Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July - GH Style

Getting my man back!
In today's show Port Charles begins celebrating the 4th of July, Britt and Spencer work together to win Nikolas over and Rafe has more vehicular troubles!

Thursday's Recap - 

At the hospital, Liz thanks Britt for helping her get her job back. They run into Nikolas and Spencer who tell Britt that they've come to take Liz to see the fireworks. Britt makes a polite exit, but then calls Dr. Obrecht for help. Later in private, Britt talks Spencer out of wanting to go see the fireworks with Cameron and Liz. They make a pact to work together to get Britt and Nikolas back together. Meanwhile Liz is suddenly needed at work and can't go with Nikolas. After Spencer conveniently invites Britt to join them since Liz can't and Nikolas reluctantly agrees. Later at the park, Spencer goes off to find Emma and it gives Nikolas and Britt some alone time. Britt reminds Nikolas that they met a year ago. She also apologizes to him again for her actions in the past. At the end, Spencer rejoins them when the fireworks begin and he convinces Nik to put his arm around Britt when she's cold.

Maxie and Nathan continue to banter while being handcuffed together in the park. Nathan tries to explain why he can't ask for help from the police to free them. He worries that he'll look weak and that it would disappoint Anna. After they start talking about Levi. Nathan refers to Maxie as a "dutiful" girlfriend and feels that she followed Levi's lead with the Brownstone protest. Maxie does acknowledge that it was Levi's idea. At the end, they watch the fireworks go off and Nathan admires Maxie's beauty.

Alexis finds TJ sitting alone in the park. He tells her that he's waiting for Molly. Alexis pressures TJ into telling her why Molly abandoned him. TJ gives in and says that she left because Rafe has been using drugs. Alexis is surprised, but thinks Molly was doing the right thing by taking off to tell Silas. Later they share some french fries and Alexis hints that TJ and Molly need to be extra careful about sex. TJ decides to tell her that he and Molly still haven't gone all the way. At the end, TJ leaves a worried message for Molly wondering what's taking her so long.

Emma and Patrick set up a picnic at the park in preparation for the fireworks, but Patrick can't stop thinking about what's going on with Rafe. Emma senses something is wrong so Patrick explains that he's waiting to find out about who the driver was. After Emma asks if he and Robin are getting a divorce. Patrick says he thinks they probably will. Emma gets upset and worries about Patrick being alone. He tells her that he's not alone, because he's got her. Later Spencer finds them and Emma invites him to eat popcorn. Sam calls and gives Patrick a quick update on what's happening with Rafe. At the end, Emma and Patrick snuggle and watch the fireworks.

At Silas's apartment, Silas, Sam and Dante burst in and find Nina on the floor. Silas helps Nina up and Nina spins a story about how Rafe knocked her over and Rosalee took after him. Sam and Dante take off looking for Rafe and Silas stays behind. Then Nina flashes to what really happened and we see that Nina had Rosalee hit her and that she gave Rafe money to leave town. Later Silas nurses Nina's boo boos. He shares that he feels guilty for whats happening with Rafe. Nina uses his pain to comfort him. At the end, they watch the fireworks go off together from his apartment and Nina holds Silas's hand.

Meanwhile in the parking garage, Rosalee gives Rafe the keys to Nina's car and tells him to get going. Rafe is reluctant to leave and wants to warn Silas about Nina's plans for him. Rosalee talks him into taking off, but before he can leave Molly finds him. She tries to talk to Rafe about the drugs and his behavior, but Rafe won't open up. He goes to start driving away so Molly jumps in the car with him. Then Dante and Sam run up to the car and see Molly and Rafe inside. Rafe takes off when he sees them. While driving, he confesses to Molly that he was the driver of the car that killed baby Gabriel. Molly tries to convince Rafe to turn himself in, but then the cops start chasing them. We see that it's Sam and Dante following them and that Sam has been ignoring Silas's calls. Meanwhile Rafe tells Molly that someone put him up to hitting Patrick's car that night. Molly asks who it was, but before he can tell her Rafe drives into a road block!

End of show!

GH will be a repeat tomorrow.

Enjoy Monday's preview below!

Have a great 4th of July and enjoy the long weekend!

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