Friday, June 27, 2014

Watch Your Back!

Who's the driver?
In this episode Tracy puts her plan to reclaim ELQ into action, Levi wants to stop the Brownstone renovations plus Franco throws a jealous fit!

Today's Show -

Levi and Maxie talk at the park about ways to get her mind off losing Georgie. Levi suggests that they work on ridding PC of ELQ. Maxie tries to explain to Levi that the Quartermaine's are good people and he's barking up the wrong tree. Levi shows her an article about Michael trying to renovate the waterfront district and says this will drive out the poor people. Levi thinks they should stop the project.

Michael and Morgan take a look at the dilapidated Brownstone and discuss the renovations. Michael talks about his plans to reinvent the neighborhood and they discuss their troubles from the last year. After Michael leaves Morgan to start work. Later Kiki stops by looking for Michael and finds Morgan working shirtless. Her and Morgan chat about their renewed friendship and Kiki thanks him for helping her with, "Luke the perv!" Then she brings up Rafe and her concerns about him. At the end, Kiki and Morgan work on Brownstone, but are interrupted by Levi and Maxie who say they want to stop the project.

Franco finds Carly hugging Sonny at the park and gets upset. He starts yelling at Sonny to get away from Carly and questions what's going on between them. Sonny gets pissed and lays into Franco saying he's the same freak he's always been. Franco reminds Sonny that he knows he killed AJ and warns Sonny not to mess with him. Sonny isn't pleased and threatens to have Franco executed. Carly gets upset with both of them and Franco walks away telling Sonny to watch his back. At the end, Carly assures Sonny that Franco won't talk to the cops about AJ's murder.

At the scene of Patrick's car accident, Sam takes a sample of the paint from the guard rail. Sam thinks the driver probably lives locally so they start looking for body shops. They end up speaking with a nearby body shop mechanic who tells them he recalls a black sports car with a scrape along the side. They ask for him to look in his records for a name, but the mechanic refuses for privacy reasons. Sam explains that she's a PI and needs the information for a case she's investigating. The mechanic still refuses so Patrick pleads with him. At the end, the mechanic let's Sam take a look at his records and she's not pleased at what she finds.

Rafe goes to Sam's penthouse and talks to Molly. He says he needs to talk to Sam immediately, but Molly tells him that Sam is off investigating the accident that killed baby Gabriel. After Rafe apologizes to Molly for being jealous about her relationship with TJ. Molly tells him that she forgives him. At the end, Rafe brings flowers to the scene of Gabriel's accident.

Tracy sneaks into Michael's office at ELQ and calls Fluke to tell him how she's going to take Michael down. She tries to figure out his password to gain access to Michael's laptop. She notices his plans to renovate the Brownstone, but then Michael walks in. Tracy pretends to be arguing with Luke and after she hangs up, Michael asks why she's behind his desk. Tracy claims that she was looking for a pen to sign her divorce papers. Michael accepts her explanation and welcomes Tracy back to ELQ. After Tracy says she'd be interested in the waterfront project so Michael gives her a crack at it. At the end, Michael sits alone in his office and Franco shows up to speak with him,

End of show!

Did Morgan comb his chest hair?

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