Thursday, July 31, 2014

Peace Out, Bitch!

I need a mom!
In this episode Fluke has Skype trouble, Anna wants Dante to investigate Luke and Josslyn helps Spencer hide!

Today's Show - 

At Windermere, Britt talks to Spencer on the phone. Spencer wants Britt to hurry up and get together with Nik so he can come home. Then Nikolas walks in and asks who she's talking to. Britt says she was scolding Nathan for not finding Spencer so Nikolas thanks her for the helping him. Britt hugs him and assures Nik that Spencer will be okay. Later Britt is alone and Brad stops by for a visit. She fills him in on her plan with Spencer to win Nikolas back. Brad thinks it's brilliant, but Britt hates what it's doing to Nikolas and wants to tell him the truth. Brad tells her to decide whether or not to be Britt or the Britch. At the end, Nik returns and Britt says she has something to tell him about bringing Spencer home.

Anna and Dante investigate Mickey Diamond's hotel room and discuss the case with Spencer. Anna wonders why he has turned up yet. Dante assures her everyone is doing everything they can. Then they get into the Mickey's shooting. Anna tells Dante that Julian was the shooter, but she's keeping it secret to protect Jordan's case. Anna also mentions that Jordan thought Julian's boss sounded like Luke. Dante doesn't think Luke is involved, but Anna is skeptical. She asks Dante to clear Luke's name. After Nikolas shows up and wants to know why Anna hasn't found Spencer yet. Anna tries to assure Nikolas that they're doing everything they can and tells him to hang in. 

At GH Liz talks to Nik on the phone about his search for Spencer. After they hang up, Tracy approaches her about Mickey Diamond's heart. Liz says Tracy has to wait for his test results, but then Brad walks up with the results in his hand. Tracy takes a look and sees his blood type is a match for Alice. Liz tells her not to get excited until they know if Mickey was an organ donor. Dante shows up and says he can get a hold of Mickey's things so they can determine if he is a donor or not. Then Dante asks Tracy if she knows where Luke is. She says they broke up, but will pass along a message if he does contact her. Dante tells her to have Luke call him. At the end, Tracy leaves a message for Luke warning him that Dante is looking for him. Then Liz tells her that it turns out Mickey's not an organ donor.

Josslyn and Franco bicker over cereal at Carly's house. Then Carly walks in and Josslyn goes to her room. After Carly wants to know what happened to Franco the night before. Franco claims he was with a friend. Carly thinks Franco went to Michael to spill the beans, but he assures her that's not what happened. They get to talking about the recording AJ made and Franco asks if Carly still has a copy. Carly gets suspicious and insists he tells her where he was last night. Franco lies and says he was with Nina. Meanwhile we see that Josslyn is hanging with Spencer in her room eating cereal. Josslyn asks if Spencer is worried about his dad. Spencer says yes, but says he really wants a mom. He talks about Courtney and shows Josslyn a picture of her. Josslyn says she hopes he gets the mom he wants. Then Carly calls Josslyn to come downstairs to go to camp. Josslyn tells Spencer to stay put and then heads out. At the end, Franco is alone and Spencer sneaks downstairs.

Ava reads the newspaper with Julian nearby at her apartment. The article is about the lake house fire. Julian tells her that he took care of Mr. Diamond and that Ava needs to focus on her issue with the recording. He makes it clear that their renewed alliance is only a means to an end. Later when Julian is alone he Skype's with Luke. Julian threatens to ruin his operation for what he did to Alexis's house. Fluke is upset about what happened to Mickey and wants Julian to tell him what he has on Sonny. In exchange, Fluke offers a truce. Julian says he'll consider it if Fluke stops all his heroine dealing. Fluke gets pissed and calls Julian a maggot. Julian responds by saying, "Peace out , bitch" and then closes his laptop. At the end, Ava calls Fluke back on Skype when Julian steps out.

End of show!

Cute kid day!

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