Monday, July 7, 2014

Enjoy the Water

Don't say your sorry!
In this episode Delia and Ava ban together, Alice's condition looks grim and Rafe wants to confess to Patrick!

Today's Show - 

Sonny has a daydream that Olivia came to visit him during the fireworks, however Delia snaps him into focus when she asks, "Penny for your thoughts?" Then Delia starts to look at Sonny's pictures and sees a picture of him with his father Mike. Delia says Mike is a dead ringer for her ex-husband, Roger Coleridge. (For those who don't know, Ron Hale was on Ryan's Hope long before he came to GH.) Then Ava walks in. Sonny tells Delia to enjoy the water, because he's keeping a dry house right now. Then he makes a hasty exit leaving Ava and her mother alone. After Ava wants Delia to go snooping in Sonny's office, but Delia refuses. Sonny walks back in and Delia pretends to be arguing with Ava so he doesn't realize they were conspiring. Sonny believes it and later Delia adds to the ruse by packing her bags and then leaving. However at the end, Delia sneaks into Sonny's office afterall.

Rafe tells Molly that someone ordered him to drive Patrick's car off the road and then he promptly crashes into a road block. Sam and Dante see the whole thing as they follow behind them. When they arrive on the scene of the accident, Dante finds Rafe unconscious on the ground and Sam sees Molly unconscious in the passenger seat of the car. Sam panics when Molly can't regain consciousnesses, but Dante gets Rafe to open his eyes. A while later the paramedics arrive to load them into the ambulance.

Nina and Silas watch the fireworks from his apartment. Nina gets emotional seeing them and after Silas expresses his concern about Rafe's behavior. Silas feels guilty for not paying more attention. Then Kiki comes over and Nina tells Kiki her "story" about how Rafe attacked her and ran away. Silas finally gets through to Sam on the phone and she tells him what happened. Then they say they love each other as Nina listens. After Silas takes off to help Rafe and leaves Kiki with Nina. Once alone, Kiki senses that Nina is trying to get rid of her and wonders if it's because of Ava. Nina gets creepy, but tells Kiki she's over it. Then she takes Kiki's hand and says she knows she needs to move forward. Kiki doesn't seem convinced.

Lulu wakes up in the hospital to find Olivia by her side. She asks where Dante is so Olivia fills her in on how he was called away to aid in the Rafe situation. After Olivia reflects on where she was with Sonny a year ago to where they are now. Then they both agree that Sonny is a troubled soul and Dante is a wonderful man. Olivia wants Dante to have a relationship with Sonny, despite her feelings about him. At the end, Lulu tells Olivia that she can leave to attend work stuff at the Metro Court.

Monica finds Tracy in the ER and asks what happened to Alice. Tracy says the paramedics said she had a heart attack, but wouldn't tell her anymore. Monica uses her influence to get more information and then takes Tracy into Alice's room. They find Alice unconscious and hooked up to machines with Michael and Morgan by her side. Later Michael and Morgan question Tracy in private in the ER. Michael asks what Tracy knows about what Alice wanted to tell him before she collapsed. Before Tracy can answer, Molly comes into the hospital which detracts them. At the end, Tracy, Morgan and Michael go back into Alice's room and they wait for Monica to fill them in on what seems to be bad news about Alice.

TJ and Alexis wonder what's taking Molly so long at the park. Alexis starts to worry that something is amiss and suggests they go looking for Molly at Silas's place. On the way out of the park, they run into Patrick. He tells them that Rafe is responsible for killing Gabriel and Alexis tells Patrick about Rafe's cocaine use. Patrick explains that he just talked to Sam and she told him that Molly is in the car with Rafe. Then Silas calls Alexis and tells her about Molly's accident with Rafe. Alexis ,TJ and Patrick race to the hospital. Once they arrive, Patrick decides to sneak into Rafe's ER room. Patrick starts to berate Rafe for killing Gabriel, but he's stopped by Silas and Dante. At the end, TJ, Sam and Alexis wait by Molly's bedside. Nearby Rafe wants to confess something to Patrick about the accident.
End of show!

Olivia and Lulu were somewhat randomly inserted into today's show, but otherwise it was a fun episode to watch!

Have a great night!

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