick team up, Ava and Fluke strike a deal and Franco learns that Spencer always gets what he wants!

Friday's Recap - 

Silas wakes up cranky at his apartment and wants Nina to explain what happened the night before. He doesn't remember much, but does recall Sam finding them kissing. Nina tells him that he just drank too much, but Silas thinks he can usually hold his liquor. She convinces him that he just over did it, but then Silas remembers that Sam was trying to tell him something. Nina says Sam is just having trouble letting him go. After she makes Silas feel better by playing strip poker with him, but Silas is uncomfortable so they decide on regular poker. After Nina shows Silas that she can stand up now.

Britt tells Nikolas at Windermere that she invited Brad over to pass flyers around at the hospital to find Spencer. Nik grows angry about Spencer being gone and says Britt is only one he can count on. Then Nik steps out leaving Brad and Britt alone again. Brad tells Britt they should find Spencer and end this to put Nik out of his pain. Britt agrees and Brad heads out. After Britt tries calling Spencer again. She leaves him a message and then turns around to find Nik standing there. Nik thinks she was talking to Nathan. At the end, Britt convinces him to take a nap and relax, leaving her time to find Spencer.

Spencer sneaks downstairs at Carly's place and watches Franco try to crack the password on Carly's computer. Spencer overhears Franco say that he's wants to find something on Sonny so he decides to confront Franco about his plans. Franco quickly realizes who Spencer is and that he's been missing. Franco is ready to call the police, but Spencer tells him to stop going after his uncle Sonny or he'll tell Carly what he's up to. At the end, Franco and Spencer agree to keep each other secrets and Spencer sneaks back up to Jocelyn's room.

Sonny surprises Julian at the art gallery. Sonny wants to talk about Ava and is confused at why Julian is helping her. Julian explains that Ava promised to help him bring Sonny down. Then Julian says he knows Sonny killed AJ and that he's looking for the proof. Sonny says there are many things he can do to Julian without killing him, since Danny may need his bone marrow one day. For example he can blow his knee caps off. Then Sonny has his goons steal some art work, tells Julian there's no where Ava can hide that he can't find her and leaves his gun before walking out.

Fluke is shocked to find Ava on the other end of his Skype. Ava quickly realizes that he's Julian's boss. Luke says Ava has no idea who he is and he's not the Luke Spencer she thought she knew. Ava's not pleased at the idea that Luke had wanted Julian to kill her, but decides to put that aside. She offers to strike up a mutually beneficial arrangement with him. Fluke wants dirt on Sonny, but Ava says they need to work together before she'll tell him. At the end, Julian comes home and Ava gloats to him that she just spoke with his boss.

Sam gets a visit from Patrick at her place. She invites him in and tells him about the fire at Alexis's place. Then Sam tells Patrick about the video footage she found proving someone was eavesdropping on her conversation with Silas about Patrick's operation on Rafe. Sam is convinced that Nina is responsible and tells him about finding Nina making out with Silas. They agree to work together to see what they can find out about Nina. At the end, they decide to go to the clinic where Nina first woke up to investigate further.

End of show!

Enjoy a sneak peak of Monday's show below!

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