Thursday, July 31, 2014

Peace Out, Bitch!

I need a mom!
In this episode Fluke has Skype trouble, Anna wants Dante to investigate Luke and Josslyn helps Spencer hide!

Today's Show - 

At Windermere, Britt talks to Spencer on the phone. Spencer wants Britt to hurry up and get together with Nik so he can come home. Then Nikolas walks in and asks who she's talking to. Britt says she was scolding Nathan for not finding Spencer so Nikolas thanks her for the helping him. Britt hugs him and assures Nik that Spencer will be okay. Later Britt is alone and Brad stops by for a visit. She fills him in on her plan with Spencer to win Nikolas back. Brad thinks it's brilliant, but Britt hates what it's doing to Nikolas and wants to tell him the truth. Brad tells her to decide whether or not to be Britt or the Britch. At the end, Nik returns and Britt says she has something to tell him about bringing Spencer home.

Anna and Dante investigate Mickey Diamond's hotel room and discuss the case with Spencer. Anna wonders why he has turned up yet. Dante assures her everyone is doing everything they can. Then they get into the Mickey's shooting. Anna tells Dante that Julian was the shooter, but she's keeping it secret to protect Jordan's case. Anna also mentions that Jordan thought Julian's boss sounded like Luke. Dante doesn't think Luke is involved, but Anna is skeptical. She asks Dante to clear Luke's name. After Nikolas shows up and wants to know why Anna hasn't found Spencer yet. Anna tries to assure Nikolas that they're doing everything they can and tells him to hang in. 

At GH Liz talks to Nik on the phone about his search for Spencer. After they hang up, Tracy approaches her about Mickey Diamond's heart. Liz says Tracy has to wait for his test results, but then Brad walks up with the results in his hand. Tracy takes a look and sees his blood type is a match for Alice. Liz tells her not to get excited until they know if Mickey was an organ donor. Dante shows up and says he can get a hold of Mickey's things so they can determine if he is a donor or not. Then Dante asks Tracy if she knows where Luke is. She says they broke up, but will pass along a message if he does contact her. Dante tells her to have Luke call him. At the end, Tracy leaves a message for Luke warning him that Dante is looking for him. Then Liz tells her that it turns out Mickey's not an organ donor.

Josslyn and Franco bicker over cereal at Carly's house. Then Carly walks in and Josslyn goes to her room. After Carly wants to know what happened to Franco the night before. Franco claims he was with a friend. Carly thinks Franco went to Michael to spill the beans, but he assures her that's not what happened. They get to talking about the recording AJ made and Franco asks if Carly still has a copy. Carly gets suspicious and insists he tells her where he was last night. Franco lies and says he was with Nina. Meanwhile we see that Josslyn is hanging with Spencer in her room eating cereal. Josslyn asks if Spencer is worried about his dad. Spencer says yes, but says he really wants a mom. He talks about Courtney and shows Josslyn a picture of her. Josslyn says she hopes he gets the mom he wants. Then Carly calls Josslyn to come downstairs to go to camp. Josslyn tells Spencer to stay put and then heads out. At the end, Franco is alone and Spencer sneaks downstairs.

Ava reads the newspaper with Julian nearby at her apartment. The article is about the lake house fire. Julian tells her that he took care of Mr. Diamond and that Ava needs to focus on her issue with the recording. He makes it clear that their renewed alliance is only a means to an end. Later when Julian is alone he Skype's with Luke. Julian threatens to ruin his operation for what he did to Alexis's house. Fluke is upset about what happened to Mickey and wants Julian to tell him what he has on Sonny. In exchange, Fluke offers a truce. Julian says he'll consider it if Fluke stops all his heroine dealing. Fluke gets pissed and calls Julian a maggot. Julian responds by saying, "Peace out , bitch" and then closes his laptop. At the end, Ava calls Fluke back on Skype when Julian steps out.

End of show!

Cute kid day!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hang tough, Dominator!

I'd give you my heart, Alice!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Maxie goes to visit Lulu at her apartment and asks Lulu to be her maid of honor. Maxie explains that she needs to marry Levi to save him from deportation, but Lulu says no. Lulu says that she believe's Nathan side of things and thinks Maxie has feelings for him. Maxie denies it and tells Lulu she needs to trust her take on Levi. At the end, Lulu decides to be her maid of honor, but hopes Maxie will realize Nathan is a good guy.

Tracy leaves a message for Fluke at GH telling him about Alice's condition. Tracy thinks Alice is going to expose her secret. Ned overhears Tracy on the phone saying that Alice is dying. When she hangs up, he insists that Tracy tell Alice the truth about her condition. Ned says if Tracy won't tell Alice, he will. At the end, Tracy concedes and says she'll tell Alice the truth.

Michael and Kiki visit with Alice in her hospital room. Then Morgan comes in with a special visitor for Alice. He brings the wrestler, David Otunga, from the WWE. David tells Alice she inspired him to become a wrestler. After Morgan and Alice speak alone and she tells him that her heart feels so full of love right now, it doesn't seem like anything is wrong with it. At the end, David autographs one his fitness magazine covers for Alice and writes her a special note of encouragement. He tells her to hang tough and Alice says this was the happiest day of her life. 

Julian blows Mickey Diamond away in his hotel room, much to Jordan's surprise. Julian tells her about what Mickey did to Alexis's house, because Julian tried to quit. However Mickey clings to life. Jordan convinces Julian to let her clean up the mess and sends Julian away. After she chloroforms Mickey and calls him an ambulance. Later Anna arrives on the scene and Jordan tells her that Julian shot Mickey. Then Mickey's cell phone rings and Jordan answers. However the person on the other end hangs up when he can't speak with Mickey. After Jordan tells Anna he sounded like Luke Spencer, but Anna doesn't believe it. At the end, Anna learns that Mickey is brain dead. 

Sam and Alexis go to Sam's penthouse to tell Molly and TJ about the lake house fire. Molly is devastated by the news and asks how it happened. Alexis tells Molly to be grateful they're all alive. Then Julian knocks on the door. Alexis lets him in and Molly immediately accuses him of being responsible. Then Molly storms off. After Alexis asks Julian where he went earlier. Julian tells her and Sam that he took care of the person responsible for the explosion. 

Nathan finds Nina standing up at Silas's place. Nina claims that she's just getting strong from physical therapy and he buys it. After they talk about Sam and Silas breaking up. Nathan advises Nina not to get her hopes up, but Nina doesn't listen. It leads into a conversation about Levi and Maxie. Nathan vents about his suspicions about Levi and Nina realizes that Nathan's in love with Maxie. At first Nathan protests, but then he admits he has feelings for her. At the end, Nina asks what Nathan is going to do about Maxie. She advises him to fight for love. 

End of show!

Cute Alice scenes today! I guess Alice will get Mickey's heart??

Have a great night!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Drunk Dial

Our pay per view sucks!
In this episode Olivia and Ned bond, Alexis finds her house in flames and Julian is out for revenge!

Today's Show -

Olivia gets drunk with Ned standing watch at the bar in the hotel restaurant. She starts yelling at Carly for her loyalty to Sonny and says she's going to kick Sonny out. After Olivia drunkenly vents about her problems with Sonny to Ned. She says she became a Brenda Bot, referring to the history of big boobed brunettes that have swooned for Sonny. Later they end up in his hotel room where he attempts to sober her up. He puts on the TV, but Olivia says the hotel's pay per view sucks. Then an animal rescue commercial comes on the TV while Ned steps away. When he returns he finds Olivia on the phone with the rescue ready to adopt a slue of dogs. He tells her to never to drunk dial, but Olivia is ready to turn the Metro Court into a hotel for dogs. Ned grabs the phone and makes up a bed for her on the couch. At the end, Olivia thanks him and says Lois was crazy to let him get away.

Sam finds Nina and Silas making out on the couch in his apartment. Nina plays coy and asks why Sam showed up if her and Silas broke up. Silas is out of it from the drugs Nina gave him, but tries to talk to Sam. Sam wants to reveal her suspicions about Nina, but she's too angry and storms away. Silas tries to chase her, but he falls down in a haze. Then Nina calls him back to the couch and tries to make out again. Silas says something is off and it's a mistake for them to take it any further.

Julian gets a threatening text message from Mr. Diamond at Ava's apartment and realizes that something wrong. He takes off to check on Alexis. Meanwhile at the Davis house, a bomb in the mailbox goes BOOM! Shortly after Julian arrives and tries to rush into the burning house. He gets blow back and passes out. Later when he wakes, the firemen are on the scene. They tell Julian that anyone inside is definitely dead. Julian breaks down, but then Alexis walks up in shock over her destroyed home. She tells him that everyone was at Sam's place and is safe. Later Sam arrives and panics that Danny was hurt. Julian assures her that Danny's okay and then storms off looking for vengeance. At the end, the one of the firemen tells Sam and Alexis that the fire was caused by a "suspicious" explosion.

Shawn tells Sonny about finding Jordan in Mickey Diamond's hotel room in his office. Sonny wants to play it cool with Mickey so they can use that to their advantage, but says he'll back Shawn up if he needs to take action. Later when alone, Carly shows up to speak with Sonny. She tells him about Olivia's determination to get him kicked out of the hotel. They end up having a drink together and start discussing Franco. Sonny starts to worry about Franco opening his mouth, but Carly calms him down. Then they discuss Ava and Sonny feels confident that he has things under control. At the end, Shawn returns and tells Sonny that he decided not to interfere with Jordan and Mickey.

Franco gets held at gunpoint in the Metro Court elevator. The thugs drag him over to Ava's apartment so she can question him about the incriminating recording AJ made. Ava is convinced that Carly made a copy and wants Franco to give it to her. Ava bets on the fact that Franco would benefit from Sonny being out of Carly's life. She offers to keep it a secret if he helps her, but Franco still refuses. Ava lets him leave, but says she thinks he'll change his mind sooner or later. 

Over in Mickey's room, he finds the digital recorder Jordan planted. He plays it and hears the recording she made earlier stating she's a DEA agent. Mickey gets angry and pulls a gun on her. Jordan tries to talk her way out of it, but Mickey doesn't want to hear it. He's ready to shoot, but Jordan fights him and gets the gun. Jordan wants to know the name of Mickey's boss, but Mickey won't say. His phone rings and Mickey claims it's boss calling. Jordan orders him not to pick up, but Mickey reaches for the phone anyway. Right then, Julian bursts in shoots Mickey point blank.

End of show!

Ned & Olivia were adorable today! Do you like their couple potential?

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show, you can catch up here -- > GH 07/28/14

Monday, July 28, 2014

Silas McDrugged

No official recap today. Here's a blurb from the ABC GH Blog:

After Nina drugs Silas, she goes in for the kill. As Silas gets groggier, Nina talks about Sam's betrayal. Nina asks Silas to help her to the couch, and he falls on top of her. She takes the opportunity to cozy up to him for a kiss…just in time for Sam to walk in.

Enjoy today's episode below!

Have a great night!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Drink Up

Team Quartermaine!
In this episode Julian gets some answers, Tracy invites Ned back to into the fold and Nina sets the next phase of her plan in motion!

Today's Show - 

Tracy tells "Fluke" over the phone that he should come home for Alice's sake. Of course he says he can't. Then Ned finds Tracy at the hospital. He guesses that she's hiding something so Tracy says that she's exploring illegal methods to help Alice. After they talk briefly about Luke and Ned says he knows her annulment to him was valid. Tracy says she doesn't want to discuss Luke and instead talks about how many Quartermaine's have died over the years. She gets emotional and then asks Ned to come home. Ned agrees and says he'll move in right away. After Tracy calls Luke back to say their plan is working like a charm.

Shawn tells Sonny at his office that Ava escaped to her penthouse. Sonny wants to know who helped her. Shawn hands Sonny video surveillance from the hospital's rooftop. They watch on Sonny's laptop and see Julian and Mickey helping Ava. Then Shawn takes off to investigate Mr. Diamond. Later Olivia comes by and tells Sonny that she's kicking him out. Olivia says she evicting him on suspicion of illegal activity. Sonny says Carly won't allow it and refuses to go. Olivia gets emotional and says he killing her having to see him everyday. Sonny says he loves her and they should try again. Olivia refuses and storms out in tears. On her way onto the elevator, she runs into Ned's arms.

Ava comes home with Julian and Mickey Diamond to find that Julian has taken over her apartment and claimed her bedroom as his. Then Mickey demands to know what Ava has on Sonny and pulls a gun to prove how serious he is. Julian manages to subdue Mickey, takes his gun away and then demands to know if he's selling heroine. Mickey confirms it and asks what Julian's going to do about it. Mickey explains that they've been lacing the cocaine with heroine. The news disgusts Julian, especially given what happened to Rafe, so he insists that he's out of the business for good. Ava backs Julian up and they threaten to do whatever it takes to protect their family. Mickey decides to leave, but feels confident Julian will change his mind. After Ava and Julian toast to their renewed partnership.

Jordan goes looking for Mickey at his hotel room and decides to break in when he doesn't answer. Olivia sees her and asks what she's doing. Jordan introduces herself and Olivia recognizes her as TJ's mom. Jordan says shes early for her date with Mr. Diamond. After Olivia walks away and Jordan goes to get into Mickey's room again. Once inside, she makes a voice recording of her search. Then Shawn storms in. Jordan tells him to get out before he ruins her plans with Mickey. Shawn doesn't want her to sleep with Mickey and says Mickey's not the man she really wants. Then Shawn grabs Jordan and kisses her. Jordan slaps him in protest, but Shawn kisses her again and then she gives in. Meanwhile, Mickey lurks outside the door while he chats with his boss about sending Julian a message he won't forget.

Silas and Sam talk by the nurses's station at GH about their relationship status. Silas wants to work on things, but Sam doesn't think it's a good idea. Then Patrick walks by. He and Silas end up having a heated conversation about Patrick losing his job. Right then Nina calls Silas and asks him to come home. Silas leaves and after Sam tells Patrick that her and Silas broke up. She also blames Nina for it and possibly getting Patrick fired. Sam thinks Nina eavesdropped and told the reporters. Later Patrick and Sam look for the hospital surveillance video to see if they can find out if Nina was listening. However they learn that it's currently being used by Sonny. At the end, Sam goes to Sonny and asks to see the footage from the hospital.

Nina and Rosalee come back to Silas's place. Nina does a happy dance over Sam dumping Silas and gloats over her brilliant plan. Then Nina crosses Sam off her list. Rosalee asks who's next. Nina starts talking about all that she's lost, namely her baby and she blames Silas for it. Then she claims that Silas owes her a baby. Rosalee tries to caution her against taking any rash action. After Nina says Ava is next. Later Silas comes home and Rosalee starts to pick on him for not spending enough time with his wife. Nina tells her take the night off and Silas steps out of the room to change. Before leaving, Rosalee hands Nina mysterious pills that she asked for and warns Nina how strong they are. At the end, Nina mixes in the pills into a scotch and soda for Silas and tells him to drink up!

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for Monday below!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday episode, you can catch up here -- > GH 07/24/14

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Art Therapy

No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. 

Here's a blurb from: Soap Central:

Patrick tells Anna that he doesn't want to get between Sam and Silas.

Sam tells Silas that Patrick was fired because of him.

Julian demands answers.

Franco bumps into Nina and finds her list.

Also find today's recap at the Wub Tub!

Enjoy today's episode below!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Make a Choice

Agent Creepy!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Lucy goes to The Floating Rib to vent to Felicia about finding Bobby in Scott's room. Lucy says she wants Scott for herself. Felicia tells her to fight for her man. Meanwhile, Scott and Bobby get into a conversation about Lucy in his hotel room. Bobby wonders if he wants to be with Lucy or with her. Then Lucy shows up and announces in front of Bobby that she wants to be with Scott. Both women end up asking Scott to make a choice. He refuses to answer and runs out the door.

Anna and Jordan meet in the park. Anna feels pressured to solve the heroine problem. Jordan thinks Mickey Diamond is the answer. Jordan says she's willing to sleep with Mickey for information. Anna doesn't approve, but Jordan is determined to see her plan through for the greater good. Meanwhile Mickey corners TJ at GH and questions him about Jordan. Mickey pretends to be a DEA agent and asks TJ about her prison time. TJ says his mom was gone and then showed up in PC one day. That strikes a chord with Mickey. At the end, Jordan calls Mickey and asks to meet up with him.

Alexis and Julian enjoy a morning romp and feel blissful about their romance. After he tells her that Molly won't want to come home as long as he's there. He offers to walk away to heal the relationship between Alexis and Molly. Alexis doesn't like the idea and wants to look for another solution. They agree to keep their relationship a secret for the time being.

Ava and Sonny run into Morgan at the hospital. He wants answers on what's really going on between them. Ava insists there's nothing for him to worry about. Later Sonny and Ava bicker about what Morgan should and shouldn't know. Then Ava's doctor's appointment begins and she bribe's the doctor for a cell phone call. Then She calls Julian and offers to help him take Sonny down if he'll extract her from Sonny's grasp. Julian agrees to help her when she threatens to expose what he did to Ric.

Morgan runs into Rosalee in the park. She hits him in the head with her cell phone when she tosses it in anger. Rosalee apologizes and gives him some ice. They end up chatting and Morgan tells her about his baby drama with his father and ex-girlfriend. Rosalee advises him to find some space to deal with the situation. They strike up a connection and exchange phone numbers. Meanwhile Alexis and Sonny run into each other at the hospital and have a pleasant chat. They compare notes on dealing with Jerome related woes. At the end, Sonny nearly catches Ava and Julian conspiring.

End of show!

Fun day for fans of our GH vets!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Green Card Marriage

Moody McSilas!
In this episode Nathan gets his heart broken, Scotty has lady troubles and Patrick develops an employment problem!

Today's Show - 

Olivia let's Nikolas and Britt into the room at The Metro Court where Spencer checked in, but they find it empty. Nik is furious at the situation, but Olivia promises to help him get to the bottom of it. Britt begins to realize all the flaws in her plan with Spencer. Then Spencer texts her to look under the chair. Britt and Nik find a note written by Spencer stating his disappointment about their break up and how he can't watch Emma and Cameron together anymore. He claims it's hard out here for a prince. After Nik decides to call the police while Britt worries about the truth coming out.

Maxie announces her plans to marry Levi to Felicia, Mac and Nathan at The Floating Rib. Mac isn't pleased, Felicia tries to be supportive and poor Nathan seems terribly disappointed. Nathan feels certain that it's simply a green card marriage, but Maxie insists that she loves Levi. Mac reminds Maxie about her fake marriage to Matt Drake. Then Nathan asks to speak with Maxie alone. She agrees and in private he tells her she can't marry Levi. Maxie asks why he cares. Nathan says she could go to jail for fraud, but Maxie still doesn't change her mind. Later Mac refuses to give his blessing about the marriage and Nathan looks like he wants to cry.

Lucy is surprised to find Bobby wearing Scott's bathrobe in Scott's hotel room. Bobby let's her in and Lucy fumes when Bobby confirms that she's sleeping with Scott. Bobby takes pleasure in rubbing it in so Lucy calls her a man stealing sneak. Bobby reminds Lucy that she kicked Scott to the curb and has no claim on him. They end up having a nasty argument and Bobby slaps Lucy. Lucy slaps her back and they end up wrestling on the bed.

Scotty wants to know what happened to Rafe and questions Anna about it at the PCPD. He wants answers about why there were drugs in Rafe's system. Anna gets annoyed and suggests that Scotty has been bought off by Julian. Scotty denies it, but Anna doesn't buy it. Later Anna gets called to investigate Spencer's disappearance. Olivia tells her, Nik and Britt that she learned that Spencer took a cab from the hotel. Meanwhile, Scotty goes home to find Lucy and Bobby fighting. He stops them and Lucy storms out.

Julian grills Jordan in the park about her interactions with Mickey Diamond. He thinks she's selling heroine with Mr, Diamond. Jordan assures him that she doesn't know anything about the heroine, but Julian warns her not to under estimate him. Jordan tells him to ask Mickey or their boss about it. Then she suggests that her and Julian work together, but Julian isn't interested.

At GH, Patrick tries to field questions about his desire for revenge against Rafe during the press conference. The reporters flat out accuse him of murder and say they have a confidential source on the matter. Dr. O defends Patrick, then puts an end to the press conference and kicks the reporters out. After Sam thinks that Silas is the one who spilled the beans. Silas denies saying anything so Sam wonders if he told Nina. Nina claims to know nothing about it and it creates an argument between Sam and Silas. At the end, Silas takes Nina home and after Dr. Obrecht tells Patrick that she has to fire him!

End of show!

What do you think of Spencer's adorable note? 

Have a great night!

P.S. Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) and Ronn Moss, formerly of CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful (Ex-Ridge Forrester) are featured on tonight’s episode of ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap (10PMET/PT)!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Throw a Shrimp on the Barbie

Getting hitched, mate!
In today's show Lucy mentions Serena, Maxie and Levi make a surprising announcement and Patrick gets grilled at the press conference!

Here's What Happened - 

Mac and Felicia debate who called immigration at The Floating Rib. Felicia seems skeptical about Nathan, but Mac doesn't trust Levi. Then Lucy arrives in tears over Rafe's death. Felicia tries to comfort her and she asks about Serena since Kevin is divorcing her. Lucy says that Serena is upset with her for hurting both Kevin and Scott. Mac chimes in that Lucy created this situation for herself. Later when they're alone, Lucy admits to Felicia that she misses Scott. Felicia advises her to follow her heart. At the end, Lucy goes to see Scott and finds Bobby at his place wearing his bathrobe.

Dante tries to help Nathan sort things out at the PCPD about Levi. Nathan is convinced that Levi set him up. Dante asks what Levi has to gain by getting himself deported. Nathan says he can't prove it, but he knows Levi is trouble. They retrace Nathan's steps and realize that Levi did have time to swipe his phone. Later Nathan heads over to The Floating Rib to assure Mac and Felicia that he's innocent.

Maxie tells Levi that she'll leave the US with him at her apartment. She says who wouldn't want to throw a shrimp on the barbie in Australia. However Levi says Port Charles is Maxie's home and he doesn't want to take anything from her. When that doesn't convince Maxie, Levi says he'll be arrested if he returns to Australia. Levi explains that he broke into a animal testing lab and set them free. Maxie says she has another idea of how to help him. At the end, they head to The Floating Rib to announce that they've decided to get married.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Sam about his upcoming press conference with Dr. Obrecht. Sam thinks she might have convinced Silas not to sue the hospital, but Patrick's not so sure. Nearby, Anna wonders if Dr. O is setting Patrick up at for the blame, but Dr. Obrecht says Anna should worry more about all the drugs in PC. Especially since Rafe's heart turned out to be no good for Alice due to his heroine use. Later Anna heads back to the PCPD and asks Dante to set up a task force with Nathan. She's wants to put an end to the drug trade asap.

Nikolas can't find Spencer at the park. Liz and Britt help him look around. They all decide to split up and search. Later Britt works on Liz and tells her to take Cameron and Emma home, leaving her alone with a worried Nikolas. Nik wants to call the police, but then realizes he can trace Spencer's phone. Meanwhile, Spencer checks himself into The Metro Court and texts Britt that he's pulling a scam on Nikolas. He plays video games and eats tons of candy while he waits for Britt to get back to him. Later Nikolas realizes that Spencer is at the Metro Court so Britt sneaks in a call to Spencer warning him. At the end, Britt and Nikolas head to the hotel to find Spencer.

Nina and Rosalee continue their banter about Nina's plans for Silas and Sam. Then Silas runs into them and Nina makes sure to point out to him that Sam is talking with Patrick. After Nina sends Rosalee away and cleverly manages to slip it to one of the reporters that Patrick might have had a desire for revenge. Then the press conference begins with Dr. Obrecht explaining how Patrick ended up operating on Rafe. The reporters grill Dr. O on how she could allow Patrick to operate after what happened with baby Gabriel. Patrick notices Nina's odd expression. Then the reporters put Patrick under fire and accuse him of ending Rafe's life on purpose.

End of show!

What the hell has Maxie been wearing!?! I miss her trendy clothes!

Have a great night!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Don't Kick Me Out

I'm a good roommate!
No official recap today. GH was interrupted by the news this afternoon. See you tomorrow!

Update 07/18/14: Yesterday's show aired today! 

Quick Summary:

Rosalee convinces Nina to keep quiet about her guilt and continue her revenge plans.

Patrick tells a disappointed Anna at GH that he's thinking of divorcing Robin.

Spencer and Britt plot at day camp, but Liz still manages to steal Nikolas's attention.

Silas blames Dr. Obrecht for allowing Patrick to operate on Rafe. 

Dr. O asks Patrick to stand with her for a press conference.

Sam tries to convince Silas not to sue, but he accuses her of protecting Patrick.

Maxie kicks Nathan out for calling immigration, but Nathan thinks Levi set him up.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Heartbreakers - New Soapy Show!

Great Cast!
Have you heard about this show? It looks fun. 

(From Discovery Press Web)

Series Premieres Wednesday, August 13 at 10/9c



In Investigation Discovery's (ID) original new series HEARTBREAKERS, hunky Hollywood actors from the ‘80s and ‘90s reunite on screen to portray real-life dreamboats who turned into total nightmares. Directed and written in a sensational, Aaron Spelling-esque style reminiscent of classic primetime soaps, HEARTBREAKERS takes true stories ripped from the headlines to show what really happens when the perfect catch turns out to be the perfect criminal. Featuring Kevin Sorbo, Jack Wagner, Judd Nelson, Rob Estes, Tracey Gold, Nicole Eggert, Jamie Luner, Christopher Knight, and Antonio Sabato, Jr., HEARTBREAKERS makes its world premiere debut on ID on Wednesday, August 13 at 10/9c.

Will you watch? I think I'll have check out at least one episode. Not only do I love Jack Wagner, but Rob Estes drove me nuts in Silk Stalkings back in the day. Bring on Frisco, Jagger & Chris Lorenzo!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pull the Plug

Goodbye Rafe!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Kiki and Morgan chat in their underwear at the Brownstone about Alice and Rafe. They decide to break their coffee mugs to relieve stress. Later Michael stops by and seems concerned about Morgan and Kiki's renewed friendship.

Michael is still suspicious about what Tracy's up to at GH. Later Tracy tells Alice that Rafe's heart is no good, but promises to find her another donor if she keeps quiet. At the end, Michael returns with Morgan and Alice decides to keep Tracy's secret.

Molly has bad dreams about the car accident in her hospital room. She wants to see Rafe when she wakes up so TJ and Alexis tell her that Rafe is brain dead. Molly is very upset and decides that she wants to say goodbye to Rafe.

Nina uncomfortably assures Silas that she's there for him at GH. Later Nina confides in Rosalee about her guilt and hallucinations regarding Rafe. She debates telling Silas the truth, but Rosalee think it's a bad idea.

Britt fills in for Alice at the Lila's Kids day camp in the park. Nik offers to help her out, which pleases Spencer. However, Jocelyn decides to drench Britt with water balloons and she and Nik end up shirtless. At the end, Liz sees Nik and Britt bonding.

Sam tells Liz at GH that she fears telling Silas about the heroine in Rafe's blood. Later Sam decides to tell Silas about the additional drug use. Silas is distraught, but decides to pull the plug. After Sam, Silas, Molly and Kiki say their teary goodbyes.

End of show!

Britt got a cute haircut! The kids were so fun today. Are you sad to see Rafe go? I think they did a nice job with his final scene.

Enjoy today's episode below!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Point the Finger

Nathan's guilty!
Today's Highlights:

Sonny wants to kill Franco, but Carly demands he doesn't at her place. Franco walks in, surmises what's going on and dares Sonny to kill him. Sonny warns him to keep quiet or else. After Franco and Carly argue about Sonny. However by the end they up eating pizza, drink some wine and make peace.

Jordan runs into Shawn at the Metro Court before meeting Mr. Diamond for dinner. They have a sexy conversation about a previous "night" together. Then Mickey Diamond arrives and Shawn gets jealous when he touches Jordan. Sonny shows up and has to talk Shawn down. At the end Mickey propositions Jordan. He advises her to keep him happy for her job's sake.

Brad continues to fight with Felix about Lucas at GH. Felix ends up admitting that he's interested in Lucas. After he and Brad decide to get a drink together to sort it out. Meanwhile, Lucas and Julian go to The Floating Rib for dinner together and discuss his love life. The conversation is uncomfortable for Julian, but he's a good sport. Then Brad and Felix show up and approach them, but Lucas doesn't want to hear anything they have to say.

Maxie questions Mac and Dante about possibly calling immigration on Levi at The Floating Rib. Lulu and Olivia watch the situation unfold with amusement. Then Nathan and Levi show up. Maxie asks to see Nathan's phone and finds a call to immigration in his call log. Nathan has no idea how it ended up there. Maxie doesn't believe him and assures Levi that Nathan won't get away with this!

End of show!

I've been referring to Mr. Diamond as Nikki on this blog for awhile, but in today's show he introduced himself as Mickey and I realized my mistake. I want to apologize for my error. I swear I'm really not dumb, just sometimes lose focus while watching this show! lol

Have a great night!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Say Something

Just relax, it's a reflex!
In today's show Franco and Nina connect, Maxie wants to know who called immigration and it turns out that Rafe used many kinds of drugs!

Here's What Happened - 

Franco starts his new job at GH. Dr. Obrecht tells him that he's doing a great job and Franco feels like he's got his mojo back. Meanwhile Nina gets a big shock when Rafe opens his eyes in his hospital room. She doesn't believe it and tells herself its just a reflex. However Rafe rips off his oxygen mask and says, "Still think it's a reflex bitch?" He tells Nina that he's going to expose her secrets and taunts her. Nina starts freaking out and screams at Rafe to say something. Then Franco walks in and asks if she's alright. When Nina looks back, she sees that Rafe is still very much in a coma. She realizes that she imagined it and tells Franco about it. Franco tells her that the same thing happened to him. They end up having a nice chat and say they hope to see each other again.

Sonny comes to see Carly at her house. He tells her about what happened with Delia breaking into his office for the flash drive. Carly advises him to get a new safe. After Sonny wants to talk about Franco. Carly insists that Franco will keep their secret, but flashes to Franco going to see Michael. Sonny pushes her to tell him what's on her mind so she spills the beans about finding Franco at ELQ about to tell Michael. Sonny freaks out. Carly says it will be okay, but Sonny disagrees and says it won't be okay as long as Franco's alive.

Olivia, Dante, baby Rocco and Lulu discuss baby making over dinner at The Floating Rib. Olivia wants to know when they're having baby number two. They tell her soon. Then they start discussing Sonny, Delia and Sonny's flash drive. Lulu thinks Olivia still cares about Sonny, because she didn't let Delia steal from him. However Olivia insists that it's definitely over for good.

Nathan comes home to find Maxie and Levi accusing him of calling immigration. Nathan swears he didn't call anyone, but admits that he told Dante. Maxie gets annoyed and they have a tense conversation. Nathan mentions that Mac also knows about his suspicions regarding Levi, which makes Maxie really angry at him. She storms out and heads over to The Floating Rib. When she sees Mac and Dante talking at the bar, she demands to know which one of them called immigration.

At the hospital, Tracy, Monica. Morgan and Michael wait to see if Rafe's heart is match for Alice. Nearby. Kiki and Silas discuss the heart transplant outside of Rafe's room and Silas agrees to it. Later they tell Monica and everyone is delighted. Morgan hugs Kiki in excitement and Michael notes how close they seem. Tracy rubs it in and then jets into Alice's room to tell her that her transplant is a done deal. After Dr. Obrecht consults with Silas and Monica about the transplant. Silas is concerned about Rafe's cocaine use. Monica and Dr. O agree it's a risk worth taking. However at the end, Dr. Obrecht tells everyone that Rafe was also using heroine which makes the transplant not possible afterall.

End of show!

Who will save Alice?

Have a great night!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Kissing a Fool

Hungry, Hungry, Hippo Homosexual!
In this episode we learn that watching the Golden Girls is foreplay, Nina knows how to push all of Silas's buttons and Rafe's heart is quite sought after!

Friday's Recap - 

Immigration knocks on Maxie's door looking for Levi. The agent warns Maxie that if she's hiding Levi she could be in big legal trouble. Maxie lies and says Levi doesn't live there, but then Levi walks out and blows her lie. The immigration agent says that Levi is going to be deported and tells them to say their goodbyes. Then he leaves briefly and says he'll be back shortly to bring Levi back to Australia. After Maxie wonders if Nathan called immigration on Levi and panics about what they're going to do. Then Nathan comes home.

Lucas and Lulu discuss his love triangle at Carly's place. Lucas says that he likes Felix a lot, but Brad Cooper's attention is flattering. He thinks because he and Brad were both adopted and their bio-dad's are mobsters that they have a lot in common. Plus Lucas says the sex was great. Lulu advises him not to deny his feelings for Brad because of her and tells him to go get his man.

Brad interrupts Felix while he's in the shower in the GH locker room. Brad accuses Felix of being a hungry, hungry hippo homosexual and claims he's famished for Lucas. Felix says he didn't sleep with Lucas and doesn't understand why Brad is upset. Brad explains that watching the Golden Girls is foreplay and accuses of Felix of making a play for Lucas. Then Brad insists he can give Lucas more passion than Felix ever can and out of nowhere kisses Felix intensely. Right then Lucas walks in, sees them and storms out in anger. Brad chases after Lucas and says he just got carried away. Lucas says he was about to choose who he wanted to be with, but now doesn't know what to do. Then Felix walks up and asks who Lucas was going to pick. Brad is very rude to Felix, which makes Lucas decide to keep his mouth shut and walk away.

Kiki comes up to Morgan and Tracy at GH in tears and tells them about Rafe being brain dead. Tracy wonders if Rafe is an organ donor and Kiki says yes he is. Meanwhile, Alice struggles to tell Michael in her hospital room about her Tracy secret. However before Alice can spills the beans, Tracy comes in and says she found Alice a heart. When Tracy says the heart belongs to Rafe, Michael is shocked. Tracy insists that Michael come with her to see if Rafe's a match. They go to speak with Kiki and Morgan again and Kiki agrees to speak with Silas about the idea. 

Sam stops Patrick on the hospital elevator and asks if he sabotaged Rafe's surgery on purpose. They decide to go speak somewhere privately. Patrick takes her into one of the exams rooms and explains the pressure he was under to operate. Patrick also explains the voice in his head and his desire for revenge, but he assures her that he didn't listen to that voice. Patrick explains that a blood vessel burst in Rafe's brain and there was nothing he could do. He asks Sam to please believe him and she does. Sam says that she knew Patrick wouldn't hurt anyone, but convincing Silas will be difficult. Then they end up hugging.

Nina comes into Rafe's hospital room to comfort Silas. She pretends to care and tells Silas not to give up hope, but Silas says Rafe will never wake up. Silas also feels that Patrick is responsible for Rafe's condition and Nina encourages Silas's suspicions. Then Silas tells her that Sam doesn't think Patrick is capable of doing something like that. Nina uses that information to make Sam look disloyal to him and says Sam is siding with Dr. Drake. At the end, Kiki comes to see Silas and asks to speak with him alone. Once in private, Kiki explains what's happening to Alice and asks Rafe's blood type. Silas answers B positive, which is a match for Alice. Meanwhile, Nina talks to Rafe alone and says that his situation is good for her and thanks him for it. Nina promises to give him a great funeral, but then Rafe opens his eyes!

End of show!

The gay love triangle was very amusing I must say, although very over the top!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Sabrina will be back in a month or so, read here --> TC Returning! Also in case you missed yesterday's show you can catch up here -- > GH 07/10/14

Sabrina's Returning to GH by Summer's End

According to, Sabrina will be back!

It has been quite some time since Sabrina Santiago left Port Charles to grieve her dead baby. While the story line of Gabriel's death is still front and center on “General Hospital,” actress Teresa Castillo has been on maternity leave. Castillo and her husband welcomed a baby girl at the end of May. According to a July 10 tweet from the official Twitter account of Teresa Castillo, she will be returning to tape “General Hospital” at the end of July. Fans are excited to see Sabrina return to Port Charles.

When Teresa Castillo first appeared on “General Hospital” as Sabrina Santiago, fans had mixed reactions. As time as progressed, she has become one of the most liked characters. Sabrina left Port Charles with her cousin Juan to head to Puerto Rico where she could grieve with her family. Even though Patrick and Sabrina are no longer together, there is still a lot of love between them. Patrick has been working hard to find Gabriel's killer, and it was revealed that Rafe was behind the wheel of the car which ran them off the road.

Fans are wondering where Sabrina is going to fit in once she returns to Port Charles. It appears that the “General Hospital” writers are going to pair Sam and Patrick together. Robin is also headed back to town, which will add a lot of tension. There is also speculation that Sabrina may have found someone while in Puerto Rico and will come back an entirely different person.

According to when Teresa Castillo says she will return to tape “General Hospital,” Sabrina should begin airing sometime in late August or early September. This is supposed to be after Robin has already arrived back in Port Charles. Will Patrick welcome Sabrina home, or will he just brush her off to be with Sam?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Brain Dead

Did you?
Quick Recap - 

Lulu and Maxie girl chat at Maxie's place. Lulu thinks Nathan is great and that Maxie likes him more then she'll say. Then immigration comes knocking for Levi. 

Nathan and Dante man chat in the police locker room about Maxie and Levi. Dante thinks Nathan is falling for Maxie.

Patrick coldly tells Sam and Silas that Rafe is brain dead at GH while Nina eavesdrops. Silas thinks Patrick sabotaged the surgery. After Sam, Kiki and Silas say goodbye to Rafe. 

Alice wakes up in the hospital and Monica, Tracy and Michael tell her the news about her heart. At the end, Alice tells Michael she needs to tell him something.

Kiki and Morgan agree that they've moved on and are friends now, but are clearly still attracted to each other when they hug.

Lucas and Felix wake up at Carly's after a night of drinking/watching the Golden Girls together. Then Brad shows up and gets jealous.

Patrick tells Felix that Rafe killed baby Gabriel and they debate whether to tell Sabrina or not. At the end, Sam finds Patrick and asks if he hurt Rafe on purpose.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sex Games

Aww, aren't they cute?
In this episode Julian soothes Alexis with a massage, Maxie and Nathan finally get free and Patrick struggles during Rafe's surgery!

Today's Recap - 

Nathan and Maxie wake up still handcuffed together in their apartment. They look at each tenderly, but get interrupted by Levi coming home. Levi sees the handcuffs and assumes they were playing sex games. Maxie explains what really happened. After Levi tells them he's in danger of being deported, because his visa is nearly expired. Nathan feels compelled to report this as an officer of the law, but Maxie asks Nathan to keep quiet. Wanting to please her, Nathan says he won't say anything for now. Then Levi finds the key to unlock them sitting on the table and wonders how they missed it all night long. At the end, they finally get free but seem almost disappointed.

Jordan runs into Anna at the park while jogging. They have a discreet conversation about Nikki Diamond and Jordan speculates that he's connected to the big boss. Jordan plans to get more information on Mr. Diamond. Anna warns her to be careful and then leaves to do some research on him. After Nikki suddenly appears behind Jordan. He asks why she was chatting with Anna. Jordan assures him that Anna cornered her and it wasn't her choice to speak with her. At the end, Nikki asks Jordan out for a private dinner and tells her to wear something nice. Jordan agrees, but seems worried about his intentions.

Julian goes to see Alexis at the hospital to comfort her after Molly's accident. Alexis is upset, because the doctor ordered a cat scan for Molly. She cries and imagines the worst so Julian gives her a shoulder and back massage to help her relax. After Alexis tells Julian about Rafe's drug use and it hits Julian hard. Then Alexis tells Julian about Anna accusing him of still being in the mob. Alexis plays it cool and reminds him how much she needs him and how good it is that he got out of the business. At the end, Anna runs into Julian alone after she talks on the phone with Frisco about Nikki Diamond. They end up having a tense conversation about Julian's mob status.

Silas calls to check on Nina while he waits to hear about Rafe's surgery. After Rosalee brings Nina muffins for breakfast and listens to Nina complain about the situation with Rafe. Nina is upset, because she was babysat by Kiki who she refers to as "Coo Coo!" Rosalee tells her to worry more about Rafe spilling the beans, but Nina is hopeful Patrick will take revenge against Rafe during surgery. Meanwhile Sam and Silas wait for news on Rafe at GH. Silas is worried about Patrick performing the operation so Sam tells him about the miracle surgery Patrick did on Jason. Silas still isn't convinced that Patrick can keep his personal feelings out of the operating room. After Sam tells Silas about Rafe's drug use. Silas gets pissed that Sam didn't tell him sooner and then Nina wheels up with Rosalee. Nina's presence makes things more uncomfortable.

Dante and Lulu discuss Rafe's situation at GH. Dante is frustrated with the tragedy of it all. Dante also expresses his surprise at how cold Patrick was to Rafe in the ER. He worries that Patrick can't be objective in surgery. It makes Dante feel grateful for all of their blessings. Meanwhile in the OR,  Patrick operates on Rafe with Epiphany by his side. She reminds him how brave he is for operating on the person who killed Gabriel. Patrick pretends to be cool, but he's truly wrestling with his conscious. We see him having a mental conversation with himself about killing Rafe. Then Epiphany snaps at Patrick, because Rafe starts bleeding out. Patrick decides to help Rafe and says they need to stop the bleeding. At the end, Patrick finds Silas to tell him Rafe's condition, but we don't find out what happened.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Double Standard

In today's show we finally learn what job Franco got, Jordan and Shawn angrily flirt and Patrick is asked to save Rafe!

Here's What Happened - 

Jordan and Shawn run into each while jogging in sexy workout gear in the park. Shawn thinks it's too late for Jordan to be running alone, but she says she needed to clear her mind. Shawn asks what's on her mind and Jordan answers TJ. Shawn tells her that her problems with TJ are her own fault. He thinks she needs to quit working for the Jerome's to prove herself. Jordan gets stressed out and says she doesn't have to prove herself to anyone. She thinks Shawn has a double standard since he works for Sonny. Then she threatens to go tell TJ about the secret she knows about Shawn and TJ's dad. Shawn grabs her and warns her to keep quiet. Their lips get close, but then Shawn's phone rings and interrupts. Shawn gets called away on business for Sonny, but tells Jordan the ball is in her court with TJ before he leaves. At the end, Jordan blushes thinking about her encounter with Shawn.

Delia sneaks around Sonny's office while Ava coaches her through it on the phone. Delia loses focus easily, which frustrates Ava. Delia says it would be easier if Ava told her what she's looking for, but Ava insists it's better as a secret. Then Ava tells her to look in Sonny's safe. Sonny walks in while Ava is on the phone so Ava pretends to be chatting with Kiki and then quickly gets off the phone. Back at Sonny's office, Delia cracks his safe. However Olivia walks in and demands to know what Delia is doing there. Then Olivia calls Sonny and tells him to come to his office. Olivia and Delia start to heatedly compare their tough backgrounds when Sonny arrives. Delia tries to run out, but her phone rings and Sonny blocks her way. He takes Delia's phone and hears Ava asking if Delia cracked Sonny's safe yet and got his flash drive. At the end, Sonny orders Shawn to return Delia to New York. Delia warns Shawn that she knows all Sonny's dirt and will tell if anything happens to Ava. Sonny returns home, shows Ava that he took the flash drive and says nice try.

Carly and Franco struggle with their relationship angst while getting ready for bed. Carly is worried that she can't trust Franco with the secret information she shared with him. Franco assures her that he can keep a secret and tries to smooth it over by telling her that he got a job. Carly asks where he'll be working. Franco says he'll be doing art therapy work at the hospital. He's excited at the prospect of helping people while getting paid. Carly is pleased and they kiss. At the end, Franco has trouble sleeping thinking about starting his new job. Carly assures him that he'll be great and then they make love.

Monica tells Tracy, Morgan and Michael at GH that Alice has heart failure and it's not looking good. Monica explains that Alice's heart is too weak to try surgery. Monica says that Alice needs a heart transplant to survive. Tracy thinks that Alice's wrestling and the kids day camp put stress on her heart. Michael is hopeful that a transplant will work, but Monica says Alice has a long road ahead of her. Monica tells them Alice will go to the top of the transplant list, but her life depends on someone else's misfortune.

Sam, Alexis and TJ pray for Molly to wake up in her hospital room while Molly dreams of Rafe and the car accident. She remembers that Rafe said someone ordered him to crash into Patrick and then Molly wakes up. Once Molly is able to talk, she starts asking where Rafe is. Sam says she'll go get the doctor. Later the doctor gives Molly a clean bill of health so Dante wants to question her about the accident. Molly explains how she ended up in the car with Rafe. Dante asks if there is anything else that Rafe said, but Molly claims she can't remember.

Rafe tells Patrick in the ER that there's something he needs to tell him. Patrick yells at him that he doesn't want to hear it, but Rafe tries to spit something out. However he starts to flat-line before he can get the words out. Silas and the other doctor's start working on him and then Sam walks in and pulls Patrick out of the room. Patrick tells her that Rafe was trying to tell him something before he had a seizure.Then Silas and Dr. Obrecht come out and tell Sam and Patrick that Rafe needs brain surgery. Dr. O thinks Patrick is the right man for the job. Silas hates the idea, but Dr. Obrecht says Rafe will die if someone doesn't operate immediately. Sam asks Patrick to save Rafe. Patrick reluctantly agrees to do the surgery and Silas warns him not to hurt Rafe or else!

End of show!

I guess Rafe's a goner and Alice will get his heart...

Have a great night!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Enjoy the Water

Don't say your sorry!
In this episode Delia and Ava ban together, Alice's condition looks grim and Rafe wants to confess to Patrick!

Today's Show - 

Sonny has a daydream that Olivia came to visit him during the fireworks, however Delia snaps him into focus when she asks, "Penny for your thoughts?" Then Delia starts to look at Sonny's pictures and sees a picture of him with his father Mike. Delia says Mike is a dead ringer for her ex-husband, Roger Coleridge. (For those who don't know, Ron Hale was on Ryan's Hope long before he came to GH.) Then Ava walks in. Sonny tells Delia to enjoy the water, because he's keeping a dry house right now. Then he makes a hasty exit leaving Ava and her mother alone. After Ava wants Delia to go snooping in Sonny's office, but Delia refuses. Sonny walks back in and Delia pretends to be arguing with Ava so he doesn't realize they were conspiring. Sonny believes it and later Delia adds to the ruse by packing her bags and then leaving. However at the end, Delia sneaks into Sonny's office afterall.

Rafe tells Molly that someone ordered him to drive Patrick's car off the road and then he promptly crashes into a road block. Sam and Dante see the whole thing as they follow behind them. When they arrive on the scene of the accident, Dante finds Rafe unconscious on the ground and Sam sees Molly unconscious in the passenger seat of the car. Sam panics when Molly can't regain consciousnesses, but Dante gets Rafe to open his eyes. A while later the paramedics arrive to load them into the ambulance.

Nina and Silas watch the fireworks from his apartment. Nina gets emotional seeing them and after Silas expresses his concern about Rafe's behavior. Silas feels guilty for not paying more attention. Then Kiki comes over and Nina tells Kiki her "story" about how Rafe attacked her and ran away. Silas finally gets through to Sam on the phone and she tells him what happened. Then they say they love each other as Nina listens. After Silas takes off to help Rafe and leaves Kiki with Nina. Once alone, Kiki senses that Nina is trying to get rid of her and wonders if it's because of Ava. Nina gets creepy, but tells Kiki she's over it. Then she takes Kiki's hand and says she knows she needs to move forward. Kiki doesn't seem convinced.

Lulu wakes up in the hospital to find Olivia by her side. She asks where Dante is so Olivia fills her in on how he was called away to aid in the Rafe situation. After Olivia reflects on where she was with Sonny a year ago to where they are now. Then they both agree that Sonny is a troubled soul and Dante is a wonderful man. Olivia wants Dante to have a relationship with Sonny, despite her feelings about him. At the end, Lulu tells Olivia that she can leave to attend work stuff at the Metro Court.

Monica finds Tracy in the ER and asks what happened to Alice. Tracy says the paramedics said she had a heart attack, but wouldn't tell her anymore. Monica uses her influence to get more information and then takes Tracy into Alice's room. They find Alice unconscious and hooked up to machines with Michael and Morgan by her side. Later Michael and Morgan question Tracy in private in the ER. Michael asks what Tracy knows about what Alice wanted to tell him before she collapsed. Before Tracy can answer, Molly comes into the hospital which detracts them. At the end, Tracy, Morgan and Michael go back into Alice's room and they wait for Monica to fill them in on what seems to be bad news about Alice.

TJ and Alexis wonder what's taking Molly so long at the park. Alexis starts to worry that something is amiss and suggests they go looking for Molly at Silas's place. On the way out of the park, they run into Patrick. He tells them that Rafe is responsible for killing Gabriel and Alexis tells Patrick about Rafe's cocaine use. Patrick explains that he just talked to Sam and she told him that Molly is in the car with Rafe. Then Silas calls Alexis and tells her about Molly's accident with Rafe. Alexis ,TJ and Patrick race to the hospital. Once they arrive, Patrick decides to sneak into Rafe's ER room. Patrick starts to berate Rafe for killing Gabriel, but he's stopped by Silas and Dante. At the end, TJ, Sam and Alexis wait by Molly's bedside. Nearby Rafe wants to confess something to Patrick about the accident.
End of show!

Olivia and Lulu were somewhat randomly inserted into today's show, but otherwise it was a fun episode to watch!

Have a great night!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July - GH Style

Getting my man back!
In today's show Port Charles begins celebrating the 4th of July, Britt and Spencer work together to win Nikolas over and Rafe has more vehicular troubles!

Thursday's Recap - 

At the hospital, Liz thanks Britt for helping her get her job back. They run into Nikolas and Spencer who tell Britt that they've come to take Liz to see the fireworks. Britt makes a polite exit, but then calls Dr. Obrecht for help. Later in private, Britt talks Spencer out of wanting to go see the fireworks with Cameron and Liz. They make a pact to work together to get Britt and Nikolas back together. Meanwhile Liz is suddenly needed at work and can't go with Nikolas. After Spencer conveniently invites Britt to join them since Liz can't and Nikolas reluctantly agrees. Later at the park, Spencer goes off to find Emma and it gives Nikolas and Britt some alone time. Britt reminds Nikolas that they met a year ago. She also apologizes to him again for her actions in the past. At the end, Spencer rejoins them when the fireworks begin and he convinces Nik to put his arm around Britt when she's cold.

Maxie and Nathan continue to banter while being handcuffed together in the park. Nathan tries to explain why he can't ask for help from the police to free them. He worries that he'll look weak and that it would disappoint Anna. After they start talking about Levi. Nathan refers to Maxie as a "dutiful" girlfriend and feels that she followed Levi's lead with the Brownstone protest. Maxie does acknowledge that it was Levi's idea. At the end, they watch the fireworks go off and Nathan admires Maxie's beauty.

Alexis finds TJ sitting alone in the park. He tells her that he's waiting for Molly. Alexis pressures TJ into telling her why Molly abandoned him. TJ gives in and says that she left because Rafe has been using drugs. Alexis is surprised, but thinks Molly was doing the right thing by taking off to tell Silas. Later they share some french fries and Alexis hints that TJ and Molly need to be extra careful about sex. TJ decides to tell her that he and Molly still haven't gone all the way. At the end, TJ leaves a worried message for Molly wondering what's taking her so long.

Emma and Patrick set up a picnic at the park in preparation for the fireworks, but Patrick can't stop thinking about what's going on with Rafe. Emma senses something is wrong so Patrick explains that he's waiting to find out about who the driver was. After Emma asks if he and Robin are getting a divorce. Patrick says he thinks they probably will. Emma gets upset and worries about Patrick being alone. He tells her that he's not alone, because he's got her. Later Spencer finds them and Emma invites him to eat popcorn. Sam calls and gives Patrick a quick update on what's happening with Rafe. At the end, Emma and Patrick snuggle and watch the fireworks.

At Silas's apartment, Silas, Sam and Dante burst in and find Nina on the floor. Silas helps Nina up and Nina spins a story about how Rafe knocked her over and Rosalee took after him. Sam and Dante take off looking for Rafe and Silas stays behind. Then Nina flashes to what really happened and we see that Nina had Rosalee hit her and that she gave Rafe money to leave town. Later Silas nurses Nina's boo boos. He shares that he feels guilty for whats happening with Rafe. Nina uses his pain to comfort him. At the end, they watch the fireworks go off together from his apartment and Nina holds Silas's hand.

Meanwhile in the parking garage, Rosalee gives Rafe the keys to Nina's car and tells him to get going. Rafe is reluctant to leave and wants to warn Silas about Nina's plans for him. Rosalee talks him into taking off, but before he can leave Molly finds him. She tries to talk to Rafe about the drugs and his behavior, but Rafe won't open up. He goes to start driving away so Molly jumps in the car with him. Then Dante and Sam run up to the car and see Molly and Rafe inside. Rafe takes off when he sees them. While driving, he confesses to Molly that he was the driver of the car that killed baby Gabriel. Molly tries to convince Rafe to turn himself in, but then the cops start chasing them. We see that it's Sam and Dante following them and that Sam has been ignoring Silas's calls. Meanwhile Rafe tells Molly that someone put him up to hitting Patrick's car that night. Molly asks who it was, but before he can tell her Rafe drives into a road block!

End of show!

GH will be a repeat tomorrow.

Enjoy Monday's preview below!

Have a great 4th of July and enjoy the long weekend!