Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dominator Shape

Hell No We Won't Go!
Today's Highlights- 

Maxie and Levi continue to protest at the Brownstone. Michael calls the cops and Nathan shows up. Nathan ends up arresting Levi and then accidentally handcuffs himself to Maxie.

Tracy goes over her takeover plans with Fluke on the phone at ELQ. Alice shows up and tells Tracy that she overheard her saying that she wants to get Michael out of ELQ.

Olivia and Dante discuss Sonny at the hospital while they wait for Lulu to finish her procedure. After her surgery, Lulu, Olivia and Dante learn that Lulu can now carry a baby.

Ava tells Delia about Sonny's plans to kill after her baby is born. When Delia pushes to know why Sonny hates Ava so much, Ava tells her she's in big trouble. Then Ava asks for Delia's help.

Sonny fills Shawn in on all things Ava at his office. After he heads home and pretends to be happy that Delia is staying there. It makes Delia offer her aid to Ava.

Patrick grills Silas about the accident at GH while Rafe eavesdrops. Kiki shows up and it makes Sam remember that Rafe had access to the car. They all put the pieces together and realize Rafe must have been driving.

End of show!

Enjoy today's episode below!

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