Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I Know You're Innocent

I'm sorry Ric!
In this episode Sabrina's grief takes an odd turn, Lulu and Dante get good news plus Rafe snorts some coke!

Today's Show - 

Felix finds Sabrina writing thank you notes for the gifts she received for Gabriel at their apartment. He brings her a dress to wear to the funeral and finds the note writing concerning. Felix tells her that people are worried about her. Sabrina says writing the notes are keeping her sane. Then Sabrina refers to Gabriel's funeral as "it's going to be perfect" which seems odd to Felix. She asks him to go to the church to make sure everything looks good for tomorrow. After he leaves, Sabrina freaks when she looks at the black dress Felix bought her and yells that, "It's all wrong!"

Silas returns to his apartment while Nathan and Nina are still catching up. Nina tells Silas she knows the history with Madeline now. Nathan says goodbye for the time being and then leaves to get to work. After Nina talks about the past and blames herself for telling Madeline she was pregnant back in the day before telling Silas. She starts to cry and Silas assures her that none of this is her fault. Nina tries to kiss him, but he goes in for a hug instead. Later Nina says she's broke and can't pay for her medical care so she's happy to have a husband to take care of her. At the end, Nina kisses him again and this time Silas gives in and kisses her back.

Dante and Lulu head to GH to find out their pregnancy options. After they doctor reviews their charts, she says there is a chance that Lulu was misdiagnosed. Then the doctor says there is also a procedure that can correct Lulu's problem and would allow her to carry a child. Later Lulu worries that the doctor's good news is too good to be true. However Dante says maybe it's enough to know the procedure is available if they want it, but they don't have to make any decisions yet. Lulu likes his advice and they kiss.

Over at the park, Rafe snorts cocaine and TJ sees him. TJ questions what he's doing, but says he won't narc Rafe out. Rafe gets defensive and says at least he's just doing drugs, not selling them like TJ's mom. Then Rafe pours salt on the wound and talks about how TJ and Molly share mobbed up family, thus making them a better match. TJ responds by saying at least his dad isn't a serial killer. Rafe punches him, but TJ decides not to hit back and storms off. Later Sam finds Rafe alone and notices something is wrong. Rafe says he feels crowded at Silas's place with Nina there. He asks Sam what this means for her relationship with Silas. Sam says she's certain everything will work out. Then Sam mentions that Patrick's son passed away last night and Rafe seems very upset to hear that.

Molly, Diane and Liz discuss Ric's case at the PCPD. Diane explains that Liz hired her for Ric's defense. Molly is thankful and hugs Liz. Later Nathan arrives at the station and Diane approaches him. She asks if Nathan can arrange for Liz to visit Ric. Nathan says he'll see what he can do. Meanwhile, Anna goes to see Ric in his jail cell and tells him that she knows he's an innocent man. Anna shares that Julian admitted Ric wasn't his boss, but says things are complicated. Anna explains to him that they need to flush out Julian's real boss and won't be able to do that if she releases him. Ric wonders if this means that he's supposed to go to jail for something he didn't do. Anna doesn't respond so Ric panics and pleads with her to help him. Later Ric is alone and Nathan comes to take him to the courthouse. When Nathan opens his cell, Ric eyes his gun. Up in the station, Anna comes to talk to Liz, Molly and Diane. She tells them that no one can see Ric until after he's arraigned. Then everyone hears a gun shot.

Patrick talks to his father on the phone about Gabriel's death when Sam knocks on his door. She hugs him and says she's so sorry for his loss. Sam talks about her stillborn daughter and says she understands his pain. Patrick blames the driver of the car that hit them for Gabriel's death. Sam offers to help him find the driver with her private detective skills. Patrick thanks her and says she's been a better friend to him then he's been to her. Sam asks what he means, but before Patrick can answer Felix knocks on his door. Sam decides to leave and after Felix tells Patrick that Sabrina seems off. Felix suggests that Patrick go and talk to her. At the end, Patrick goes to Sabrina's place and finds her wearing her wedding dress.

End of show!

What do you think of Sam and Patrick as a potential couple?

Have a great night!

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