Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cokehead Nephew

In this episode Nathan and Maxie get into a jam, Alice has health problems and Rafe finds out Nina's secrets!

Here's What Happened - 

Rafe listens discreetly at GH while Sam explains to Silas, Kiki and Patrick why she thinks he's the driver. Patrick, Silas and Sam take off looking for Rafe and leave Kiki alone. After Nina wheels up to Kiki with Rosalee. Kiki fills them in on Rafe being a suspect. Meanwhile Rafe slips out of the hospital leaving Patrick, Silas and Sam wondering if they should involve the police. Silas doesn't like the idea, but then Dante and Olivia walk up to them. Dante hears their conversation and asks why they'd need the police. Olivia leaves Dante alone to talk with them. After Patrick impatiently explains the situation and Sam tells Dante they think Rafe was the driver. Dante has the police set up road blocks, but Silas is hoping that Rafe gets away. Patrick has to leave to take Emma to see the fireworks so Sam, Silas and Dante decide to go look for Rafe at Silas's apartment.

TJ and Molly meet up at the park to watch the fireworks. They talk about Ric and her troubles with Alexis. Molly says Alexis was a comfort to her after Ric died. Then Molly mentions that Rafe came by Sam's place earlier and apologized to her. TJ's not impressed and tells her about Rafe punching him in the park, because he was high. Molly is shocked that Rafe was using cocaine and wonders if that's why Rafe was acting so weird. She wants to find Rafe to talk with him, but TJ doesn't want her to. Molly decides to go find Silas instead and takes off leaving TJ alone.

At the Brownstone, Nathan accidentally handcuffs himself to Maxie. Morgan watches amused as Nathan and Maxie banter about who's responsible. Morgan and Michael decide to leave Nathan and Maxie to figure out how to unhandcuff themselves so they can go to ELQ. After Maxie and Nathan bicker when he loses the key. They decide to work together to find the key, but have no luck. Nathan refuses to call the station for help, because it will make him look bad. He also teases Maxie about her criminal record. Maxie decides to use her phone to call for help, but she can't find it. Then she tries to grab Nathan's phone and they awkwardly fall on top of each other. At the end, they decide to leave the Brownstone and go looking for a way to get free.

Alice calls Michael from ELQ to rat out Tracy. Tracy stands nearby begging her not to say anything, but before Alice can spit it out she's gasps and then collapses. Tracy calls out to Alice, but she's not responsive. Tracy panic's and calls the ambulance. After Michael and Morgan show up and ask Tracy what happened to Alice. Tracy claims she found Alice this way and Morgan performs CPR. Then the ambulance arrives and has to jump Alice's heart. They finally get a pulse and after take her to the hospital.

Alexis meets up with Ned at the park at his behest. They start talking about her problems with Molly and then he shows Alexis Tracy's annulment papers from Luke. Ned lists all of his concerns about Luke, but Alexis lobbies in Luke's favor. Then Ned explains how Tracy wormed her way back into ELQ with Michael. He asks Alexis to make sure the annulment papers are real. Alexis wonders if Tracy is pulling a fast one. Ned wonders if she's onto something.

Back at Silas's apartment, Rosalee brings Nina home. Nina is disappointed that the situation with Rafe will distract Silas from paying attention to her. Rosalee isn't sympathetic and it launches Nina into a rant. She says that Silas's "cokehead" nephew will ruin things. Then Rafe walks out of the bedroom revealing that he heard the whole thing. He sees Nina standing so Nina pretends to have gotten better through physical therapy. Rafe isn't interested and threatens to tell Silas everything. Nina gets freaky and jumps in Rafe's face. She convinces him to keep quiet and gives him $500. At the end, Sam, Dante and Silas burst into Silas's apartment looking for Rafe.

End of show!

What do you think of Nathan's acting lately?

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