Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pull the Plug

Goodbye Rafe!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Kiki and Morgan chat in their underwear at the Brownstone about Alice and Rafe. They decide to break their coffee mugs to relieve stress. Later Michael stops by and seems concerned about Morgan and Kiki's renewed friendship.

Michael is still suspicious about what Tracy's up to at GH. Later Tracy tells Alice that Rafe's heart is no good, but promises to find her another donor if she keeps quiet. At the end, Michael returns with Morgan and Alice decides to keep Tracy's secret.

Molly has bad dreams about the car accident in her hospital room. She wants to see Rafe when she wakes up so TJ and Alexis tell her that Rafe is brain dead. Molly is very upset and decides that she wants to say goodbye to Rafe.

Nina uncomfortably assures Silas that she's there for him at GH. Later Nina confides in Rosalee about her guilt and hallucinations regarding Rafe. She debates telling Silas the truth, but Rosalee think it's a bad idea.

Britt fills in for Alice at the Lila's Kids day camp in the park. Nik offers to help her out, which pleases Spencer. However, Jocelyn decides to drench Britt with water balloons and she and Nik end up shirtless. At the end, Liz sees Nik and Britt bonding.

Sam tells Liz at GH that she fears telling Silas about the heroine in Rafe's blood. Later Sam decides to tell Silas about the additional drug use. Silas is distraught, but decides to pull the plug. After Sam, Silas, Molly and Kiki say their teary goodbyes.

End of show!

Britt got a cute haircut! The kids were so fun today. Are you sad to see Rafe go? I think they did a nice job with his final scene.

Enjoy today's episode below!

Have a great night!

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  1. I could give two &%$'s that Rafe is dead! I know it's mean, but this storyline did nothing for me.


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