Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No Martinis!

Today's Recap - 

Franco expresses his displeasure to Carly about her spending time with Sonny at her place. Carly tries to explain her reasons for helping Sonny, but Franco suspects that Carly is jealous of Ava. Carly accuses Franco of being the jealous one. Franco ends up walking out. Meanwhile Ava tries to take a drink at Sonny's place. He promptly stops her and says there's no drinking in his house when your pregnant. Ava calls his bluff and makes herself a martini. Sonny gets angry and knocks it out of her hand. They get into an argument and after Sonny calls Carly. At the end, Ava makes a mysterious phone call and asks someone unknown to come to Port Charles.

Silas comes running to Nina's aid when she calls him while he's at the park with Sam. Sam tries to be gracious, but is clearly disappointed when he leaves. After Patrick finds Sam alone with her cleavage busting loose and they decide to have some wine and chat. Sam tells Patrick that she thinks Nina ruined her date with Silas on purpose. Patrick advises her to trust her instincts. Later Sam promises Patrick that she'll find the person responsible for the car accident. He feels guilty for not telling her about Jason. At the end, Patrick takes Sam home.

Over at Silas's apartment, Nina goes over her revenge list and plots with Rosalee. She tells Rosalee that she'll make her rich when this is all over. Later Nina is alone and plants herself on the floor just as Silas is walking in. He helps Nina back into her wheelchair and notices his glass plaque is broken. Nina claims it broke on accident. Meanwhile, Rosalee hits the bar and flirts with Nathan for a minute. Then she returns to Silas's place and promptly blames Silas for Nina's fake fall. At the end, Nina and Rosalee talk alone in her bedroom and Nina says that Sam and Silas will soon be over for good.

Nathan talks to Mac at The Floating Rib about what happened at Maxie's hearing. Nathan tells Mac about the lie he told to the judge and says he feels responsible. After Mac and Nathan chat about Levi and Nathan tells Mac about his suspicions. Hearing it makes Mac irate, but Nathan promises to keep an eye on Maxie. At the end, Franco shows up and asks Mac for advice on Sonny. Mac tells him that women can't resist Sonny.

Maxie comes home looking for Nathan, but finds Levi instead. They get to talking and she wonders how the judge knew Nathan was lying. Mac calls her to express his support and Maxie tells him to tell Nathan it's not his fault. Later Levi decides to tell Maxie about Nathan's suspicions about him. Maxie doesn't believe it, but then we get a flashback of Levi calling the judge. At the end, Nathan comes home and Maxie takes his head off for falsely accusing Levi. 

End of Show!

 Is Nina growing on you?

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show you can catch up here --- > GH 06/23/14

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  1. I am starting to like Nina, but only because of the way Michelle S. is playing her. Otherwise, I still find Silas to be a cold fish. I'm not convinced that he won't become Steven Clay one day either. His character just falls flat.


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