Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm Levi Dunkleman

Just because!
In this episode Sonny has trouble keeping his own secrets, Nina, Silas and Sam continue their dance and Nathan gets called under oath!

Today's Recap - 

Carly is disappointed to hear that Morgan is moving out of her place. Then Morgan mentions Sonny and Ava living together. Carly is surprised, but assures Morgan that Sonny didn't move her in because he's involved with her. Morgan asks how she knows that, but Carly won't say. Morgan gets annoyed and leaves to pack. After Carly decides to go see Sonny and leaves Franco alone. Later Morgan returns and talks with Franco. Franco asks if Morgan will consider staying for Carly's sake. Morgan refuses and reminds Franco that Carly will always run after Sonny.

At the courthouse, Maxie paces about her court hearing in the lobby and runs into Nathan. He tells her the judge requested his presence. Maxie gets nervous about why and tells Nathan that Levi is on his way. She asks again about why he and Levi fought, but before he can answer Levi arrives and gives Nathan attitude. Then Diane shows up. Levi introduces himself as Levi Dunkleman, which makes Nathan chuckle. Later the hearing begins and the judge says he has reason to believe Nathan lied about losing Maxie's previous court notice. Nathan assures the judge it's the truth so the judge asks him to make a statement under oath. Levi looks on as Nathan tells the judge he'll do it. Maxie doesn't want Nathan to risk purging himself for her sake, but Diane thinks it's their best option. At the end, Nathan takes the stand.

Sonny gets a visit from Dante at his house. Dante wants to know why Sonny hurt Olivia, but Sonny isn't in the mood to answer questions. Dante demands they discuss why Ava is living with him. Sonny tries to evade him, but Dante pushes and they argue. Sonny finally cracks and says Ava is staying with him because of Connie. Sonny is about to break down and tell Dante the truth when Carly walks in. She defuses the situation by reminding Dante how self destructive Sonny is when he's guilty or angry. Dante doesn't wanna hear anymore and decides to leave. After Carly and Sonny talk about the situation. Sonny feels like he's losing everyone he cares about, but Carly reminds him that she's still on his side. At the end, they agree to work together to dissolve Ava and protect their family.

Olivia and Lulu play with baby Rocco at the park and talk about life, the past and baby stuff. Lulu tells Olivia she's trying to reestablish her friendship with Maxie. Then they discuss what happened between Sonny and Ava. Olivia says she's trying to move forward. After Lulu starts discussing her upcoming doctor's appointment. Lulu mentions the procedure that could correct her problems. Olivia tells her that life is risky so you shouldn't give up without a fight. Later Dante meets up with them and Lulu tells him that she's decided to have the procedure. 

Nina tells Silas that Sam has a problem with her staying at his apartment. Nina also says she understands why Sam feels insecure. Sam is taken aback and assures Silas that she doesn't feel insecure. Nina decides to give them time to work it out and wheels out of the room. Once alone, Silas is annoyed at Sam for making Nina feel unwelcome. Sam feels shut out and that her intentions were misunderstood. Silas tells Sam this situation isn't her concern, but she passionately disagrees. Later they speak calmly and agree to work through it. Nina wheels back in to get her medication and again promises them that she's not here to cause trouble. After hearing that, Silas tells Nina that he's taking Sam out for the evening.

At ELQ, Kiki and Michael try to decipher what's going on between Sonny and Ava. Michael is grateful for the support Sonny gave him after AJ's murder and wants to give Sonny the benefit of the doubt. Then he mentions Franco moving in with Carly and says Jax should know Franco is living with Josslyn. Kiki advises Michael not to put himself in the middle of Carly and Jax. She also tells him that she thinks Franco is reformed. Later Michael shows Kiki his plans to tear down the old Brownstone and put up a high rise apartment building. He says Morgan can live there and Kiki says she wants to live there too. At the end Tracy walks in as Kiki and Michael are kissing.

End of show!

Could a Carly and Sonny reunion be in the works?

Have a great night!

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