Friday, June 6, 2014

There's Been a Complication

Rip Van Nina!
In this episode Nina tries to adjust to life after being in a coma for 20 years, Olivia gets hurt by Sonny again plus Levi gets jealous of Nathan!

Friday's Show - 

Franco tries to make money by painting in the park when he runs into Olivia. Olivia takes the money he already earned to cover the damage he did to his hotel room at the Metro Court. Then she walks off. After Carly finds him and they discuss Ava's pregnancy. However Franco is distracted by his floundering art career so Carly offers to let him make a caricature of her. After Franco does so, they realize he subconsciously drew Olivia instead of Carly. He thinks that means he's an art failure. Carly tells him that she loves him and doesn't care what he does for a living. At the end, she tells him to move in with her, because he needs a real home.

A wet shirtless Nathan talks to Maxie about his Nina worries at their apartment. He's frustrated, because he can't get a hold of Madeline to find out where Nina is. Maxie says she understands, because she misses Georgie and thanks him again for helping her with the judge. Then Levi walks in and gets annoyed that Nathan is half-dressed. Nathan leaves to put on a shirt and once alone, Maxie tells Levi about the help Nathan offered her with the judge. Levi was under the impression that Maxie wasn't pursing visitation so she explains that she changed her mind. Levi scolds her for lying to the judge, but then Nathan walks in and corrects him by saying he was really the one who lied. Levi says lying is bad karma and he doesn't want Maxie to suffer if she can't get Georgie back. Nathan decides to head to work and after Levi wonders if something is going on between them. Maxie assures him that nothing is going on, but looks unsure when he hugs her.

Sam has breakfast with Danny, Alexis and Julian at Kelly's. Julian expresses his disapproval with Silas having a wife to Sam. After they try to celebrate Danny's birthday again since his party at the park got botched by Nina. However, Julian can't stop making snarky comments about Silas. Sam gets annoyed with him so Julian apologizes. He says that he wants to make up for not protecting her from boys while she was growing up. Sam forgives him and they hug while Alexis watches on with joy. Later Sam realizes that cash is missing from her wallet. Meanwhile, Rafe scores more drugs at the park. At the end, Nathan walks into Kelly's and Sam tells him that Nina is alive.

Much to Ava's dislike, Max keeps an eye on her at Sonny's place. She tells Sonny to keep the "ape" away from her, but Sonny is quick to remind her that Max will watch her every movement until the baby comes. Then she's dead meat. Sonny allows Max to take Ava to her apartment to collect some of her belongings. After Olivia stops by and tells him that she's throwing a christening party for baby Rocco and wants to try and make peace with him. Sonny says he wants her back, not peace. They admit they still love each other and Olivia nearly gives in. However Sonny says, "there's been a complication" and then Ava strolls in and says she's moving in with Sonny. Olivia starts freaking out and wants to know why so Sonny tells her about Ava's baby. Olivia is outraged and tells Sonny to go to hell! Then she storms out and Ava takes pleasure in Sonny's relationship trouble.

Sam calls Silas for a Nina update. He tells her that he slept on the couch and plans on telling Nina about their relationship. Then Nina wheels in and says she would have been more comfortable if Silas had slept with her. She asks for coffee and says she feels like Rip Van Winkle adjusting to all the changes in 20 years, re: cell phones, k-cups, etc.. Silas wants to call Nathan, but Nina says she's not ready. She explains that seeing her brother as a man will only remind her of all the time she's lost. Then she asks him for help sitting on the couch so Silas has to lift her and their lips get close. Then Rafe walks in. Silas introduces him to Nina and explains that Rafe's father died. Nina asks what happened to Steven so Rafe says, "My dad was a serial killer!" Then Rafe mentions going to Sam's house and it makes Nina wonder about everyone's relationship to Sam. Before Silas can explain, Kiki stops by. Silas tells Nina that Kiki is his daughter. 

Morgan goes to Michael's place to chat with Kiki. He tells her that he's upset about Ava again and blurts out that Ava is pregnant. Kiki is shocked and realizes that her new little brother or sister will either be Morgan's child or sibling. Morgan tells Kiki that he advised Ava to get rid of the baby. Then Kiki asks if Morgan still loves Ava. Morgan says he thinks he does still love her, but doesn't know what to do. Kiki asks him if he can put aside his concerns and see Ava through all that is to come. At the end, Morgan goes to Sonny's to find a solution to their problems and is shocked to find Ava there.

End of show!

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P.S. They really glossed up Nathan's chest for those scenes didn't they? He must bath in Johnson's baby oil! ;)


  1. All Ava has to say to Sonny is if you treat me like a prisoner, I will tell the Police that you killed AJ.....or better yet I will tell Mike. These women are just so stupid!

  2. This Nina storyline is just so absurd! She is acting like a high-school girl with a crush on the football star. Why is she in a wheelchair? Has Silas even asked her that question? What a lame bday party in the park - no kids his own age or games for him to play!
    I know it was all about NINA whom we could are LEsS about!

  3. Alexis is as dumb as a box of rocks! And one more shot of her cleavage (faux as it is) makes me want to hurl!


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