Friday, June 13, 2014

Willy Nilly

Where's daddy?
In today's show Nathan and Maxie get a drink together, Liz loses her job and Molly insists on seeing her father!

Here's What Happened - 

At Sonny's place, he and Duke drink scotch and talk about Julian. Sonny asks if Duke wants back in his organization. Duke replies that he'd like to, but Anna wouldn't like it so he can't. Sonny says he was never able to choose a woman over his business and he's paid for that choice. Then he tells Duke that Ava really killed Connie and AJ was innocent. Sonny also catches Duke up with Ava being pregnant and her moving in with him. Sonny says he hates Ava and he doesn't want Morgan to know how evil she is, especially if she's pregnant with his baby.

Over at Jake's, Britt and Brad eat ribs and drink beer to forget their relationship problems. Then Nik walks in. Brad tells her to go talk to him and to channel the britch. Britt says no, but then to her surprise Nikolas asks to speak with her. Nik says that he's sorry for Gabriel's death and tells Britt that she's a great doctor. Britt wonders if there is a chance for them to start anew, but then a news report comes on the TV announcing Ric's death. Nik says he needs to find Liz and runs off.

Felix worries about Sabrina on his shift at GH. Lucas sees him while taking a break from his hospital room and sits down to talk. Felix fills Lucas in on the drama with Sabrina. Lucas talks about losing BJ and how it effected his family. Then Felix says he needs to get home to take care of Sabrina. Lucas asks who's going to take care of him. Felix gets emotional so Lucas hugs him. Brad sees them and gets jealous. Lucas tells Brad about Sabrina. Brad feels like an idiot, but Felix says it's okay and heads off. After Lucas yells at Brad for being insensitive. Brad tells Lucas that he acts stupid because he likes him and he thinks they have something. Lucas seems moved, but heads back to his room.

Dr. Obrecht questions Liz's whereabouts at the hospital. Dr. O is heated because Liz left her shift without letting anyone know. She tells Liz that there is no, "willy nilly" at GH and she's writing her up. Liz says she doesn't give a damn and had a personal problem. Dr. Obrecht isn't moved and starts lecturing her, so Liz snaps that someone died. They get snippy with each other so Liz dares Dr. O to fire her. Much to Liz's surprise, Dr. O does fire her. Nikolas suddenly appears and says Dr. Obrecht can't fire Liz, but Dr. O says she can and walks off. Once alone, Liz tells Nik she doesn't care about her job because Ric is dead. She explains that she was at the police station when it happened. Nik holds her hand and walks her out. Britt happens to see them and is crushed. At the end, Britt tells Dr. Obrecht she wants her help to get Nikolas back. Outside Liz and Nikolas talk and she says she can't believe what happened to Ric is real.

Nathan tells Maxie in the park that something awful happened at work. He asks if Maxie would like to get a drink with him. They head to Jake's and order some beer. Then they hear the news report about Ric's death and Maxie realizes that's the bad thing that happened to Nathan at work. He tells Maxie that he can't talk about it. Maxie assumes that he's feeling guilty and says he needs to talk about it. Nathan says he's most concerned about Molly and that he wishes he wasn't involved in this. Then Nathan tries to thank Maxie for her kindness, but their food comes and interrupts his flow. After they talk about baby Gabriel's death and how sad it is. Maxie brings up her argument with Levi and how she thinks bad things happen for no reason at all. Nathan is pleased to see Maxie thinking for herself. At the end, Maxie decides to break her veggie diet and shares some ribs with Nathan.

Alexis comes to see Molly at the PCPD. Molly recounts the events leading up to Ric getting shot in tears while Alexis listens also in tears. Alexis is terribly upset for Molly's loss and asks how she can help. Molly says she wants to see her father. They decide to walk down to the morgue to see Ric's body. Meanwhile in the morgue, Anna let's Ric out of his body bag. Ric is upset about their scheme, but Anna says he needs to stay dead to protect his loved ones. She insists that no one can know he's alive for everyone's safety. Then Alexis and Molly start knocking on the door. Anna steps out and asks to speak with Alexis privately. Anna explains that Ric got shot in a way that makes viewing a bad idea. However, Molly bolts into the morgue anyway. Ric hides and overhears how upset Molly is when Alexis tells her that his body can't be viewed. At the end, Anna has Ric dress as a nurse to try and get him out of the hospital. Ric has regrets about hurting Molly, but Anna says when all this is over he can get his life back. Then they go to sneak out of GH. On his way out, Ric almost runs into Liz but he hides before she can see him.

End of show!

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