Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Alice Gets a Heart

Long live the Dominator!
Tuesday's Recap - 

At GH, Alice wakes up to find Morgan, Tracy, Michael and Ned waiting by her bedside. They tell her that she's got a new heart now. Later Tracy takes a moment alone with Alice and wants to know that Alice will keep her mouth shut about her ELQ plans. Michael walks back in and wants to know what their talking about. Alice tells him that Tracy is plotting with Luke to take ELQ back. Michael decides to fire Tracy. Meanwhile, Ned runs into Olivia in the hall and he tells her about Alice's new heart. She apologizes for using him to make Sonny jealous. Ned flirts with her and tells Olivia that he enjoys spending time with her. They agree to be friends and decide to go see a movie together. At the end, Ned returns to Alice's room just as Tracy storms out.

Kiki goes to visit Ava at her apartment to wish her a happy birthday. They discuss Alice's progress and then get into a conversation about Kiki living with Morgan. Kiki explains that Michael plans to renovate the waterfront. Kiki also mentions that Nina is alive and living with Silas. Ava asks how Sam's dealing with everything. Kiki explains that Sam stepped aside and she thinks Nina wants Silas back. Ava feels certain that Nina must be out for revenge. Ava warns Kiki to be careful around Nina. At the end, they share some birthday cake.

Rosalie goes to Silas at the hospital when she can't find Nina. They get into a snarky conversation and she ends up ticking Silas off. He tells Rosalie to go home and threatens to fire her if she doesn't get off his back. Later Rosalie runs into Morgan. She tells him about her employment issues. Then they discuss Morgan's relationship with Sonny. Morgan says their making a little progress. Then he asks about Rosalie's father. Rosalie changes the subject and asks Morgan out for a drink instead. He asks for rain check until Alice is better.

Franco tells Nina that he's going home to talk to Carly about the situation with Sonny after they get out of the elevator. Nina wants assurances that Franco won't spill the beans about her being able to walk. Nina also reminds him that knows a secret or two of his. Franco says her secret is safe with him and Silas overhears. After Franco takes off and Silas asks Nina what secret she's keeping from him. Nina says she's been skipping physical therapy in favor of Franco's art therapy. Nina explains that she's having a hard time dealing with the loss of time, losing her baby and Silas moving on. Silas gets choked up as Nina tells him about how excited she was at the thought of having a baby. At the end, Silas agrees to support her art therapy. They run into Rosalie and in private, Nina tells her about Ava being pregnant again.

At Carly's place, Sonny and her decide to take things to the bedroom. They end up stripping their clothes off and hop into bed. After they have pillow talk and Carly sees that they broke a picture of her and Franco in their lust. It makes her immediately guilt ridden, but Sonny says Franco's not stable. Sonny says he enjoyed every second of what happened between them and has no regrets. Then Franco comes home and starts calling Carly's name. Carly wants Sonny to hide, but he says he's not going to do that. Carly reminds him that Franco will tell the cops about Sonny killing AJ, if he finds him there. At the end, Carly runs down stairs to keep Franco from going up stairs. Franco confronts her about kissing Sonny. Carly claims that she pushed Sonny away, but Franco sees two wine glasses and asks who was drinking with her. 

End of show!

I'm starting to like Nina, how about you?

P.S. In case you haven't heard, GH is moving back to 3 pm in most EST markets.

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