Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hang tough, Dominator!

I'd give you my heart, Alice!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Maxie goes to visit Lulu at her apartment and asks Lulu to be her maid of honor. Maxie explains that she needs to marry Levi to save him from deportation, but Lulu says no. Lulu says that she believe's Nathan side of things and thinks Maxie has feelings for him. Maxie denies it and tells Lulu she needs to trust her take on Levi. At the end, Lulu decides to be her maid of honor, but hopes Maxie will realize Nathan is a good guy.

Tracy leaves a message for Fluke at GH telling him about Alice's condition. Tracy thinks Alice is going to expose her secret. Ned overhears Tracy on the phone saying that Alice is dying. When she hangs up, he insists that Tracy tell Alice the truth about her condition. Ned says if Tracy won't tell Alice, he will. At the end, Tracy concedes and says she'll tell Alice the truth.

Michael and Kiki visit with Alice in her hospital room. Then Morgan comes in with a special visitor for Alice. He brings the wrestler, David Otunga, from the WWE. David tells Alice she inspired him to become a wrestler. After Morgan and Alice speak alone and she tells him that her heart feels so full of love right now, it doesn't seem like anything is wrong with it. At the end, David autographs one his fitness magazine covers for Alice and writes her a special note of encouragement. He tells her to hang tough and Alice says this was the happiest day of her life. 

Julian blows Mickey Diamond away in his hotel room, much to Jordan's surprise. Julian tells her about what Mickey did to Alexis's house, because Julian tried to quit. However Mickey clings to life. Jordan convinces Julian to let her clean up the mess and sends Julian away. After she chloroforms Mickey and calls him an ambulance. Later Anna arrives on the scene and Jordan tells her that Julian shot Mickey. Then Mickey's cell phone rings and Jordan answers. However the person on the other end hangs up when he can't speak with Mickey. After Jordan tells Anna he sounded like Luke Spencer, but Anna doesn't believe it. At the end, Anna learns that Mickey is brain dead. 

Sam and Alexis go to Sam's penthouse to tell Molly and TJ about the lake house fire. Molly is devastated by the news and asks how it happened. Alexis tells Molly to be grateful they're all alive. Then Julian knocks on the door. Alexis lets him in and Molly immediately accuses him of being responsible. Then Molly storms off. After Alexis asks Julian where he went earlier. Julian tells her and Sam that he took care of the person responsible for the explosion. 

Nathan finds Nina standing up at Silas's place. Nina claims that she's just getting strong from physical therapy and he buys it. After they talk about Sam and Silas breaking up. Nathan advises Nina not to get her hopes up, but Nina doesn't listen. It leads into a conversation about Levi and Maxie. Nathan vents about his suspicions about Levi and Nina realizes that Nathan's in love with Maxie. At first Nathan protests, but then he admits he has feelings for her. At the end, Nina asks what Nathan is going to do about Maxie. She advises him to fight for love. 

End of show!

Cute Alice scenes today! I guess Alice will get Mickey's heart??

Have a great night!

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