Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Over My Dead Body

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Here's What Happened -

Ava gets a visit from Kiki at Sonny's house. Kiki tells her that she broke Morgan's heart and asks about the pregnancy. Ava says she is reevaluating her choices, but getting knocked up was a mistake. Ava tells Kiki that she's been in danger from Julian so Sonny is offering her protection. Kiki thinks there must be another place Ava can stay, but Ava says there isn't. Kiki pushes to know what's really going on, but Ava won't say so Kiki storms out.

Morgan goes to chat with Michael at ELQ. They chat about Carly letting Franco move into her house. Morgan is still having trouble digesting their relationship, but Michael tells him that they have to accept it. Then Morgan tells Michael about Ava moving into Sonny's and her being pregnant. Michael is surprised and feels bad for Morgan. Michael offers to help Morgan find a job so he can get money for his own place. At the end, Kiki comes to see Michael and they discuss Ava and Sonny living together.

Franco moves into Carly's place with a ton of bizarre stuff. Carly gets exasperated by all of his belongings so Franco wonders if she's having second thoughts about living together. Carly assures him that she's still on board, but Josslyn isn't so pleased. She says Franco can stay, "Over my dead body!" Franco asks Josslyn why she's mad at him. She tells them that she heard Jax referring to Franco as a "psycho" and kicks Franco in the shin. Carly scolds her and makes her apologize. Josslyn says she sorry Franco's a psycho, steps on his foot and storms out. At the end, Morgan comes home and tells Carly he's moving out. 

At the park, Sonny and Julian discuss Ric. Sonny wants Julian to explain his relationship with Ric since Ric claimed he was set up. Julian says it's over and he's out of the business. Sonny reminds Julian that he's only living because Danny needs him. Julian says he's not Sonny's true enemy so Sonny demands to know who is. Julian answers that it's Ava. Sonny warns him to stay away from Ava. Julian wonders why Sonny is protecting her, but Sonny won't say.

Silas tells Nathan at GH that his marriage to Nina is over. Nathan worries about how this will effect Nina's living situation. Silas tells him that Nina is staying with him for the time being. Nathan asks how Sam is dealing with the situation. Silas says Sam is adjusting and he has no plans to hurt Nina. Nathan decides that good enough for now.

Sam goes to visit Nina at Silas's apartment. They apologize to each other for the mutual awkwardness regarding Silas. Nina explains that she was very naive about Silas when she first woke up, but promises not to interfere with Sam's relationship with him. Sam is worried about Nina living with Silas. Nina explains that with the level of care she needs, Silas can afford to help her. Sam tries to be diplomatic and compares the situation to how she'd feel if Jason returned. At the end, Silas comes home to find Sam and Nina together. Nina tells him that Sam has a problem with her living with him.

End of show!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show you can catch up here ---> GH 06/16/2014

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