Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jason Needs You

Too darn hot!
Today's Recap - 

Alexis want to know why Jordan confessed for Julian in Mickey's shooting. Alexis assumes it's because of mafia maneuvering and feels certain he's still in the business. Julian admits that he was never really out of the mob, but apologizes for lying to her. He's certain she still loves him and they start making out. Alexis can't resist and they end up having sex on Ava's floor. At the end, Alexis tells Julian that despite her love and attraction to him, she can't be with a mob boss.

Carly and Sonny have a chat about Morgan outside of the hospital. Carly tells Sonny that Morgan won't stay angry at him forever. Sonny continues to vent about what he did to AJ and how Michael will react if he ever finds out. Carly tries to comfort him and Sonny decides to kiss Carly. Nina happens to wheel by and see them. Meanwhile Carly pushes Sonny away and says she loves Franco and knows that he loves Olivia. Sonny says he saw Olivia kissing Ned which makes Carly realize that he was using her to move on from Olivia. At the end, Carly walks away insisting that Sonny respect her relationship.

Nina tells Silas at GH that she expects to be up on her feet in no time. Then Molly interrupts to talk to him about Sam. Nina excuses herself and after Molly asks Silas if there is any hope for he and Sam. Silas says he doesn't think so, but thanks Molly for being good to Rafe. Molly recounts the accident and remembers that Rafe said he was ordered to run Patrick off the road. She tells Silas about it. Silas wonders who would do that. Then Nina returns and they fill her in.

Patrick runs into Sam after saying goodbye to Robin at the clinic and they flee together when the alarms go off. They head off to Ryan's Pub to blow off some steam and compare notes on what happened. Sam fills Patrick in on her debacle with the perverted administrator, but he doesn't mention what happened with Robin or Jason's true death. At the end, Patrick offers to buy Sam dinner and a night on the town to make up for their failure at the clinic.

Victor Cassadine finds Robin upset at the clinic after Patrick took off. Robin tells him that she told Patrick that Jason is dead. Victor says they both know Jason's very much alive. Robin is devastated about the idea of losing Patrick, but Victor thinks she did the right thing. Victor is concerned about what Sam could find out. Robin assures him that Patrick will keep his mouth shut. Victor says he hopes so or else he'll have to arrange another accident. He admits to making Rafe cause the accident by telling him his mother may still be alive. Victor advises Robin to get back to work and says, "Jason needs you." At the end Robin talks to Jason/cryogenic chamber and tells him how much she hates what she's doing.

Ned, Morgan, Kiki, Tracy and Michael tell Alice about the lack of having a heart for her in her hospital room. Alice is ready to accept her fate and thinks it's time to say their goodbyes. Later they are interrupted saying their goodbyes by Mickey Diamond's sister. She tells them that she wants Alice to have Mickey's heart. Everyone is thrilled. At the end we learn that Sonny arranged to have a fake sister arrive to get Alice her heart for Michael and Morgan's sake.

End of show!

Steamy Alexis & Julian scenes!

Have a great night!

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