Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Make a Choice

Agent Creepy!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Lucy goes to The Floating Rib to vent to Felicia about finding Bobby in Scott's room. Lucy says she wants Scott for herself. Felicia tells her to fight for her man. Meanwhile, Scott and Bobby get into a conversation about Lucy in his hotel room. Bobby wonders if he wants to be with Lucy or with her. Then Lucy shows up and announces in front of Bobby that she wants to be with Scott. Both women end up asking Scott to make a choice. He refuses to answer and runs out the door.

Anna and Jordan meet in the park. Anna feels pressured to solve the heroine problem. Jordan thinks Mickey Diamond is the answer. Jordan says she's willing to sleep with Mickey for information. Anna doesn't approve, but Jordan is determined to see her plan through for the greater good. Meanwhile Mickey corners TJ at GH and questions him about Jordan. Mickey pretends to be a DEA agent and asks TJ about her prison time. TJ says his mom was gone and then showed up in PC one day. That strikes a chord with Mickey. At the end, Jordan calls Mickey and asks to meet up with him.

Alexis and Julian enjoy a morning romp and feel blissful about their romance. After he tells her that Molly won't want to come home as long as he's there. He offers to walk away to heal the relationship between Alexis and Molly. Alexis doesn't like the idea and wants to look for another solution. They agree to keep their relationship a secret for the time being.

Ava and Sonny run into Morgan at the hospital. He wants answers on what's really going on between them. Ava insists there's nothing for him to worry about. Later Sonny and Ava bicker about what Morgan should and shouldn't know. Then Ava's doctor's appointment begins and she bribe's the doctor for a cell phone call. Then She calls Julian and offers to help him take Sonny down if he'll extract her from Sonny's grasp. Julian agrees to help her when she threatens to expose what he did to Ric.

Morgan runs into Rosalee in the park. She hits him in the head with her cell phone when she tosses it in anger. Rosalee apologizes and gives him some ice. They end up chatting and Morgan tells her about his baby drama with his father and ex-girlfriend. Rosalee advises him to find some space to deal with the situation. They strike up a connection and exchange phone numbers. Meanwhile Alexis and Sonny run into each other at the hospital and have a pleasant chat. They compare notes on dealing with Jerome related woes. At the end, Sonny nearly catches Ava and Julian conspiring.

End of show!

Fun day for fans of our GH vets!

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  1. The whole Scotty/Lucy/Bobby storyline is so stupid. These characters aren't on enough for me to care!!!!!!!


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