Monday, July 14, 2014

Say Something

Just relax, it's a reflex!
In today's show Franco and Nina connect, Maxie wants to know who called immigration and it turns out that Rafe used many kinds of drugs!

Here's What Happened - 

Franco starts his new job at GH. Dr. Obrecht tells him that he's doing a great job and Franco feels like he's got his mojo back. Meanwhile Nina gets a big shock when Rafe opens his eyes in his hospital room. She doesn't believe it and tells herself its just a reflex. However Rafe rips off his oxygen mask and says, "Still think it's a reflex bitch?" He tells Nina that he's going to expose her secrets and taunts her. Nina starts freaking out and screams at Rafe to say something. Then Franco walks in and asks if she's alright. When Nina looks back, she sees that Rafe is still very much in a coma. She realizes that she imagined it and tells Franco about it. Franco tells her that the same thing happened to him. They end up having a nice chat and say they hope to see each other again.

Sonny comes to see Carly at her house. He tells her about what happened with Delia breaking into his office for the flash drive. Carly advises him to get a new safe. After Sonny wants to talk about Franco. Carly insists that Franco will keep their secret, but flashes to Franco going to see Michael. Sonny pushes her to tell him what's on her mind so she spills the beans about finding Franco at ELQ about to tell Michael. Sonny freaks out. Carly says it will be okay, but Sonny disagrees and says it won't be okay as long as Franco's alive.

Olivia, Dante, baby Rocco and Lulu discuss baby making over dinner at The Floating Rib. Olivia wants to know when they're having baby number two. They tell her soon. Then they start discussing Sonny, Delia and Sonny's flash drive. Lulu thinks Olivia still cares about Sonny, because she didn't let Delia steal from him. However Olivia insists that it's definitely over for good.

Nathan comes home to find Maxie and Levi accusing him of calling immigration. Nathan swears he didn't call anyone, but admits that he told Dante. Maxie gets annoyed and they have a tense conversation. Nathan mentions that Mac also knows about his suspicions regarding Levi, which makes Maxie really angry at him. She storms out and heads over to The Floating Rib. When she sees Mac and Dante talking at the bar, she demands to know which one of them called immigration.

At the hospital, Tracy, Monica. Morgan and Michael wait to see if Rafe's heart is match for Alice. Nearby. Kiki and Silas discuss the heart transplant outside of Rafe's room and Silas agrees to it. Later they tell Monica and everyone is delighted. Morgan hugs Kiki in excitement and Michael notes how close they seem. Tracy rubs it in and then jets into Alice's room to tell her that her transplant is a done deal. After Dr. Obrecht consults with Silas and Monica about the transplant. Silas is concerned about Rafe's cocaine use. Monica and Dr. O agree it's a risk worth taking. However at the end, Dr. Obrecht tells everyone that Rafe was also using heroine which makes the transplant not possible afterall.

End of show!

Who will save Alice?

Have a great night!

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  1. Maybe when Robin returns, she'll give Alice her heart so we never have to see her on screen again!!!


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