Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Total Perv

Levi shot my ass!
In this episode Ava learns about Fluke's perverted behavior, Scribner takes a bullet plus we get a Frisco mention!

Here's What Happened - 

Lucy runs into Scotty at the PCPD. She tells him that she came to find out what's going with Maxie and Lulu's disappearance. She says it makes her think of Serena and what they'd do if anything happened to her. Scotty assures Lucy that everything will be okay. Then he tries to hug her, but Lucy tells him to back off until he chooses her or Bobby. Scott is reluctant to discuss it and Lucy can't believe that he doesn't know what he wants. Then he gets a call from Anna and quickly runs out of the room.

Olivia and Ned can't believe Coleman's betrayal at The Floating Rib. They sit down to discuss it over a beer when Tracy walks in. Tracy starts giving Ned attitude about kicking her out of the house, but then Ned tells her that Lulu was kidnapped. Olivia decides to leave to tell Sonny about Lulu. After Ned tries to talk calmly with Tracy. He tells her to call Luke and tell him that Lulu's missing. Tracy leaves him a voice message and after they argue about whether to track Luke down or not. Ned thinks Luke is too preoccupied to care about Lulu's kidnapping. 

Carly daydreams about her sex romp with Sonny at GH. Franco sees her and wonders what's on her mind. Carly says she wants to take him out to dinner to make up for the anxiety she caused him about Sonny kissing her. Franco tells her he wants to focus on their love and then gives her the flowers from the other day. They head to The Floating Rib and overhear Tracy and Ned arguing about Lulu's kidnapping. Carly can't believe it and wants to tell Sonny. Ned informs her that Olivia already beat her to it. After Carly and Franco decide to go to the PCPD. When they get there, Franco talks to Scott and calls him dad. Scotty brings them up to date on the Lulu's situation. Then Lucy corners Scotty again about their romance. She tells him if he doesn't choose soon, he'll lose both her and Bobby. At the end, Scotty mentions to Franco that he didn't have a night cap with Bobby the other night.

Julian goes to visit Sonny at his office. He tells Sonny that he wants to offer a truce and steer their businesses clear of each other. Sonny asks what prompted this. Julian says Lucas being shot and Alexis's house getting burned did. Sonny responds by saying that they'll only have peace when Julian's gone. Then Sonny shows Julian the door and sends him on his way. After Sonny gets a call from Olivia and she explains what happened with Coleman. They agree to meet up at the PCPD. When they get there they run into Carly.

Ava serves Michael chocolate mousse spiked with Oleander at her penthouse. Ava tells he and Kiki that everything she does is to protect her family. Michael brings up Luke hitting on Kiki. Ava gets upset and demands that Kiki tell her what Luke did to her. Michael explains that Luke was, "a total perv!" Then Kiki fills Ava in on the details and Ava freaks. She calls what Luke did assault. Then Ava swats the mousse out of Michael's hand when he tries to eat it. She claims it was just an angry reaction to learning what happened to Kiki. Later Julian comes home and Michael and Kiki take off. After Ava tells Julian she's ready to tell Fluke off, but Julian stops her. He thinks her only play is getting dirt on Sonny.

Nathan and Dante find blood on the floor of the cabin where Maxie and Lulu were being held. They hear a noise and then Scribner stumbles out of the bedroom and falls on the floor. They can see he's been shot and Dante asks him where the girls are. Scribner tells them that Levi shot him and took the girls away. Then he passes out and Dante calls for an ambulance. While they wait, Nathan and Dante search the cabin and discuss what could have happened. At the end, they find a newspaper article from the 80's with a picture of Frisco and Felicia during the original Aztec Treasure adventure. Frisco's face is circled with a black marker!

End of show!

Could Frisco be coming back to Port Charles??

Have a great night!

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  1. Rumors are swirling that Levi is Frisco's son, but that would be horrifying! ! I just hope we get Jack back on GH!!!


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