Friday, August 22, 2014

Baby Daddies

You know I'm hot, right?
In today's episode Nina and Rosalie talk babies, Patrick confides in Sabrina plus Sonny and Carly can't keep their hands off each other!

Here's What Happened - 

Sam and Silas look through Rafe's phone and see a picture of them together. It touches them to see that Rafe kept a picture of them. They feel determined to find out who ordered Rafe to hit Patrick's car. Sam finds a 20 minute call in Rafe's call log prior to the accident. They wonder how they could trace the call, but aren't really sure how to go about it. Sam mentions wanting to have more to tell Patrick about who caused the accident. Silas gets jealous and mentions how much time she's been spending with Patrick. Sam notes how much time he's been spending with Nina and reminds him about finding him making out with her. Sam says Nina seems very possessive and asks if he and Nina are back together. Silas says he's sleeping on the couch. Sam decides not to press and asks if she can take Rafe's phone. He gives it to her and Sam thanks him for going through Rafe's things with her. Then she leaves. At the end, Silas finds a Crichton-Clark business card in Rafe's things.

Sabrina and Patrick continue to discuss Rafe and the accident at his house. Patrick tells her that Sam's on the case for free. Sabrina notes how nice that is of Sam and what a good friend she is to him. Patrick says that's true, but he's not been a good friend in return. Sabrina asks what he means, but Patrick says he can't talk to her about this. Sabrina assures him she'll keep it a secret so Patrick tells her about where Robin's really been. Patrick explains that Robin has been helping restore Jason and he's been lying to Sam about it. Patrick also tells Sabrina that he's divorcing Robin. Sabrina is genuinely sorry, but Patrick says he's at peace with it. After Sabrina advises him not to tell Sam since Jason is dead in her mind and why open old wounds. At the end, Sam knocks on the door. She tells Patrick and Sabrina that she hasn't been able to find out who ordered Rafe to cause their accident

Nina angrily vents to Rosalie in the GH physical therapy room. She can't believe that Sam is spending time with Silas alone right now. Nina's also furious that Ava's pregnant. Rosalie doesn't understand why Nina is so upset. Nina says it's because she has no babies and Ava now has two. Nina is disgusted, because the father could be Sonny or Morgan. Rosalie realizes that she knows one of the "baby daddies." She tells Nina about her run in with Morgan in the park and how he confided in her about Ava's baby drama. Nina feels useless without a child and says she feels like a dry, old and barren woman. Rosalie assures her that Sam has nothing on her and she's going to get back everything she wants. Nina likes what she hears and thanks Rosalie for snapping her back into focus. Nina says she ready to get pregnant. Rosalie says that's if she can get pregnant. Nina takes offenses and explains that she's plans on finding a way to have a baby no matter what she has to do.

Michael and Kiki run into Franco at GH while taking flowers to Alice. Franco asks if he can take the flowers to Carly instead. Michael gets annoyed so Franco takes the time to mention that Sonny put his hands all over Carly. Morgan shows up and Franco clues him in on Sonny's behavior as well. Michael and Morgan make Franco feel insecure about Carly and Sonny's history. They recount Sonny and Carly's many break ups and hook ups. Ava's name comes up. Franco says Carly is way better then Ava and Kiki wonders what Franco knows about her. At the end, Franco decides to ignore the warnings, takes the flowers and says he going to see Carly.

Carly storms in Sonny's office and rails on him for being cocky. She tells him she won't be having sex with him again. Sonny doesn't believe her and continues to flirt. Carly reminds him that Franco will rat him out for killing AJ if he finds out. Carly insists that she loves Franco, but Sonny says, "No you love me!" Then he tries to kiss her. Carly tries to fight him, but they end up undressing each other. They almost have sex, but Carly pushes him off her. Sonny says she can't deny what they have between them. He says it's time she get rid of Franco. Carly gets irked and wonders if Sonny's lust is just about getting Franco out of her life. Sonny says no, it's just a benefit of their attraction. Carly feels frustrated and decides to leave.

Ava and Julian talk about Fluke Spencer in Ava's apartment. She tells Julian that he wants her to kill Michael, because Michael ruined his plans to take over ELQ. Ava says she can't kill Michael, because of Kiki. Julian says he tried to warn her against involving herself with his boss. Ava can't believe how Luke could be this cruel so Julian tells her that Luke isn't Luke. Julian says the real Luke is still in Miscavige. Ava asks who Luke really is, but Julian says he doesn't know. Julian explains that he met him in witness protection and he helped rebuild the Jerome's business. Julian says it was a big mistake and advises Ava not to cross Fluke. He thinks Ava should kill Michael so Fluke doesn't kill Kiki. At the end, Ava calls Kiki and invites her and Michael to dinner.

End of show!

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