Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's Stavros Cassadine

I want a divorce!
In today's show Alexis demands Julian be honest with her, Shawn wants Jordan's body and Patrick feels it's time to end things.

Here's What Happened - 

Ned pleads with Monica over the phone at GH to get help for Alice. After he runs into Olivia who's carry a bag of food. She thanks him again for helping her when she was drunk. Ned replies, "What are friends for?" Then Olivia hands him the food so he can have a good meal while waiting at the hospital. Then Ned says that things don't look good for Alice. Olivia tells him not to give up hope, but Ned feels like it's his job to take care of the family. Olivia hugs him and Sonny happens to walk by and see them. He decides to eavesdrop on their conversation. When Olivia notices Sonny, she decides to grab Ned and kiss him. Then Sonny approaches them and offers his condolences for Alice, then he walks off. After Ned realizes that Olivia wanted to stick it to Sonny and says he's happy to help.

Sam gets in trouble with the Crichton-Clark administrator for trying to hack into his computer. He's ready to drag her off to the police, but Sam pleads with the administrator to take pity on her with sweet talk. Sam asks if he'll authorize her to look at Nina's files and asks if there is anything he wants in return. Sam offers him money and says she'll fatten his wallet. The admin says, "I'd rather you fatten something else." He says she can have access to Nina files in exchange for sex. Sam's not interested and knees him in the groin. The admin calls out for the security guards to come so Sam runs out.

Julian calls Jordan to find out where he stands in Mickey's shooting from Ava's apartment. Jordan assures him that he's in the clear and then hangs up on him. After Alexis stops by to see him. Julian wants to hold Alexis, but she only wants to talk about his mobular activities. She asks if he killed Mickey Diamond for what he did to her house. Julian tries to deny it, but Alexis screams that she knows he's lying to her. Alexis tells Julian that Mickey approached her at the hospital shortly before her house burned down. At the end, Julian finally admits that he killed Mickey and says he will kill anyone who tries to harm his family.

Jordan gets a visit from Shawn at the art gallery. Shawn wants to talk about Mickey Diamond. He doesn't think Jordan really killed Mickey and asks what's really going on. Jordan says Mickey got physical and she had to protect herself. Shawn doesn't believe her so Jordan claims she went to Mickey for career advancement. Then Jordan claims she never got out of the business and asks if Shawn is having fun with this dance their playing. Shawn backs her up against the wall and says he just wants her to be honest about her feelings toward him. Jordan admits that she has feelings for him and then they kiss. It leads to sex on the floor of the gallery.

Morgan and Michael chat outside of Alice's room at GH about her chances. Michael has his doubts about Alice's survival, but Morgan refuses to believe she won't live. Then Sonny walks up to them. Morgan gives Sonny a chilly reception, but Michael gives Sonny a quick update on Alice's status. Sonny offers to help if he can. Morgan tells him to go back to Ava and when Sonny won't leave, Morgan storms off instead. After Michael and Sonny have a heart to heart about Alice. Then Sonny says Ava isn't living with him anymore. Later Morgan returns when Michael is alone. Michael tells him that Monica called and they still don't have a heart for Alice. Then Michael tells Morgan that Ava isn't living at Sonny's anymore. Morgan says he doesn't care and can't forgive Sonny. Michael advises Morgan not to give up on Sonny. At the end, Ned shows up and says they need to prepare to say goodbye.

At Crichton-Clark Robin tries to stop Patrick from entering a private door, but he bursts in anyway. He stumbles upon a cryogenic chamber and asks if Jason's inside. Robins hesitates at first, but then finally tells Patrick that it's not Jason, it's Stavros Cassadine. She goes on to say that Jason died. Robin explains that she tried a procedure on Jason to bring him back to life, but it didn't work and all his organs shut down. After Patrick asks why she hasn't come home. Robin replies, "I'm here, because I want to be here!" She claims her research could be ground breaking and it's too important to give up. Patrick doesn't like what he's hearing and feels like there is nothing left for him to do. Robin asks him for more time, but Patrick says he thinks they need to get a divorce. Robin says she loves him, but it's too late for Patrick. He says goodbye and wishes her good luck with her corpses.

End of show!

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