Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm Stuck in the 90's

Still breathing!
Thursday's Recap - 

Silas tells Nina that he's seeing Sam at his place. Nina feels like an idiot for the scene she made at Danny's birthday party. Nina says,"as if" but Silas tells her people don't say that anymore. Nina screams that she's stuck in the 90's and is frustrated about the time she lost. Then she asks if Silas loves Sam or not. Silas tells her about how he and Sam got together. Then he says that it wasn't until he thought Nina was truly gone that he allowed himself to love Sam. They both get emotional and agree that they missed their chance to be together. Nina says she'll move out and they can get a divorce. However, Silas insists that she stay with him.

Rafe is very upset to hear that baby Gabriel died at the park with Sam. Sam explains what happened and Rafe is noticeably distraught. Sam asks what's wrong. Rafe says he just feels bad and it makes him think of his mother. Rafe says babies are the best and he wishes he could do something to make it better. Then Sam tells him it's her mission to find the person responsible. Rafe looks worried as Sam talks about what a terrible person the driver must be.

Patrick finds Sabrina in her wedding gown at her apartment. She freaks out that he's going to see her before their wedding and makes him close his eyes while she puts on a sweater. Patrick is concerned and stares at her confused. Sabrina rattles on about how weird it is that Felix got her a black dress. Patrick says it was for the funeral. She asks who died so Patrick has to tell her their baby did. Sabrina is in denial so Patrick reminds her of everything that happened leading up to Gabriel's death. Sabrina has memory flashes, but still insists that Patrick is lying. Patrick continues to push her to remember and when she finally does, Sabrina starts crying hysterically.

At the PCPD, a gun shot goes off which frightens everyone. Anna tells Molly, Liz and Diane to wait in the interrogation room until they figure out what happened. Anna steps out and after they debate whether Ric was shot or not. Then Anna returns and says Ric went for Nathan's gun and Nathan had to shoot him. Anna solemnly says, "Ric is dead." Molly is devastated and can't believe it. She insists on seeing him and storms off to find Ric. Liz follows her and they see Nathan in the hallway with a body bag. Liz screams at Nathan for killing an innocent man. Anna tells Nathan he's on leave effective immediately and Nathan clearly feels guilty. 

Levi and Maxie practice yoga in the park, but Levi notices that Maxie is distracted. Maxie says she feels bad for Patrick's loss. Levi is detached and says it must have happened for a reason. Maxie gets annoyed and says that's a crock. She wonders why everything he says is about a journey or the universe. Levi says she sounds like Nathan and then he leaves annoyed. Later Maxie sees Nathan upset setting in the park alone. Back the PCPD, Anna goes to the morgue. She unzips Ric's body bag and he opens his eyes!

End of show!

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