Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'm Done With You!

Bitch down!
In today's show Ava and Carly have it out, Sam struggles with Nina's arrival and Sabrina and Patrick try to deal with their loss.

Thursday's Recap - 

Outside the hospital, Sonny tries to talk to Morgan alone. Morgan is defensive and says he can't deal with the situation. Morgan wants to know how Sonny found out about the baby. Sonny says he went to the island to talk to Ava and she told him. Then he asks Morgan if they can get back to a better place. However, Morgan tells Sonny, "I'm done with you!" Then he yells at Sonny to go to hell and storms off.

Liz and Felix chat outside of baby Gabriel's room. Both get choked up over his loss. Meanwhile inside Gabriel's room, Patrick and Sabrina try to deal with his death. Liz and Felix come in and ask if they're ready to let them take the baby. Sabrina says no, but after some time she hands Gabriel off to Liz to take to the morgue. Later Felix takes Sabrina home and Liz tries to comfort Patrick. Liz says she understands, because she lost Jake. Then Patrick worries about how he's going to tell Emma that Gabriel died. Liz offers to help him break it to her. At the end, Patrick and Liz finally head out and she turns off the lights off in the prenatal unit.

Over at their place, Felix and Sabrina walk into an apartment filled with baby supplies that she had bought for Gabriel. She decides to look at the stuff in the hopes it will make her feel close to him. Felix thinks it's a bad idea for her to stew with the stuff. However, Sabrina asks for some alone time and says she needs to do this. Felix goes to his bedroom and after she looks through some of Gabriel's baby clothes.

Sam fumes over Nina's return to Alexis at the park. She rips down all the decorations from Danny's birthday party and rants about how awful she feels. Later they drink a lot of wine and Sam pours her heart out. Alexis advises Sam not to give up, because Silas might not be in love with Nina anymore. Alexis tells Sam that she's strong, beautiful and a Cassadine so she can deal with this. At the end, Alexis hugs Sam and Sam wonders if Silas belongs with his wife.

Silas has to carry Nina into his apartment due her handicap. She gushes over their past in a creepy way as Silas tries to deal with her resurrection. She brings up their first date, which was a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. Then Nina wants to know about other women in his life. Silas is saved by the bell when Nina's nurse arrives. Nina assumes they'll sleep in the same bed together, but Silas says he's sleeping on the couch until they get more comfortable. Nina takes it in stride and Silas says she's exactly the way he remembers her. At the end, they say goodnight and part ways.

Carly and Ava argue at GH. Ava thinks Carly is jealous because she slept with Sonny, but Carly insists she's mad because Ava hurt Morgan. Carly says, "the party is over" and that Ava is gonna pay for her actions. Carly gloats about finding the recording on AJ's phone that proved Ava killed Connie. Ava tells Carly to watch her back, because she'd kill Carly without hesitation. Carly assures her that Sonny will kill her sooner or later. Ava replies that she has nine months to change Sonny's mind. Carly goes to slap Ava, but Sonny appears and stops her. Carly tells Sonny about Ava's threats and then takes off. At the end, Sonny insists that Ava come home with him so he can keep an eye on her.

End of show!

Tough scenes again today with the baby story. I hope tomorrow is a happier episode!

Have a great night!

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