Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Double Standard

In today's show we finally learn what job Franco got, Jordan and Shawn angrily flirt and Patrick is asked to save Rafe!

Here's What Happened - 

Jordan and Shawn run into each while jogging in sexy workout gear in the park. Shawn thinks it's too late for Jordan to be running alone, but she says she needed to clear her mind. Shawn asks what's on her mind and Jordan answers TJ. Shawn tells her that her problems with TJ are her own fault. He thinks she needs to quit working for the Jerome's to prove herself. Jordan gets stressed out and says she doesn't have to prove herself to anyone. She thinks Shawn has a double standard since he works for Sonny. Then she threatens to go tell TJ about the secret she knows about Shawn and TJ's dad. Shawn grabs her and warns her to keep quiet. Their lips get close, but then Shawn's phone rings and interrupts. Shawn gets called away on business for Sonny, but tells Jordan the ball is in her court with TJ before he leaves. At the end, Jordan blushes thinking about her encounter with Shawn.

Delia sneaks around Sonny's office while Ava coaches her through it on the phone. Delia loses focus easily, which frustrates Ava. Delia says it would be easier if Ava told her what she's looking for, but Ava insists it's better as a secret. Then Ava tells her to look in Sonny's safe. Sonny walks in while Ava is on the phone so Ava pretends to be chatting with Kiki and then quickly gets off the phone. Back at Sonny's office, Delia cracks his safe. However Olivia walks in and demands to know what Delia is doing there. Then Olivia calls Sonny and tells him to come to his office. Olivia and Delia start to heatedly compare their tough backgrounds when Sonny arrives. Delia tries to run out, but her phone rings and Sonny blocks her way. He takes Delia's phone and hears Ava asking if Delia cracked Sonny's safe yet and got his flash drive. At the end, Sonny orders Shawn to return Delia to New York. Delia warns Shawn that she knows all Sonny's dirt and will tell if anything happens to Ava. Sonny returns home, shows Ava that he took the flash drive and says nice try.

Carly and Franco struggle with their relationship angst while getting ready for bed. Carly is worried that she can't trust Franco with the secret information she shared with him. Franco assures her that he can keep a secret and tries to smooth it over by telling her that he got a job. Carly asks where he'll be working. Franco says he'll be doing art therapy work at the hospital. He's excited at the prospect of helping people while getting paid. Carly is pleased and they kiss. At the end, Franco has trouble sleeping thinking about starting his new job. Carly assures him that he'll be great and then they make love.

Monica tells Tracy, Morgan and Michael at GH that Alice has heart failure and it's not looking good. Monica explains that Alice's heart is too weak to try surgery. Monica says that Alice needs a heart transplant to survive. Tracy thinks that Alice's wrestling and the kids day camp put stress on her heart. Michael is hopeful that a transplant will work, but Monica says Alice has a long road ahead of her. Monica tells them Alice will go to the top of the transplant list, but her life depends on someone else's misfortune.

Sam, Alexis and TJ pray for Molly to wake up in her hospital room while Molly dreams of Rafe and the car accident. She remembers that Rafe said someone ordered him to crash into Patrick and then Molly wakes up. Once Molly is able to talk, she starts asking where Rafe is. Sam says she'll go get the doctor. Later the doctor gives Molly a clean bill of health so Dante wants to question her about the accident. Molly explains how she ended up in the car with Rafe. Dante asks if there is anything else that Rafe said, but Molly claims she can't remember.

Rafe tells Patrick in the ER that there's something he needs to tell him. Patrick yells at him that he doesn't want to hear it, but Rafe tries to spit something out. However he starts to flat-line before he can get the words out. Silas and the other doctor's start working on him and then Sam walks in and pulls Patrick out of the room. Patrick tells her that Rafe was trying to tell him something before he had a seizure.Then Silas and Dr. Obrecht come out and tell Sam and Patrick that Rafe needs brain surgery. Dr. O thinks Patrick is the right man for the job. Silas hates the idea, but Dr. Obrecht says Rafe will die if someone doesn't operate immediately. Sam asks Patrick to save Rafe. Patrick reluctantly agrees to do the surgery and Silas warns him not to hurt Rafe or else!

End of show!

I guess Rafe's a goner and Alice will get his heart...

Have a great night!

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