Monday, August 18, 2014

Elevator Meltdown

We're gonna need a bigger boat!
In today's show Nina shows Franco she can walk, everyone thinks the worst about Lulu and Maxie plus Sonny works his magic on Carly!

Here's What Happened - 

Anna waits on the docks in the rain for news on Maxie and Lulu's disappearance. She recaps the case details with one of the coast guards and we get flashbacks of the wedding debacle. Later Dante and Nathan bring a boat captain named Quint (Nice Jaws reference) for Anna to question. He tells her that Levi hired him for use of his boat named the Orca. Quint tells Anna that Levi made him jump off the boat once he got the Maxie and Lulu on board and out of the harbor. Later the coast guard returns and says they found the boat and it sank. He says the news on Maxie and Lulu isn't looking good and shows Dante and Nathan Maxie's wedding veil.

Sonny tries to convince Carly that he genuinely wants her at her place. Carly protests that they can't do this and says their perfect as friends. Sonny responds by saying maybe he wants more then friendship. Sonny continues to tell her what a mistake he thinks her relationship with Franco is. Then he asks if she's been thinking about the kiss he gave her. Carly claims that she's immune to him after all these years. Sonny decides to kiss her again to test her resistance. Carly pushes him away and admits that she can't stop thinking about him, but says it can't happen. She insists that she loves Franco and says Sonny needs to respect that. Sonny tells her to tell him to go, so Carly demands that he leave. Sonny starts to walk out, but then Carly tells him to stay afterall. She walks over to him and they start kissing.

Nina and Franco continue their elevator drama. He grills her for details on Sonny and Carly kissing. Nina tells him that Carly responded to Sonny's kiss. Franco say he would feel better if he killed Sonny. Franco starts freaking out and pounds on the elevator door repeatedly. Nina tries to calm him down and impulsively jumps up to stop him. Realizing her mistake, Nina tries to pretend that she's limp, but Franco realizes she can walk just fine. Nina makes him swear not to tell anyone. Franco says he'll keep quiet and after Nina tries to talk him out of killing Sonny. She advises him to talk to Carly before doing anything rash. Franco says he'll decide once they get out of the elevator. At the end, the doors finally open and Franco decides to go home and talk to Carly.

Lucy and Felicia bring Mac to the hospital for treatment of his bullet wound. The doctor tells him that it's just a shoulder wound and he'll survive. Felicia feels guilty for not being more suspicious of Levi. Then Liz walks in and Lucy fills her in on what happened at Maxie's wedding. Liz can't believe it and wonders if anyone called Nikolas to tell him about Lulu. Later Mac calls Anna for an update. Anna tells him that the boat sank and after he tells Felicia and Lucy that the girl's weren't found.

At Windermere, Britt kisses Nikolas. They end up making out a little, but then Nik backs off. He confides in Britt that he still has feelings for Liz. She asks if he still has feelings for her. Nikolas says he does still care for her, but says he doesn't want to hurt her by not being honest about his feelings for Liz. Britt says she wants to sleep with him anyway, because she misses him. She promises no strings attached and asks if he still wants her. Nik gives into his feelings and they make out in front of the fireplace. At the end, Liz calls Nik and interrupts them to tell him about Lulu. At the end, we see that Levi and Agent Scribner took Maxie and Lulu to a cabin in the woods. Levi gives them dry clothes and says they're going to be together for awhile.

End of show!

Are you ready for Carly & Sonny for the 100th time?

Have a great night!


  1. The idea of another round of Carly and Sonny gives me gas!!

    1. lol, I kind of agree. Both great actors, but it's so over done!

  2. I think this episode was meant to air during shark week! lol What the hell happened though? Lulu and Maxie were kidnapped and no one has looked for them in days????


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