Monday, August 11, 2014


Sorry Mate!
Here's What Happened - 

Emma and Robin have a Skype call and Emma asks if her and Patrick are getting divorced. Patrick listens in and hears Robin tell her yes. After they hang up, Victor brings Robin coffee at the clinic and they discuss Jason. Victor wants Robin to step up her work and threatens Patrick's life if she doesn't. Robin tells Victor not to worry, because she had a break through. She says she's developed a new formula and Victor insists that Robin try it on Jason first, despite her plea to test Stavros or Helena. Meanwhile back at Patrick's house, Emma cries to him about them getting divorced. Patrick assures her that everything will be okay.

Sam gets a visit from Silas at her penthouse. He tells her that Molly remembered Rafe saying Patrick's accident was caused on purpose. Sam decides to call Patrick, but gets his voice mail. Later Silas and Sam wonder who would hurt Rafe and Patrick in such a way. They wonder if it had something to do with drugs. Then Patrick knocks on the door. They explain to Patrick what they know. Silas decides to leave and after Patrick asks Sam to find out who wants him dead.

Nathan investigates the missing Aztec necklace at the PCPD. He questions the reporter who explains how he got it from Felicia. The reporter calls it, "Aztecgate" and thinks Felicia realized it's value and stole it back. Nathan doesn't agree and shows him a picture of Levi. The reporter doesn't know if Levi robbed him or not so Nathan takes off to look into it. 

Levi holds the Aztec necklace in his hands in the Haunted Star casino room. Felicia interrupts and he quickly pockets it so she doesn't see. He compliments Felicia's Aztec earrings again and then Lulu and Dante walk in. Felicia asks Dante to help Levi with his tuxedo. Later Nathan shows up and tells Felicia that he needs to speak with Levi. Nathan asks her about how she ended up giving her necklace to the reporter. Meanwhile, Dante and Levi exchange snipes at each other and admit they don't like it each. Dante warns him not to hurt Maxie and takes off to let Levi change alone. 

Mac tells Maxie about Nathan's feelings for at the Haunted Star. Maxie is skeptical and thinks Nathan is trying to sabotage the wedding. Mac says that's not the case, but that he hopes telling her makes Maxie think more about marrying Levi. Mac thinks Nathan and Maxie have something and asks if she has feelings for him in return. Maxie insists that she doesn't and then Lulu interrupts. Mac steps out, but says he'll support her choice no matter what. After Lulu asks Maxie what's going on so Maxie tells her about Nathan's feelings. Meanwhile, Nathan knocks on Levi's door and confronts him about the Aztec necklace. Nathan searches Levi's things and finds it. In response, Levi pulls a gun on him!

End of show!

Levi, please die soon!!

Have a great night!

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