Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm Sabrina

Crichton-Clark blues!
In this episode Spencer is found, Franco and Nina flirt about their secrets and Patrick finds something of interest at the clinic!

Today's Show - 

At the park, Jocelyn and Cameron bond. However when Emma comes over to talk about Spencer, Jocelyn gets snippy with her. Jocelyn calls Emma self-centered and then lets its slip to Cameron that she knows Spencer didn't run away because of Emma. Cameron gets Jocelyn to confess to him that Spencer is at her house. She begs him not to say anything, but then Liz walks up to them with Emma. Liz wants Jocelyn to apologize to Emma for being mean and Emma asks Cameron to back her up.

Britt continues to try and reach Spencer at Windermere. He finally picks up and tells her that he's at Jocelyn's house. Then Nikolas comes in and Britt gets off the phone. She tells him that she wants to talk to Carly about Spencer. Nik wants to come with her and they head out. At Carly's place, Britt says she needs to make a private patient call and steps into the hallway. Spencer meets her there and they agree to have Britt "rescue" him in the park in an hour.

Carly comes home while Franco and Spencer are debating his staying there. Franco tries to distract Carly with kisses, but Carly wonders if something is off and thinks it's about Nina. Franco smooths things over, but then Carly starts talking about Jocelyn and how she thinks Jocelyn is up to something. Then Britt and Nik stop by and Franco scurries off to work. Carly tells Nik that she'd help find Spencer if she could. After they leave, Carly gets another visit from Liz. Liz says Jocelyn said Spencer is hiding in her home. Then they find Spencer hiding under the coffee table. At the end, Liz brings Spencer home to Windermere while Britt waits for Spencer at the park.

At GH, Nina and Silas discuss Rafe and Nina pretends to care. Then she gives Sam a dig for siding with Patrick. After Silas decides to accompany Nina to physical therapy. Nina talks him out of it and he seems put off that she won't let him join her. Later Nina kills time with Franco in the art therapy room. Franco tells her that he used her as a cover with Carly. Nina pry's it out of Franco that he's working with Spencer to keep a secret from Carly. At the end, Carly finds them talking about their secrets.

Olivia and Kiki run into each outside of Kelly's and discuss Alice. Then they get into a conversation about Ned. Kiki thinks that Ned probably appreciates having Olivia as a friend. Later Kiki goes to see Silas at GH and he tells her that Sam broke up with him. Kiki is disappointed to hear that and tries to offer him comfort. Silas shares Sam's concerns about Nina, but he dismisses them because he thinks Nina is too sweet.

Sam and Patrick head to the Crichton-Clark clinic looking for dirt on Nina. They discuss their plan of attack and sort of flirt with each other. Sam decides to disguise herself as Sabrina and puts on a pair of glasses. They show Sabrina's ID to the hospital administrator and then they take a tour of the facility. Sam manages to sneak away and get into one of the computers, while Patrick questions the admin about their coma patients. At the end, Sam gets busted by the administrator at the computer and Patrick finds something or someone behind a locked clinic door.

End of show!

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