Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Point the Finger

Nathan's guilty!
Today's Highlights:

Sonny wants to kill Franco, but Carly demands he doesn't at her place. Franco walks in, surmises what's going on and dares Sonny to kill him. Sonny warns him to keep quiet or else. After Franco and Carly argue about Sonny. However by the end they up eating pizza, drink some wine and make peace.

Jordan runs into Shawn at the Metro Court before meeting Mr. Diamond for dinner. They have a sexy conversation about a previous "night" together. Then Mickey Diamond arrives and Shawn gets jealous when he touches Jordan. Sonny shows up and has to talk Shawn down. At the end Mickey propositions Jordan. He advises her to keep him happy for her job's sake.

Brad continues to fight with Felix about Lucas at GH. Felix ends up admitting that he's interested in Lucas. After he and Brad decide to get a drink together to sort it out. Meanwhile, Lucas and Julian go to The Floating Rib for dinner together and discuss his love life. The conversation is uncomfortable for Julian, but he's a good sport. Then Brad and Felix show up and approach them, but Lucas doesn't want to hear anything they have to say.

Maxie questions Mac and Dante about possibly calling immigration on Levi at The Floating Rib. Lulu and Olivia watch the situation unfold with amusement. Then Nathan and Levi show up. Maxie asks to see Nathan's phone and finds a call to immigration in his call log. Nathan has no idea how it ended up there. Maxie doesn't believe him and assures Levi that Nathan won't get away with this!

End of show!

I've been referring to Mr. Diamond as Nikki on this blog for awhile, but in today's show he introduced himself as Mickey and I realized my mistake. I want to apologize for my error. I swear I'm really not dumb, just sometimes lose focus while watching this show! lol

Have a great night!


  1. The actor who plays Mickey Diamond looks familiar but cannot place him.

  2. Maxie is stupid for lying to the feds about Levy. She is always lying. Lulu is so freaking boring! I wish her and Dante would leave Port Chuck. Carly's backside looks HUGE --is she preggers? Why doesn't Franco tell Sonny that if he dies, a letter goes to the police and Michael.

  3. Monica's face is as tight as a girdle on a 600 pounds woman!

  4. I wish Robin would stay away. She needs a makeover.

  5. Maxie hasn't worked all years so who is paying her bills? Why do Lulu and Dante live in a loft? Why is Olivia still on the show? Why doesn't Tracy grow her hair out to soften her look? Why does Sonny always looks constipated? Why is Ava following Sonny's orders? This is 2014.

  6. The actor who plays Mickey is named Nick Chinlund. You can see his IMDB page here --> http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0157915/

    You may recognize him from his time on Desperate Housewives, Young Justice, and 666 Park Avenue.


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