Friday, June 20, 2014

Nikki Diamond

In this episode Anna gives Alexis unsolicited advice, Maxie gets bad news from the judge and Nina flips the f**k out!

Today's Recap - 

Jordan tells Julian at the art gallery that she needs to speak with the big boss. Julian says no way she needs to go through him. Jordan threatens that if he doesn't tell her she'll quit. Julian responds by saying that the boss will kill her if she knows. Jordan says she'll risk it. He's about to tell her when a guy named, Nikki Diamond walks in. Nikki tells Julian the boss sent him and asks to speak with Julian alone. Once in private, Julian surmises that the art gallery is bugged. Nikki warns him to keep his mouth shut about the boss. Then Nikki tells Julian he's being sent out of town and needs to go say goodbye to Alexis. At the end, Nikki warns Jordan when they're alone to never betray the boss or else.

Anna tells Alexis at her house that dating Julian is a mistake. Alexis questions why she thinks that, but then TJ stops by. Alexis tells him that Molly moved out. Hearing that information makes Anna question why Alexis isn't breaking it off with Julian. Alexis responds by saying it's none of Anna's business and compares Julian to Duke. Anna doesn't agree with the comparison and then decides to leave. However, she tells Alexis not to chose Julian over her daughter before walking out. At the end, Julian stops by and tells her he has to leave town for a few days. Alexis gets suspicious of him.

Sam explains her complicated relationship with Silas to Molly at her penthouse. Then Sam confides in Molly that she has doubts about Nina's sincerity. Later TJ stops by with flowers for Molly. Sam goes to get ready for her date and Molly vents to TJ about Julian's lies. Molly feels Alexis chose Julian over her and TJ feels that Jordan also chose Julian over him. At the end, Sam walks down looking hot for her date and Molly tells her Silas won't know what hit him.

Maxie tries to convince the judge to give her another chance to see Georgie at her hearing. The judge says he needs time to ponder his decision and calls for a recess. After Nathan asks why Maxie didn't let him lie for her. Maxie says she couldn't let him risk his job or jail for her. Later the judge returns and denies Maxie visitation for another 6 months. After Levi promises Maxie they'll get through this and tells her to breath. It annoys her and she walks out of the courtroom in tears. Nathan stops Levi from going after Maxie and accuses him of being responsible for what happened.

Dante comes home to find a messy apartment, Rocco asleep and Lulu passed out from exhaustion. After she wakes, they talk about Maxie and Nathan. Lulu wonders if Nathan has a crush on Maxie. Later they talk about having another baby and agree they're ready for it. At the end, Dante gets called back to work and Lulu tells baby Rocco he'll be a big brother soon. Then Maxie knocks on the door and breaks down crying on Lulu's shoulder.

Nina questions why Sam is still wearing her wedding ring to Silas at his place. Silas gets quiet, but then says Sam will take off her ring when she's ready. Then they talk more about the past again. Later Silas goes to get ready for his date with Sam. After he leaves, Nina looks crazy and stares at the door. Then she stands up from her wheelchair and starts freaking out. Nina cradles an engraved medical plaque she'd given him years ago. Then she flashes back to trashing his apartment weeks ago, revealing it wasn't Madeline afterall.

End of show!

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