Thursday, June 19, 2014


ELQ is mine!
In today's show Molly decides to move out, Maxie pleads with the judge and Tracy makes a play for ELQ!

Thursday's Recap - 

Tracy visits Michael and Kiki at ELQ and says she found out the truth about her husband. She explains that she found Luke getting a sexy massage on their honeymoon and after he took off to Amsterdam. Tracy asks for their forgiveness and thanks Michael for saving ELQ. Then Tracy asks to come back to work. Michael thinks her humility seems to good to be true. Tracy says she can prove her loyalty by annulling her marriage. Michael says okay and agrees to give her a chance once she's divorced. Later Tracy talks to Luke on the phone and says their plan worked like a charm.

Anna and Jordan discuss Ric's "death" at the art gallery. Anna explains how she faked it and put him into witness protection. Then they discuss the drug business. TJ stops by so Anna takes off. Once alone, TJ asks Jordan to quit working for the Jerome's. Jordan says she can't and needs the job. TJ responds by saying they can't have a relationship until her employment changes.

At the Davis house, Molly tells Alexis that she's moving out. She says it's because Ric is dead and Alexis is dating the man responsible. She storms out and sees Julian on the phone on their porch. Molly says, "Who's on the phone? Your real boss?" After Julian wonders if maybe Alexis should dump him. Alexis tells him that he's not going anywhere and it will all work out. Later Anna stops by to talk to Alexis. Julian decides to leave and once alone, Anna gives Alexis Ric's last effects for Molly. At the end, Anna tells Alexis she thinks her relationship with Julian is a mistake.

Nina tells Silas and Sam that she'll be fine while they go out to dinner. However when Sam leaves to get ready, Nina tells Silas it's hard for her to accept his relationship with Sam. Nina says Sam is amazing, beautiful and also mentions that Sam talked about Jason. Nina asks when Jason passed away and then asks if it bothers Silas that Sam still wears her wedding ring.

Meanwhile at Sam's place Molly arrives and says she's moving in. Sam isn't sure it's a good idea, but Molly says if she doesn't let her stay Alexis will involve Sonny, he'll involve Carly and it will turn into a huge, "SonnyCarlyMommageddon!" Later Molly asks about her relationship with Silas. Sam says it's going okay, but getting complicated.

Over at the courthouse, Nathan takes the stand at Maxie's hearing. The judge asks him under oath if he lied for Maxie or really did lose her previous court notice. Levi intervenes and says that he's seen Maxie grow as a person. Levi tells the judge Maxie deserves to see her daughter. The judge listens but still wants to hear from Nathan. Before Nathan can answer, Maxie jumps up and says she lied, not Nathan. The judge asks Maxie why so she explains that she was terrified of the his decision either way. Then she gets teary eyed, makes a monologue about the unknowns of parenting and asks the judge for a chance to be a part of Georgie's life.

End of show!

I love those Davis girls!

Have a great night!

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