Friday, August 29, 2014

Royal Jackass!

Watch out!
In this episode Liz and Nik rehash their love woes, Carlos get's a surprise visit from Sabrina and Nina gets devastating news!

Friday's Recap - 

Sabrina goes to see Carlos in jail. He's overjoyed to see her and runs to hug her. The guard immediately pulls Carlos off her and warns him not to touch. After Carlos asks about baby Gabriel so Sabrina tells him that he died. Carlos is very saddened to hear the news. Then to his surprise, Sabrina apologizes to him. Sabrina says she's sorry for blaming him and says she knows who is truly responsible for the accident. She tells Carlos about Rafe and explains that he was ordered to cause the accident. Carlos thinks of Ava and warns Sabrina that he's trying to protect her from the Jerome's.

Ava and Julian discuss, "Not Luke" at her apartment. Julian stresses how important it is for Ava to get dirt on Sonny. Then Fluke calls Julian's phone. He hands the phone to Ava and when Ava picks up, she tells Fluke she has a proposition for him. Ava suggests that instead of killing Michael they should use him to get to Sonny. Luke agrees for the time being and after Julian asks Ava what her plan is. She tells him she's leaving to find Franco, because it's the only move she has.

Silas wants to discuss Nina with Franco at the hospital. Silas is concerned about Nina skipping physical therapy in favor of his art therapy, which makes Franco laugh. Silas asks what's so funny to him. Franco says he thinks it's a waste of money. Silas asks why so Franco says he learned a lot about Nina when they were in the elevator. Franco informs Silas that Nina is dying to have a baby with him. 

Nina goes for a doctor's visit with Britt at GH. She can't wait to tell Britt that she "made love" with Silas and wants to know if she's pregnant. Britt says it's too soon to tell if Nina is pregnant or not, but Nina claims she can feel the pregnant vibe in her stomach. Britt offers to fully examine her to check on things for Nina. Then Nina asks if Britt has kids. Britt ends up telling her all about her disastrous mistake with Rocco/Ben. Later Britt confirms that Nina is pregnant. Nina is overjoyed, but then we see Nina was just daydreaming. Britt actually tells Nina that she's in menopause and can't have a baby. Nina says she's too young, but Britt explain's that it's early onset menopause probably due to the coma she was in. Britt hands her a card from a colleague at Crichton-Clark and says Nina should call him for help. At the end, Nina refuses to accept this. She wheels herself out of the exam room and runs into Ava.

Nik explains to Liz at Dante's apartment that he told Britt he still have feelings for her. Nikolas gets emotional and tells Liz that he's still very in love with her. He tries to kiss her, but Liz pushes him away and calls him a royal jackass. He can't believe that she's rejecting him, but Liz is upset that he almost slept with Britt. Liz can't deal with his feelings toward Britt. They argue about all the missed moments and people that have gotten in the way of their chance to be together for years now. The yelling wakes up baby Rocco and he starts crying. After Liz asks if Nikolas can truly say that he doesn't feel anything for Britt. Nikolas can't do that so Liz shows him the door. At the end, Nik goes to the PCPD and runs into Britt.

Lulu manages to call Dante and Nathan from Levi's phone at the new cabin their being held in. They try to trace the call while the girls attempt to provide details on where they're at on speakerphone. Dante tells the girls that Levi's real name is Peter Harrell. Lulu asks why Levi would say she's a part of this Aztec situation. Dante says he's trying to figure it out, but Luke and Laura were involved back in the 80's. Then Levi comes in and takes the phone from Lulu. He gets on the phone and Dante tries to keep him on the line long enough for Nathan to trace it. Levi quickly hangs up, but the boys manage to get a location hit. Meanwhile, Maxie and Lulu start calling Levi, Peter Harrell. Levi confirms that the original Peter is his father and says what goes around comes around. After Maxie and Lulu toy with Levi as Maxie recounts how hot Nathan is. Maxie says she should have never left for her Eat, Prey, Love trip and should have seen that Nathan was the sign she'd been looking for. At the end, Dante and Nathan arrive with a swat team and surround the cabin.

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for Tuesday's show below. Monday will be a repeat!

Have a great weekend and wonderful Labor day!


  1. I think Liz is the royal jackass. Every time she has a chance to be with Nikolas she blows it and runs away saying it's Nik's fault. I wish they would end this Liz/Nik thing and let Nikolas get on with his life and be with Britt. Liz would not make a good mother for Spencer she cares too much for her own kids and nothing for Spencer. Spencer deserves to have someone who does care for him and I believe that Britt does even after all the crazy things she has done.

  2. I agree, I prefer Nikolas with Britt. Liz needs Lucky or a new man.


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