Friday, July 11, 2014

Sabrina's Returning to GH by Summer's End

According to, Sabrina will be back!

It has been quite some time since Sabrina Santiago left Port Charles to grieve her dead baby. While the story line of Gabriel's death is still front and center on “General Hospital,” actress Teresa Castillo has been on maternity leave. Castillo and her husband welcomed a baby girl at the end of May. According to a July 10 tweet from the official Twitter account of Teresa Castillo, she will be returning to tape “General Hospital” at the end of July. Fans are excited to see Sabrina return to Port Charles.

When Teresa Castillo first appeared on “General Hospital” as Sabrina Santiago, fans had mixed reactions. As time as progressed, she has become one of the most liked characters. Sabrina left Port Charles with her cousin Juan to head to Puerto Rico where she could grieve with her family. Even though Patrick and Sabrina are no longer together, there is still a lot of love between them. Patrick has been working hard to find Gabriel's killer, and it was revealed that Rafe was behind the wheel of the car which ran them off the road.

Fans are wondering where Sabrina is going to fit in once she returns to Port Charles. It appears that the “General Hospital” writers are going to pair Sam and Patrick together. Robin is also headed back to town, which will add a lot of tension. There is also speculation that Sabrina may have found someone while in Puerto Rico and will come back an entirely different person.

According to when Teresa Castillo says she will return to tape “General Hospital,” Sabrina should begin airing sometime in late August or early September. This is supposed to be after Robin has already arrived back in Port Charles. Will Patrick welcome Sabrina home, or will he just brush her off to be with Sam?

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