Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Welcome Nina!

I'm looking for Silas!
Today's Show - 

Sabrina and Patrick are panicked in the prenatal unit when baby Gabriel's monitor starts beeping. Britt and some nurse's rush in to save him. After examining him, Britt tells them that Gabriel's organs are shutting down and he won't live for more then a few hours. Patrick and Sabrina are devastated. They decide to get a second opinion, but unfortunately they get the same diagnosis. Patrick convinces her that they should say goodbye to him together. At the end, they walk into his room teary eyed and shattered.

Molly demands that Julian tell her the truth about Ric at her house. She's certain that Julian is using Ric as a scapegoat. Julian insists it's true, but Molly doesn't buy it and storms out. She runs into TJ and they discuss the situation on her deck. Alexis comes out and asks Molly to put her anger aside for now and come to Danny's birthday party with her and Julian. Molly reluctantly agrees and they head to the park.

Sonny brings Ava to GH for a pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Nathan tries to tell Silas about Nina being alive nearby. Ava walks up to Nathan and he tells her and Sonny about Julian naming Ric Lansing as his boss. Later Sonny takes Ava to her appointment and Nathan tries to speak with Silas again about Nina, but ends up choking. After Nathan tells Britt that he doesn't want to destroy Silas's happiness with Sam. Nearby in one of the exam rooms, Ava insists that she's truly pregnant. Britt comes in to run a test on her and assures them it will be accurate. 

Carly and Franco chat on the phone about Ava's whereabouts. After Carly runs into Morgan at GH and they talk about Sonny's tryst with Ava. Morgan fills her in that they had sex in the Q's crypt. Carly says he'll probably never see Ava again. Meanwhile, Franco draws caricatures in the park for money and runs into Kiki. She asks him to draw her and tells him that she wants to repair her relationship with Ava. Franco blurts out that he's pretty sure her mother is dead. She freaks out and demands to know what he's talking about. He won't say so she calls Ava and finds out that she's alive and back in Port Charles. At the end, Ava runs into Morgan at GH and tells him that she's pregnant. 

Sam opens the door at Silas's apartment and is shocked to see the police with Rafe. The officer tells Sam that Rafe was caught stealing in the park. Once alone, Sam tries to talk to him about what's going on. Rafe says he spent his allowance and wanted to get Danny a gift for his birthday. Then he says he doesn't want go to Danny's party, because TJ and Molly will be there. When Sam's not looking he takes a wad of cash from her purse. Later Silas returns to his place to grab Danny's gift and finds it empty. He looks at his wedding picture to Nina again. Meanwhile we see that Rafe has scored himself some cocaine with the money he stole. At the end, Silas arrives at the park to join the birthday party and finds Nina there with Danny!

End of show!

Who's writing the baby story, Guza? It was sad, but I can't believe GH dared to kill another kid. 

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's episode, you can catch up here ---> GH 06/02/14


  1. GH sucks stop killing babies why did they go through all the trouble of getting her pregnant in the first place stupid


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