Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Mother Is A Monster

Leaving the mob blues!
Monday's Recap - 

Jordan and Anna meet in the park to discuss Julian. Anna is convinced that Ric is Julian's true boss and asks why Jordan is remaining undercover since they arrested her target. Jordan won't say so they end up talking about their kids. Anna advises Jordan to stop working undercover and come clean with TJ. Nearby, Julian gets a call from Luke while he's on his honeymoon with Tracy. Luke threatens to hurt Sam if Julian doesn't continue to comply with his demands. Luke wants him to start dealing drugs again with Jordan. Julian reluctantly agrees. At the end, Julian finds Jordan and tells her he wants to get back work. 

Sam tells Nathan that Nina is alive at Kelly's. Meanwhile, Nina meets Kiki at Silas's apartment and he tells her that Ava is Kiki's mother. Nina is shocked and asks why Ava had his baby instead of her. Then Nathan comes to see Nina. Silas leaves them alone so they can bond. After they reconnect and he explains Madeline's role in her coma. Nathan also tells Nina about the miscarriage she suffered at Madeline's hand. Nina is appalled and says, "Our mother is a monster!" That comment prompts Nathan to explain that he's really her cousin not her brother. Nina freaks out, but Nathan promises that he loves her and she'll always be his sister.

Morgan isn't happy to find Ava at Sonny's house. She explains that she's only moving in temporarily, but he's still upset. Sonny tells Morgan that Ava needs protection from Julian and that's why she's staying with him. Morgan doesn't believe him and tells Ava to move in with him instead. Ava tells Morgan that she doesn't think he can protect her from Julian. Morgan takes offense and storms out. At the end Ava and Sonny argue, but agree they're stuck with each other for now. Meanwhile Morgan goes to see Kiki to vent to her about what happened. 

Silas goes to visit Sam at her penthouse and they discuss the Nina situation. Silas tells Sam that he hasn't told Nina about their relationship yet. He explains how Nina reacted to learning about Kiki and says she's on overload. Silas assures Sam that he loves her. However Sam wonders if he still feels for Nina. Silas says he doesn't want to be with Nina and will tell her the truth once she's ready to hear it. Meanwhile back at his place, Nina tells Nathan that she loves Silas and will never let him go.

End of show!

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