Friday, July 25, 2014

Drink Up

Team Quartermaine!
In this episode Julian gets some answers, Tracy invites Ned back to into the fold and Nina sets the next phase of her plan in motion!

Today's Show - 

Tracy tells "Fluke" over the phone that he should come home for Alice's sake. Of course he says he can't. Then Ned finds Tracy at the hospital. He guesses that she's hiding something so Tracy says that she's exploring illegal methods to help Alice. After they talk briefly about Luke and Ned says he knows her annulment to him was valid. Tracy says she doesn't want to discuss Luke and instead talks about how many Quartermaine's have died over the years. She gets emotional and then asks Ned to come home. Ned agrees and says he'll move in right away. After Tracy calls Luke back to say their plan is working like a charm.

Shawn tells Sonny at his office that Ava escaped to her penthouse. Sonny wants to know who helped her. Shawn hands Sonny video surveillance from the hospital's rooftop. They watch on Sonny's laptop and see Julian and Mickey helping Ava. Then Shawn takes off to investigate Mr. Diamond. Later Olivia comes by and tells Sonny that she's kicking him out. Olivia says she evicting him on suspicion of illegal activity. Sonny says Carly won't allow it and refuses to go. Olivia gets emotional and says he killing her having to see him everyday. Sonny says he loves her and they should try again. Olivia refuses and storms out in tears. On her way onto the elevator, she runs into Ned's arms.

Ava comes home with Julian and Mickey Diamond to find that Julian has taken over her apartment and claimed her bedroom as his. Then Mickey demands to know what Ava has on Sonny and pulls a gun to prove how serious he is. Julian manages to subdue Mickey, takes his gun away and then demands to know if he's selling heroine. Mickey confirms it and asks what Julian's going to do about it. Mickey explains that they've been lacing the cocaine with heroine. The news disgusts Julian, especially given what happened to Rafe, so he insists that he's out of the business for good. Ava backs Julian up and they threaten to do whatever it takes to protect their family. Mickey decides to leave, but feels confident Julian will change his mind. After Ava and Julian toast to their renewed partnership.

Jordan goes looking for Mickey at his hotel room and decides to break in when he doesn't answer. Olivia sees her and asks what she's doing. Jordan introduces herself and Olivia recognizes her as TJ's mom. Jordan says shes early for her date with Mr. Diamond. After Olivia walks away and Jordan goes to get into Mickey's room again. Once inside, she makes a voice recording of her search. Then Shawn storms in. Jordan tells him to get out before he ruins her plans with Mickey. Shawn doesn't want her to sleep with Mickey and says Mickey's not the man she really wants. Then Shawn grabs Jordan and kisses her. Jordan slaps him in protest, but Shawn kisses her again and then she gives in. Meanwhile, Mickey lurks outside the door while he chats with his boss about sending Julian a message he won't forget.

Silas and Sam talk by the nurses's station at GH about their relationship status. Silas wants to work on things, but Sam doesn't think it's a good idea. Then Patrick walks by. He and Silas end up having a heated conversation about Patrick losing his job. Right then Nina calls Silas and asks him to come home. Silas leaves and after Sam tells Patrick that her and Silas broke up. She also blames Nina for it and possibly getting Patrick fired. Sam thinks Nina eavesdropped and told the reporters. Later Patrick and Sam look for the hospital surveillance video to see if they can find out if Nina was listening. However they learn that it's currently being used by Sonny. At the end, Sam goes to Sonny and asks to see the footage from the hospital.

Nina and Rosalee come back to Silas's place. Nina does a happy dance over Sam dumping Silas and gloats over her brilliant plan. Then Nina crosses Sam off her list. Rosalee asks who's next. Nina starts talking about all that she's lost, namely her baby and she blames Silas for it. Then she claims that Silas owes her a baby. Rosalee tries to caution her against taking any rash action. After Nina says Ava is next. Later Silas comes home and Rosalee starts to pick on him for not spending enough time with his wife. Nina tells her take the night off and Silas steps out of the room to change. Before leaving, Rosalee hands Nina mysterious pills that she asked for and warns Nina how strong they are. At the end, Nina mixes in the pills into a scotch and soda for Silas and tells him to drink up!

End of show!

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