Friday, July 11, 2014

Kissing a Fool

Hungry, Hungry, Hippo Homosexual!
In this episode we learn that watching the Golden Girls is foreplay, Nina knows how to push all of Silas's buttons and Rafe's heart is quite sought after!

Friday's Recap - 

Immigration knocks on Maxie's door looking for Levi. The agent warns Maxie that if she's hiding Levi she could be in big legal trouble. Maxie lies and says Levi doesn't live there, but then Levi walks out and blows her lie. The immigration agent says that Levi is going to be deported and tells them to say their goodbyes. Then he leaves briefly and says he'll be back shortly to bring Levi back to Australia. After Maxie wonders if Nathan called immigration on Levi and panics about what they're going to do. Then Nathan comes home.

Lucas and Lulu discuss his love triangle at Carly's place. Lucas says that he likes Felix a lot, but Brad Cooper's attention is flattering. He thinks because he and Brad were both adopted and their bio-dad's are mobsters that they have a lot in common. Plus Lucas says the sex was great. Lulu advises him not to deny his feelings for Brad because of her and tells him to go get his man.

Brad interrupts Felix while he's in the shower in the GH locker room. Brad accuses Felix of being a hungry, hungry hippo homosexual and claims he's famished for Lucas. Felix says he didn't sleep with Lucas and doesn't understand why Brad is upset. Brad explains that watching the Golden Girls is foreplay and accuses of Felix of making a play for Lucas. Then Brad insists he can give Lucas more passion than Felix ever can and out of nowhere kisses Felix intensely. Right then Lucas walks in, sees them and storms out in anger. Brad chases after Lucas and says he just got carried away. Lucas says he was about to choose who he wanted to be with, but now doesn't know what to do. Then Felix walks up and asks who Lucas was going to pick. Brad is very rude to Felix, which makes Lucas decide to keep his mouth shut and walk away.

Kiki comes up to Morgan and Tracy at GH in tears and tells them about Rafe being brain dead. Tracy wonders if Rafe is an organ donor and Kiki says yes he is. Meanwhile, Alice struggles to tell Michael in her hospital room about her Tracy secret. However before Alice can spills the beans, Tracy comes in and says she found Alice a heart. When Tracy says the heart belongs to Rafe, Michael is shocked. Tracy insists that Michael come with her to see if Rafe's a match. They go to speak with Kiki and Morgan again and Kiki agrees to speak with Silas about the idea. 

Sam stops Patrick on the hospital elevator and asks if he sabotaged Rafe's surgery on purpose. They decide to go speak somewhere privately. Patrick takes her into one of the exams rooms and explains the pressure he was under to operate. Patrick also explains the voice in his head and his desire for revenge, but he assures her that he didn't listen to that voice. Patrick explains that a blood vessel burst in Rafe's brain and there was nothing he could do. He asks Sam to please believe him and she does. Sam says that she knew Patrick wouldn't hurt anyone, but convincing Silas will be difficult. Then they end up hugging.

Nina comes into Rafe's hospital room to comfort Silas. She pretends to care and tells Silas not to give up hope, but Silas says Rafe will never wake up. Silas also feels that Patrick is responsible for Rafe's condition and Nina encourages Silas's suspicions. Then Silas tells her that Sam doesn't think Patrick is capable of doing something like that. Nina uses that information to make Sam look disloyal to him and says Sam is siding with Dr. Drake. At the end, Kiki comes to see Silas and asks to speak with him alone. Once in private, Kiki explains what's happening to Alice and asks Rafe's blood type. Silas answers B positive, which is a match for Alice. Meanwhile, Nina talks to Rafe alone and says that his situation is good for her and thanks him for it. Nina promises to give him a great funeral, but then Rafe opens his eyes!

End of show!

The gay love triangle was very amusing I must say, although very over the top!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Sabrina will be back in a month or so, read here --> TC Returning! Also in case you missed yesterday's show you can catch up here -- > GH 07/10/14


  1. Ick. Stay gone Sabrina

  2. Thank you for being a friend.
    Travel down the road and back again.
    Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant.
    And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew.
    You would see the biggest gift would be from me
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    thank you for being a friend.


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