Tuesday, July 1, 2014

GH July 2014 News, Rumors & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings, here's what's coming up for July!

Some News

Robin is coming back this month, but it's likely a brief return.

GH has a casting call out for troubled male teenager.

Wally Kurth (Ned) is back and taping. 

We'll see more of Nikki Diamond in Luke's absence.

We will be seeing more of Victor Cassadine this summer. 

Annie (Sean Donely's daughter) will make an appearance and will have an attraction to Nathan.

GH will be a repeat on July 4th.

Some Rumors

NuJason or NuDillian Q? Meet Billy Miller. Read here ---> Billy Miller Joins GH?

What is the likelihood of Ava's pregnancy lasting with Nina bent on revenge?

Will Liz, or others, start to doubt their sanity? 

It looks like an October wedding for Alexis and Julian, but not necessarily a marriage. A shocking return at the ceremony may have Alexis running for the hills.

Are Nina and Franco previously acquainted from their time living in NYC?

There is a long list of people Jason will be angry with when he wakes up?

Some Spoilers

Olivia is getting a new love interest.

Kiki decides to keep a disturbing piece of information from Michael.

Patrick will become Nina's doctor.

Fluke has a female partner and she has a history with him.

Viewers will become privy to Fluke's identity in August.

Ric will blame Julian (and fake Luke?) for ruining his chances with Liz, and for having to play dead. Will he be looking for payback

Molly fakes bonding with Julian so she can keep an eye on him; she is determined to clear her dad.

Molly becomes aware of Rafe's coke habit and sees him with his connection who later overdoses. 

Julian will be caught red-handed with a lot of cash by Alexis.

Apparently Julian believes his boss to be the real Luke, and he confides to Alexis that Luke is his boss.

Julian will be wracked with guilt when Rafe overdoses (and dies). He and Sam bond over Rafe's death.

Looks like Julian may take a bullet for Alexis but he won't die as a result. This could be when Julian asks Alexis to marry him.

Nina tells Silas she believes their baby is alive, she wants his help in finding their offspring (who, as previously rumored on this site, is said to be a son).

As previously rumored, Dr. Obrecht pleads with Victor not to unfreeze Helena. 

Time will tell (think fall, although we will see a bit of Robin this summer).

A traumatic event for Molly is coming up.

When Ric returns, Liz may gain a stalker.

Although Duke just cut his ties with the mob, Duke ends up being pulled back in. Look for troubled waters ahead when Anna learns of it.

Carlos will be plotting for payback and revenge.

Expect to learn more about the secret between Shawn and Jordan.

Brad continues to pursue Lucas.

Spencer has still not given up on winning Emma over.

Nathan and Levi argue about Maxie and her daughter.

Lucy is not ready to jump back into Scott's arms.

Down the road, we will learn that Jerry Jacks knows why Jason was saved.

Ryan's kids!
Happy July!

P.S. You can view the promo for the week of June 30th here --> GH Promo


  1. Why do we need more tormented teens? I could pass on NuJason & Robin's return too!

  2. Where is Prince Nikolas in all of this????? Fans want to see him!!!!!! And they also want to see Robin and Patrick back together especially now that Sam has been a true friend to him. Patrick ought to feel just a little bit guilty for being such an ass to Robin. Robin was being a scientist and a friend to Jason. So Patrick needs to stop the poor me nonsense and get back with his wife. Again, give us the Prince!!!!!

  3. Hopefully Nik's storyline will heat up mid-summer.


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