Thursday, July 10, 2014

Brain Dead

Did you?
Quick Recap - 

Lulu and Maxie girl chat at Maxie's place. Lulu thinks Nathan is great and that Maxie likes him more then she'll say. Then immigration comes knocking for Levi. 

Nathan and Dante man chat in the police locker room about Maxie and Levi. Dante thinks Nathan is falling for Maxie.

Patrick coldly tells Sam and Silas that Rafe is brain dead at GH while Nina eavesdrops. Silas thinks Patrick sabotaged the surgery. After Sam, Kiki and Silas say goodbye to Rafe. 

Alice wakes up in the hospital and Monica, Tracy and Michael tell her the news about her heart. At the end, Alice tells Michael she needs to tell him something.

Kiki and Morgan agree that they've moved on and are friends now, but are clearly still attracted to each other when they hug.

Lucas and Felix wake up at Carly's after a night of drinking/watching the Golden Girls together. Then Brad shows up and gets jealous.

Patrick tells Felix that Rafe killed baby Gabriel and they debate whether to tell Sabrina or not. At the end, Sam finds Patrick and asks if he hurt Rafe on purpose.

End of show!

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