Monday, June 30, 2014

Kangaroo Ken

Miss me?
Today's Recap -

Carly and Sonny wonder if Franco will talk about AJ's murder at the park. Meanwhile over at ELQ, Franco drops by Michael's office. He tells Michael he wants to talk about his father. Before Franco says anything, Carly shows up. She shoots Franco a deadly look, but then Michael gets called away to the Brownstone by Morgan. He leaves and once alone Carly lays into Franco. Carly is furious that Franco was willing to hurt Michael and ruin her relationship with Michael to get back at Sonny. She threatens to dump Franco if he doesn't accept Sonny in her life. At the end, Franco promises to behave so Carly won't leave him.

Ava thinks about her dilemma with Sonny at his house when someone rings the doorbell. It's Delia and when Sonny comes home he finds her and Ava chatting in his living room. Delia introduces herself to Sonny and says she only serves his coffee at Ryan's Bar. Then she says that he, "knocked her daughter up!" Delia continues to talk a mile a minute and then informs Sonny that she's moving in. Sonny plays it cool and tells Ava he knows she's trying to get under his skin. Sonny says Delia can stay, because he thinks she'll get under Ava's skin more then his. At the end, Sonny leaves Ava alone with Delia and frustrated to the extreme. Delia asks her what's really on so Ava tells her that Sonny wants to kill her.

Kiki and Morgan are interrupted during their renovations at the Brownstone by Levi and Maxie. Levi says the renovations will create gentrification. Morgan tells them to leave, but Levi sits down and says their not going anywhere. Later Michael shows up and finds Levi and Maxie protesting. Levi explains his theory on gentrification to Michael, but Michael defends his position. He tells them if they don't leave he's calling the police. Maxie feels torn and Morgan refers to Levi as Kangaroo Ken. At the end, Levi and Maxie refuse to move so Michael calls the cops.

Silas takes Nina to her appointment at GH. They meet up with Rosalee and Nina's new physical therapist. Rosalee snarks at Silas so Nina tells Silas to take off. Nina and Rosalee go into an exam room with the therapist and Nina slaps him when he tries to examine her. Then Nina stands up and shows him she can walk. Nina explains that she's putting on a show for Silas and offers him money to join her ruse. At the end, the therapist agrees to go along with her plans to pay off his student loans.

Rafe tries to pick up more cocaine at the park, but he's out of money. After he heads to GH to see Silas and asks him for $400. Silas wonders why he needs so much and asks what's going on. Rafe says he needs it for a camping trip with friends from school. Silas believes him and then tells Rafe that he wants to be a better uncle. Meanwhile, Sam finds out that it was Silas's car in the mechanic's records. She can't believe it, but Patrick is furious. Patrick says he's going to get answers. At the end, Sam and Patrick find Silas at the hospital and Patrick confronts him about the accident.

End of show!

Levi needs to get rid of his yoga pants...ugh!

Have  a great night!

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