Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sex Games

Aww, aren't they cute?
In this episode Julian soothes Alexis with a massage, Maxie and Nathan finally get free and Patrick struggles during Rafe's surgery!

Today's Recap - 

Nathan and Maxie wake up still handcuffed together in their apartment. They look at each tenderly, but get interrupted by Levi coming home. Levi sees the handcuffs and assumes they were playing sex games. Maxie explains what really happened. After Levi tells them he's in danger of being deported, because his visa is nearly expired. Nathan feels compelled to report this as an officer of the law, but Maxie asks Nathan to keep quiet. Wanting to please her, Nathan says he won't say anything for now. Then Levi finds the key to unlock them sitting on the table and wonders how they missed it all night long. At the end, they finally get free but seem almost disappointed.

Jordan runs into Anna at the park while jogging. They have a discreet conversation about Nikki Diamond and Jordan speculates that he's connected to the big boss. Jordan plans to get more information on Mr. Diamond. Anna warns her to be careful and then leaves to do some research on him. After Nikki suddenly appears behind Jordan. He asks why she was chatting with Anna. Jordan assures him that Anna cornered her and it wasn't her choice to speak with her. At the end, Nikki asks Jordan out for a private dinner and tells her to wear something nice. Jordan agrees, but seems worried about his intentions.

Julian goes to see Alexis at the hospital to comfort her after Molly's accident. Alexis is upset, because the doctor ordered a cat scan for Molly. She cries and imagines the worst so Julian gives her a shoulder and back massage to help her relax. After Alexis tells Julian about Rafe's drug use and it hits Julian hard. Then Alexis tells Julian about Anna accusing him of still being in the mob. Alexis plays it cool and reminds him how much she needs him and how good it is that he got out of the business. At the end, Anna runs into Julian alone after she talks on the phone with Frisco about Nikki Diamond. They end up having a tense conversation about Julian's mob status.

Silas calls to check on Nina while he waits to hear about Rafe's surgery. After Rosalee brings Nina muffins for breakfast and listens to Nina complain about the situation with Rafe. Nina is upset, because she was babysat by Kiki who she refers to as "Coo Coo!" Rosalee tells her to worry more about Rafe spilling the beans, but Nina is hopeful Patrick will take revenge against Rafe during surgery. Meanwhile Sam and Silas wait for news on Rafe at GH. Silas is worried about Patrick performing the operation so Sam tells him about the miracle surgery Patrick did on Jason. Silas still isn't convinced that Patrick can keep his personal feelings out of the operating room. After Sam tells Silas about Rafe's drug use. Silas gets pissed that Sam didn't tell him sooner and then Nina wheels up with Rosalee. Nina's presence makes things more uncomfortable.

Dante and Lulu discuss Rafe's situation at GH. Dante is frustrated with the tragedy of it all. Dante also expresses his surprise at how cold Patrick was to Rafe in the ER. He worries that Patrick can't be objective in surgery. It makes Dante feel grateful for all of their blessings. Meanwhile in the OR,  Patrick operates on Rafe with Epiphany by his side. She reminds him how brave he is for operating on the person who killed Gabriel. Patrick pretends to be cool, but he's truly wrestling with his conscious. We see him having a mental conversation with himself about killing Rafe. Then Epiphany snaps at Patrick, because Rafe starts bleeding out. Patrick decides to help Rafe and says they need to stop the bleeding. At the end, Patrick finds Silas to tell him Rafe's condition, but we don't find out what happened.

End of show!

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