Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Green Card Marriage

Moody McSilas!
In this episode Nathan gets his heart broken, Scotty has lady troubles and Patrick develops an employment problem!

Today's Show - 

Olivia let's Nikolas and Britt into the room at The Metro Court where Spencer checked in, but they find it empty. Nik is furious at the situation, but Olivia promises to help him get to the bottom of it. Britt begins to realize all the flaws in her plan with Spencer. Then Spencer texts her to look under the chair. Britt and Nik find a note written by Spencer stating his disappointment about their break up and how he can't watch Emma and Cameron together anymore. He claims it's hard out here for a prince. After Nik decides to call the police while Britt worries about the truth coming out.

Maxie announces her plans to marry Levi to Felicia, Mac and Nathan at The Floating Rib. Mac isn't pleased, Felicia tries to be supportive and poor Nathan seems terribly disappointed. Nathan feels certain that it's simply a green card marriage, but Maxie insists that she loves Levi. Mac reminds Maxie about her fake marriage to Matt Drake. Then Nathan asks to speak with Maxie alone. She agrees and in private he tells her she can't marry Levi. Maxie asks why he cares. Nathan says she could go to jail for fraud, but Maxie still doesn't change her mind. Later Mac refuses to give his blessing about the marriage and Nathan looks like he wants to cry.

Lucy is surprised to find Bobby wearing Scott's bathrobe in Scott's hotel room. Bobby let's her in and Lucy fumes when Bobby confirms that she's sleeping with Scott. Bobby takes pleasure in rubbing it in so Lucy calls her a man stealing sneak. Bobby reminds Lucy that she kicked Scott to the curb and has no claim on him. They end up having a nasty argument and Bobby slaps Lucy. Lucy slaps her back and they end up wrestling on the bed.

Scotty wants to know what happened to Rafe and questions Anna about it at the PCPD. He wants answers about why there were drugs in Rafe's system. Anna gets annoyed and suggests that Scotty has been bought off by Julian. Scotty denies it, but Anna doesn't buy it. Later Anna gets called to investigate Spencer's disappearance. Olivia tells her, Nik and Britt that she learned that Spencer took a cab from the hotel. Meanwhile, Scotty goes home to find Lucy and Bobby fighting. He stops them and Lucy storms out.

Julian grills Jordan in the park about her interactions with Mickey Diamond. He thinks she's selling heroine with Mr, Diamond. Jordan assures him that she doesn't know anything about the heroine, but Julian warns her not to under estimate him. Jordan tells him to ask Mickey or their boss about it. Then she suggests that her and Julian work together, but Julian isn't interested.

At GH, Patrick tries to field questions about his desire for revenge against Rafe during the press conference. The reporters flat out accuse him of murder and say they have a confidential source on the matter. Dr. O defends Patrick, then puts an end to the press conference and kicks the reporters out. After Sam thinks that Silas is the one who spilled the beans. Silas denies saying anything so Sam wonders if he told Nina. Nina claims to know nothing about it and it creates an argument between Sam and Silas. At the end, Silas takes Nina home and after Dr. Obrecht tells Patrick that she has to fire him!

End of show!

What do you think of Spencer's adorable note? 

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P.S. Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) and Ronn Moss, formerly of CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful (Ex-Ridge Forrester) are featured on tonight’s episode of ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap (10PMET/PT)!


  1. GH sucks anymore, tired of it

    1. Unfortunately GH has a lot of good actors, but not a lot of great storylines right now.


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