Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mutta of the Year

All kinds of ways!
Quick Recap - 

Carly and Olivia chat about Sonny & Franco. Olivia apologizes for her outburst and Carly can't get Sonny off her mind.

Sonny gives Milo advice on his love life and career options. After Sonny delivers a pizza to Carly in Milo's place.

Dr. O has words with Nina about being her aunt and her mother Madeline. Franco saves Nina from Dr. O and after they get stuck on the elevator together.

Britt crashes lunch with Nik & Liz and gets Dr. O to call Liz into work. Later Nik offers Britt a place to stay.

Lucas, Brad & Felix make plans to hang out and decide to reconvene at Brad's place. However, Felix gets delayed and runs into Milo.

Levi and the immigration agent take Maxie and Lulu as hostages and shoot Mac! Then they escape the Haunted Star with the girl's at gun point!

End of show!

Enjoy today's episode below!

Have a great night!

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