Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Drunk Dial

Our pay per view sucks!
In this episode Olivia and Ned bond, Alexis finds her house in flames and Julian is out for revenge!

Today's Show -

Olivia gets drunk with Ned standing watch at the bar in the hotel restaurant. She starts yelling at Carly for her loyalty to Sonny and says she's going to kick Sonny out. After Olivia drunkenly vents about her problems with Sonny to Ned. She says she became a Brenda Bot, referring to the history of big boobed brunettes that have swooned for Sonny. Later they end up in his hotel room where he attempts to sober her up. He puts on the TV, but Olivia says the hotel's pay per view sucks. Then an animal rescue commercial comes on the TV while Ned steps away. When he returns he finds Olivia on the phone with the rescue ready to adopt a slue of dogs. He tells her to never to drunk dial, but Olivia is ready to turn the Metro Court into a hotel for dogs. Ned grabs the phone and makes up a bed for her on the couch. At the end, Olivia thanks him and says Lois was crazy to let him get away.

Sam finds Nina and Silas making out on the couch in his apartment. Nina plays coy and asks why Sam showed up if her and Silas broke up. Silas is out of it from the drugs Nina gave him, but tries to talk to Sam. Sam wants to reveal her suspicions about Nina, but she's too angry and storms away. Silas tries to chase her, but he falls down in a haze. Then Nina calls him back to the couch and tries to make out again. Silas says something is off and it's a mistake for them to take it any further.

Julian gets a threatening text message from Mr. Diamond at Ava's apartment and realizes that something wrong. He takes off to check on Alexis. Meanwhile at the Davis house, a bomb in the mailbox goes BOOM! Shortly after Julian arrives and tries to rush into the burning house. He gets blow back and passes out. Later when he wakes, the firemen are on the scene. They tell Julian that anyone inside is definitely dead. Julian breaks down, but then Alexis walks up in shock over her destroyed home. She tells him that everyone was at Sam's place and is safe. Later Sam arrives and panics that Danny was hurt. Julian assures her that Danny's okay and then storms off looking for vengeance. At the end, the one of the firemen tells Sam and Alexis that the fire was caused by a "suspicious" explosion.

Shawn tells Sonny about finding Jordan in Mickey Diamond's hotel room in his office. Sonny wants to play it cool with Mickey so they can use that to their advantage, but says he'll back Shawn up if he needs to take action. Later when alone, Carly shows up to speak with Sonny. She tells him about Olivia's determination to get him kicked out of the hotel. They end up having a drink together and start discussing Franco. Sonny starts to worry about Franco opening his mouth, but Carly calms him down. Then they discuss Ava and Sonny feels confident that he has things under control. At the end, Shawn returns and tells Sonny that he decided not to interfere with Jordan and Mickey.

Franco gets held at gunpoint in the Metro Court elevator. The thugs drag him over to Ava's apartment so she can question him about the incriminating recording AJ made. Ava is convinced that Carly made a copy and wants Franco to give it to her. Ava bets on the fact that Franco would benefit from Sonny being out of Carly's life. She offers to keep it a secret if he helps her, but Franco still refuses. Ava lets him leave, but says she thinks he'll change his mind sooner or later. 

Over in Mickey's room, he finds the digital recorder Jordan planted. He plays it and hears the recording she made earlier stating she's a DEA agent. Mickey gets angry and pulls a gun on her. Jordan tries to talk her way out of it, but Mickey doesn't want to hear it. He's ready to shoot, but Jordan fights him and gets the gun. Jordan wants to know the name of Mickey's boss, but Mickey won't say. His phone rings and Mickey claims it's boss calling. Jordan orders him not to pick up, but Mickey reaches for the phone anyway. Right then, Julian bursts in shoots Mickey point blank.

End of show!

Ned & Olivia were adorable today! Do you like their couple potential?

Have a great night!

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  1. I do like Ned/Olivia, but I was mostly thinking that Jordan was an idiot for making a recording saying she's a DEA & leaving it in Mickey's room!!


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