Wednesday, June 4, 2014


You're what!?!
In this episode Silas is shocked to find Nina alive, Morgan learns that Ava is pregnant and poor baby Gabriel takes his last breath!

Here's What Happened - 

Ava tells Morgan and Carly at GH that she's pregnant. He asks Sonny if it's his child or Sonny's. Ava asks to speak with Morgan privately. When they're alone, Morgan asks if it's his baby. Ava says she's doesn't know, but wonders if it could mean a new start for them if it is. Morgan tells her to "get rid of it" and thinks the whole situation is an abomination. Ava refuses and runs out. Meanwhile, Carly realizes the baby is why Ava is still living. She also realizes that if it's Morgan's it would be her grandchild. Sonny says after nine months all bets are off. Then Sonny sees Ava storming out of the exam room and tells her not to go anywhere. Morgan walks away upset so Sonny leaves Carly to watch Ava while he talks to Morgan. Carly snarls at Ava and says she has plenty to talk to this "bitch" about.

At the park, Silas is stunned to see Nina alive and in a wheelchair at Danny's birthday party. He asks how it's possible that she's alive and she answers because her mother lied. Then she says nothing can keep them apart; not her mother or his mistress. Sam watches nearby annoyed with Alexis and Julian by her side. Nina clarifies that she was referring to Ava from back in the day. Nina assumes that Silas not filing for divorce proves that he's still committed to their marriage. Nina also admits to sending him flowers and says they were identical to the flowers from their wedding. Silas is about to tell Nina that Sam is his girlfriend, but Sam jumps in and says that Silas is her sons doctor. Later Nina says she's ready for her husband to take her home. Sam tells Silas to go home with his wife. Silas takes Nina away, while Sam looks on destroyed.

Over at the courthouse, Maxie runs into Nathan before she goes to speak with the judge. She tells him that she didn't tell Levi about it, because he thinks her losing Georgie was written in the stars. She also says she didn't tell her parents either so Nathan offers to come with her. Then Diane arrives to represent her. All three of them go to speak with the judge about rescheduling, since she missed her last hearing. However, the judge is annoyed that she missed the hearing and adds another six months to the custody ban. Nathan jumps in to save her and claims to have accidentally tossed out the hearing notice. He implores the judge to give Maxie another chance and he agrees. After Maxie thanks Nathan and Diane tells her that Nathan is a keeper.

Mac goes to Maxie's place to surprise her with lunch and finds Levi alone. Levi makes a snarky comment about Maxie not being able to eat the food, because of her new veggie lifestyle. Mac decides to take the time to talk to Levi about his concerns. Mac thinks Maxie failed to find herself on her journey and instead found Levi to do her thinking for her. Levi says the child Mac raised was a self-centered person and now she's evolving. At the end, Levi asks if they can bury the hatchet and start over. Mac reluctantly agrees and then heads off. After Levi looks a little shaken by their conversation.

Sabrina and Patrick try to say goodbye to Gabriel in the prenatal unit. Epiphany and Felix come in and ask if they'd like to hold him. Sabrina takes him in her arms and apologizes for not being able to save him. Then she asks to have him baptised. Patrick and Epiphany head off to make arrangements. When they're alone in the hallway, Patrick tells her that he doesn't know if he can handle this. Epiphany says she will make sure that he gets through this. Later the priest arrives, reads a lovely passage and baptises baby Gabriel. After Patrick holds the baby and Sabrina notes that his breathing is slowing down. Then Felix brings Sabrina her mother's stethoscope so she can listen to Gabriel's heartbeat. Sabrina listens to it and we hear the beating. Outside, Epiphany breaks down crying and tells Felix how proud she is of him for not breaking down. Back in the baby's room, Sabrina hears Gabriel's last heartbeat with Patrick at her side and he dies.

End of show!

Love or hate her, Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) did a great job with this material. I was pretty choked up at the end, how about you?

Have a great night!

P.S. Not sure what I think about Nina yet. I'm reserving judgement for now. You can read Michelle's thoughts on playing Nina here --- > Working Hard at GH


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