Monday, July 21, 2014

Throw a Shrimp on the Barbie

Getting hitched, mate!
In today's show Lucy mentions Serena, Maxie and Levi make a surprising announcement and Patrick gets grilled at the press conference!

Here's What Happened - 

Mac and Felicia debate who called immigration at The Floating Rib. Felicia seems skeptical about Nathan, but Mac doesn't trust Levi. Then Lucy arrives in tears over Rafe's death. Felicia tries to comfort her and she asks about Serena since Kevin is divorcing her. Lucy says that Serena is upset with her for hurting both Kevin and Scott. Mac chimes in that Lucy created this situation for herself. Later when they're alone, Lucy admits to Felicia that she misses Scott. Felicia advises her to follow her heart. At the end, Lucy goes to see Scott and finds Bobby at his place wearing his bathrobe.

Dante tries to help Nathan sort things out at the PCPD about Levi. Nathan is convinced that Levi set him up. Dante asks what Levi has to gain by getting himself deported. Nathan says he can't prove it, but he knows Levi is trouble. They retrace Nathan's steps and realize that Levi did have time to swipe his phone. Later Nathan heads over to The Floating Rib to assure Mac and Felicia that he's innocent.

Maxie tells Levi that she'll leave the US with him at her apartment. She says who wouldn't want to throw a shrimp on the barbie in Australia. However Levi says Port Charles is Maxie's home and he doesn't want to take anything from her. When that doesn't convince Maxie, Levi says he'll be arrested if he returns to Australia. Levi explains that he broke into a animal testing lab and set them free. Maxie says she has another idea of how to help him. At the end, they head to The Floating Rib to announce that they've decided to get married.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Sam about his upcoming press conference with Dr. Obrecht. Sam thinks she might have convinced Silas not to sue the hospital, but Patrick's not so sure. Nearby, Anna wonders if Dr. O is setting Patrick up at for the blame, but Dr. Obrecht says Anna should worry more about all the drugs in PC. Especially since Rafe's heart turned out to be no good for Alice due to his heroine use. Later Anna heads back to the PCPD and asks Dante to set up a task force with Nathan. She's wants to put an end to the drug trade asap.

Nikolas can't find Spencer at the park. Liz and Britt help him look around. They all decide to split up and search. Later Britt works on Liz and tells her to take Cameron and Emma home, leaving her alone with a worried Nikolas. Nik wants to call the police, but then realizes he can trace Spencer's phone. Meanwhile, Spencer checks himself into The Metro Court and texts Britt that he's pulling a scam on Nikolas. He plays video games and eats tons of candy while he waits for Britt to get back to him. Later Nikolas realizes that Spencer is at the Metro Court so Britt sneaks in a call to Spencer warning him. At the end, Britt and Nikolas head to the hotel to find Spencer.

Nina and Rosalee continue their banter about Nina's plans for Silas and Sam. Then Silas runs into them and Nina makes sure to point out to him that Sam is talking with Patrick. After Nina sends Rosalee away and cleverly manages to slip it to one of the reporters that Patrick might have had a desire for revenge. Then the press conference begins with Dr. Obrecht explaining how Patrick ended up operating on Rafe. The reporters grill Dr. O on how she could allow Patrick to operate after what happened with baby Gabriel. Patrick notices Nina's odd expression. Then the reporters put Patrick under fire and accuse him of ending Rafe's life on purpose.

End of show!

What the hell has Maxie been wearing!?! I miss her trendy clothes!

Have a great night!

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  1. I am so tired of little Spencer being portrayed as the bad kid. Cameron is a sneaking, little brat and no one but Spencer sees it. Britt told Liz about Cameron and both Liz and Nik wouldn't believe it, they just said Spencer was exaggerating, just go ask Emma and Josslyn if that sneaking, lying, little brat didn't say nasty things about Spencer to the other kids. Unfortunately no one but Spencer knows what Cameron did to win Emma in the first place. I want Emma to find out what a sneak Cameron is and to tell Liz and Nik. Then I want her back with Spencer where she belongs and for people especially Liz to see what a conniving, sneaky, lying brat Cameron really is. At least with Spencer what you see is what you get. Then they need to have Nik make Spencer behave and go back to the nice boy he was. He is acting out because he really liked Emma and she liked him before Cameron played mind games. Plus the fact that Spencer grew up without a mother, no one to keep a check on his privileged life and bring him down to reality the same way Nik grew up. Love the character of Spencer he needs his Nana Lesley to come back and his Grandma Laura too to be an influence on his life and ground him to reality and not royalty.


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